sweatshirt pullover

imveryclueless  asked:

Do you have any Bingiplier headcanons?

sure! i’ll see what i can whip up! 💛

  • was actually friends with goog, but once goog started changing objectives, they grew apart.
  • actually has yellow eyes, and is a bit self conscious of them, so he constantly wears those sunglasses.
  • owns nothing but muscle shirts, he’ll purposely rip off the sleeves. but he does love wearing big pullover sweatshirts when it starts getting cold.
  • breaks his skateboard every couple of months. he names them too. his favorite is margaret that has a flaming skull on the bottom.
  • just wants to be a cool kid™.
  • loves memes and will probably send you them at like four in the morning.
  • is actually a bit of a softie at heart and loves cuddling.
  • any movie with animals automatically make him cry. 
  • has like 5 alarms timed for the morning but ends up sleeping through all of them.
  • *nsfw* watches porn to better educate himself on what certain people like so he’ll be prepared for whatever his s/o is into.
  • probably has his own theme song that he hums whenever he’s doing some ‘sick flips’ on his skateboard.
  • any simple actions of affection (like hand holding or ruffling his hair) will always leave him spluttering and flustered.
  • has no filter when it comes to compliments. he’ll blatantly tell you how beautiful you look today.
  • loves snapchat and messing with snapchat filters, and takes about a thousand selfies a day. granted, he deletes like all but two in the end.

ghostclvb  asked:

1. your art is so stunning and evocative. 2. might I suggest when you're designing your shirts that you include lots of pullover sweatshirts and long sleeve tees? I think your pieces would look the best on those!

1. thanks so much for the rad compliment, 2. that’s a great idea. Plus I know that like 80% of my followers have gotta be the kind of people who are in love with autumn/winter (don’t try to deny it–I’ve seen the way that you and crisp, cool weather look at each other), so I definitely plan on having a bunch of nice pullovers and longsleeve shirts available! 

anonymous asked:

yooo I'm shook so I'm walking to the exit of walmart, right? (keep in mind I'm wearing a v neck pullover/sweatshirt) and in my area sometimes they stop and ask to see your receipt and the guy (who is super cute might I add w/ his man bun and glasses & yes he was asian) mumbled something to me but I didn't hear so I just asked "Do I need to show my receipt?" and he was like "No, you're good" and I was mentally thinking 'bless up' but THEN, girl, I saw him look at my CHEST. I'm still in shock

You didn’t drop it like it’s hot in front of him?!