sweating chlorine


• imagine percy and annabeth studying in new rome
• and percy often swims laps in the pool to relieve stress
• and boy does he swim
• he usually goes to annabeth’s dorm - where she could be found reading or studying when exams were near - afterwards.
• when he sees she’s stressed he’ll pull her from her chair and hug her tight
• imagine her laughing “percy, please, you smell like sweat and chlorine, get off me!”
• imagine him kissing her and replying “and you smell like home”

Here you go anon and @tia1213141516

Part 8 | Other Parts

  • Jason and Percy came home from school and threw their stuff on the floor. Both of them reeked of sweat and chlorine. 
  • “Mom! We’re home!” Percy announced before running to the shower. 
  • Sally looked up from her book and saw her two eldest sons fight over the shower. “Boys, don’t fight.”
  • “MOM! HELP!” Nico shouted from the kitchen. 
  • Sally rushed up and ran to the kitchen. The oven had black smoke coming from it and Nico was trying to put it out with water. 
  • She ran to the cupboard and got the fire extinguisher to put it out. She pushed Nico behind her and put the flames out.
  • “Mom, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to!” Nico panic. “It must’ve been on too high and I didn’t know.  I’m sorry!”
  • She sprayed the inside of the oven one last time before looking at Nico. “Are you okay?” 
  • “Yeah. I’m fine.” Nico shook. 
  • She kissed his head. “All I care about is that you’re safe.” 
  • Nico held her tight, trying to calm his nerves. First he told her his secret and now this happened. Maybe something is just wrong with him. 
  • “What smells like burnt shit?” Percy asked.
  • Sally glared at her son. “Language.”
  • “But it smells awful in here.” Jason agreed. “What happened?”
  • Nico looked at them before running off to his room. The one thing that he liked, he messed up.
  • “There was a cooking fire, but everyone is okay.” Sally told them. “Nico is also having a rough day. Jason, can you order a pizza for us?”
  • He nodded and Sally went to check on Nico.
  • Nico was laying on his bed, his face in his pillow. His phone was laying right next to him, buzzing.
  • “Nico, sweetie, it’s okay. No one was hurt and I can clean out the oven this weekend.” She rubbed his back.
  • “Everything today was just so…confusing. I think there’s just something wrong with me.”
  • “There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re perfect.” She told him.
  • “You have to say that, you’re my mom.”
  • Sally smiled a tiny bit. “But there’s nothing wrong with you being gay. I still love you no matter what. And your brothers will still love you too.”
  • “Don’t tell Jason and Percy yet. I want to tell them.”


  • “You seem very off today.” Will noted as they watched Jason’s football practice. “What’s going on Jackson?”
  • “It’s di Angelo.” Nico corrected. “And it’s nothing.”
  • “It’s not nothing if you’re spacing out. What’s going on?” Will asked.
  • Nico took a deep breath. Could he trust the guy he just met earlier this week? He was the only person who cared about him besides his mom.
  • “There’s something not right with me. I’m different. And I don’t know if it’s good or bad.”
  • “Being different is always good.” Will told him.
  • “Does liking guys rather than girls good?” Nico asked.
  • Will smiled. “Of course it is. I’m really glad you told me that cause I wanted to tell you a secret too.”
  • “What?”
  • “I’m actually bi. So I like guys and girls.” Will explained. “So, knowing that at this school that there’s someone else like me, it makes me feel better.”
  • Nico smiled a tiny bit and hugged Will, feeling pressure lift off of his shoulders for the first time all week.
Arrow, Jungle, Fox trot

After he got in a good thirty minutes of cardio in the gym Sink yawned and made his way to the lockers. Walking inside he smiled a the emptiness of the room. Quickly stripping down and heading into the showers, he lathered up, and rinsed off. Washing his body then his hair he smiled as he finally smelled of lemon and fruit instead of chlorine and sweat. Walking back towards his locker he smiled as he quickly air dried. Most of the water absorbing into his body leaving him dry and moisturized. Pulling on a fresh pair of clothes he walked to the mirror and smiled. He had on a pair of bright blue neon Andrew christian show-it design briefs, on top of those he wore a pair of skin tight black jeans and a plain blue v neck. Today was shirtless night at the club anyways so it didn’t really matter what shirt he had on. 

Walking out of the gym he smiled as the fresh air kissed his skin. His bag safely locked in the trunk of his vespa he sped towards the club. Turning down the alley and stopping on the side of the club he parked. The ride only took him ten minutes so by the time he arrived he was right on time. Walking to the front of the club he looked around for his friend. Not seeing him he took out his cel and dialed the umber. Waiting for the phone to ring he listed to the automated ringer three times before hearing another person at the other end of the line.

“For a second there I thought you had forgotten and fallen asleep, I’m outside the club, where are you?”


What made me smile this week:

Sunday: I woke up Sunday morning feeling downright disgusting. The day before, I had spent most of the day lounging by the pool, which means that by the end of the day, my body was a grimy combination of sweat, chlorine, sunscreen, and other filth that accumulates when you’re outside all day. However, I was too lazy to take a shower on Saturday night and settled for going to bed in my grossness. Whatever, it’s summer, don’t judge me. But on Sunday morning, when I really should have showered, I opted to spend my day writing outside. It was mid-90s and humid as a locker room shower at the gym, so by 8pm I was nothing short of ripe. When I finally showered, it was an orgasmic experience, although not really because my dad was the one helping me and… alright, I’m going to stop before I make it worse. ANYWAY it felt very nice to be clean, and that made me smile.

Monday: I had a Dorito for the first time in a few months. God, I love Doritos. It made me smile.

Tuesday: When you live with a disability like mine, it’s occasionally necessary to think on the fly. Today, Erinn and Sarah and I arrived to a business meeting only to discover that the elevator was out of service, making it impossible for me to attend the meeting. Rather than cancel, Sarah said she could handle it while Erinn and I strolled through the downtown area of Bethlehem. We ended up having a very fruitful brainstorming session while having coffee at Johnny’s Bagels. A potentially very annoying situation turned out not to be so bad because of our ability to adapt. My coworkers make me smile.

Wednesday: I signed the official contracts for both of my new books today! Working on them over the past few months has been equal parts exciting and stressful, but I’ve loved every minute of it. Writing makes me smile.

Thursday: Today was Laura’s 21st birthday (my brother’s girlfriend)!!! Seeing how happy they make each other makes me smile very big.

Friday: My mom was laid off today, and so the last few months leading up to this day have been sort of stressful for our family as she searched for a new job. Well, before she got home from her last day, she texted all of us to say that she was just offered an outstanding job for which she had recently applied! She’s delighted, and the whole family went out to dinner to celebrate, which made me smile.

Saturday: Only two people called me Sean while shopping at Wegman’s today. I still don’t understand why people confuse my name so often, but at this point it happens so often that it just makes me smile.

BONUS SMILE: I can barely contain my excitement to let you know that we are launching something huge tonight. Please come back around 8pm to read a post I’ve been working on for a long time.

What made you smile this week?