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BTS reacting to their S/O getting their period at night and waking up

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Hi! BTS reaction to their S/o getting her period while she’s asleep and waking up to blood on the sheets while she’s having cramps?


“Baby, are you okay? Do you need medicine? Tea? Blankets? Cuddles? Let me bring you to the shower so you can clean up.”


“Come with me and get in the shower. I’ll prepare some food for you and I’ll give you some fresh clothes, I have to take care of you. I’ll get clean sheets too.”


“It’s that time again, I’ll make sure you’ll get through it, babe. Let me bring you some clean clothes so you don’t have to wear these stained ones.”


“Come here and let me take care of you and those stupid cramps. I’ll get your heatpad and a hot drink, sounds good? Don’t worry about the bed, babe.”


“Here’s one of my sweaters so you feel comfortable. You get back in bed after you showered and I’m going to run to the shop to get you some goodies.”


“Are you feeling okay? Want me to make your favourite food and put your favourite movie on? Let me get a glass of water and medicine for you.”

“Come, let’s put you in the shower and I’ll put the bedsheets in the wash. Have a nice long shower while I get clean sheets and food for you.”

My Favourite Christmas Present

A/N: what’s that? Some sexy Reid x reader smutty smut smut?

Yes this is a repost of an old story of mine (one that was actually plagiarised on ao3…lol. And by plagiarised I mean actual chunks of text copy and pasted, not just the basic scenario… Anyway…)

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“So we’ll see you guys in three days then, yeah?” Morgan had finished loading up the SUV with the rest of the teams bags and addressed you and Spencer as you stood by the door.

“Yep, some time away from you guys is just what I need! Maybe I’ll actually get in a few runs on the slopes without Penny dragging my ass down onto the snow.” You responded lightly, rubbing your still bruised butt.

“Hahaha. Well see if you can get Spencer to join you then. He’s not set foot on the ski’s this whole time we’ve been here.”

“Nope, nope, not gonna happen.” Spencer told his friend.

“Not even the ice rink?”

“Maybe…. MAYBE the ice rink.”

“I’ll see you two crazy kids later. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Bye!” You and Spencer waved the rest of the team off, before retreating back into the warmth of the cabin.

The whole team had rented a cabin for some weekend skiing and much needed fun before Christmas. The last couple of cases had hit everyone hard and Rossi had suggested that some team bonding and light relief was in order.

Neither you or Spencer had any family that you were spending Christmas with, his mom was going on a cruise with the other residents in her hospital and your family lived in England. So you’d decided to extend the booking on the cabin, making sure to go on a grocery run yesterday before the team left, making sure you had enough food in to be able to cook a mammoth Christmas feast for the two of you. You were looking forward to it just being the two of you, you got on well with Spencer. You were the closest in age and shared a similar taste in TV shows and movies. Since joining the BAU you’d become fast friends and it would be nice to spend some time away from Dereks teasing.

No matter how many times you told him that there was nothing going on between you and Reid, he wouldn’t let up. You knew it was harmless, but sometimes it did get to you. If you dug deeper, you knew it was because you did kinda have the teeny tiniest crush on Reid which you knew would be in no way reciprocated. How could it be, Spencer was gorgeous, kind, intelligent. He was pretty much perfect in every way, except for the fact that his social graces were sometimes a little off. But anyway, it was just a small crush. Nothing you couldn’t handle.

“I’m heading to the slopes for a bit. You sure I can’t tempt you?” You started to tug on your skiing gear which was still by the door.

“Not a chance… I’m gonna catch up on some more reading, maybe watch some Dr Who. Have fun.”

When you returned two hours later, snow was starting to fall again outside. You were exhausted and cold but you were happy. You stood on the front porch of the little cabin, stamping the snow off your boots, before entering, the heat from the roaring fire that Spencer had lit, hitting you immediately.

“Hey! Did you you have fun?” He look up from his spot on the couch. He was wearing a ridiculous Christmas jumper which Penelope had bought him and his glasses. He looked adorable.

“I did. I’m just gonna hop in the shower, and then maybe we can have some hot chocolate?”

“Sounds good to me.”

You ran upstairs and jumped in the shower, the hot water soothing against you cold, achey muscles. You dressed quickly afterward, pulling on your own tacky sweater which was covered in reindeers before heading down to the small kitchen and making two huge mugs of hot chocolate, pouring a dash of whiskey into each mug.

Walking back into the living area, you set one cup down and then bent to hand Spencer his.

His hand reached out and somehow knocked against yours awkwardly, making you lose your grip on the mug and sending hot chocolate splashing everywhere as the mug clattered to the floor.

“Oh shit shit shit.” Both of your sweaters were covered in the hot sticky liquid and you quickly ripped yours off, seeing Reid do the same.

You ran into the kitchen and dumped some cold water into a bowl, grabbing some kitchen towel. Spencer had taken the worst of the spill and was sitting up on the couch holding his t-shirt away from his skin when you returned. He’d picked up the mug and had used your sweaters to mop up the liquid that had made it on to the floor.

“I’m sooo sorry, Y/N.” He said, looking at you apologetically.

“It’s fine. It’s fine. But…erm… You might wanna take off your t-shirt too. I bought in some cold water in case you were burnt.”

He looked down at his soaked t-shirt and then back up at you where you were standing in your tank top. Hesitating slightly, he tugged his shirt off over his head, removing his glasses too. You crouched down on the floor in front of him, dipping a few sheets of kitchen towel into the cold water and then dabbing them lightly to his chest, where his skin was slightly pinker than normal.

“Does it hurt?” You knew what a bitch burns could be.

“Only a bit. But that’s helping. What about you?”

“My jumper took the worst of it.” You dipped a fresh sheet in, discarding the sodden ones into the pile with the mug and your jumpers. You’d clean them up later.

Pressing the new towel to his tummy, you allowed yourself to look at him. For someone so tall and skinny looking, Spencer was actually quite toned. Not overly muscley like Morgan was, but his body had definition. Not thinking, you ran your hand over his chest, hearing a sharp intake on breath from him. You quickly pulled away.

“Sorry.” You muttered, looking away from his gaze.

“Don’t be. It erm… it felt nice having your hands on me.”

What now?

You looked back to his face, meeting his eyes.

Reaching out with your hand, you tentatively touched his chest again, letting your hand trail over his smooth skin. You shuffled closer on the floor so you were kneeling between his legs, hearing his breathing quicken.

He leant forward, placing his own hand on your arm and stroking the skin softly with his long fingers. The tension in the room as so heavy you would have literally been able to slice through it. You both knew where this was going but you were both waiting for the other person to make the next move.

“Spence….. ” You whispered, wondering if you should state the obvious and just ask him if you could kiss him. You didn’t get chance to. He moved forward, pressing his mouth to yours.

He slipped off the couch so that he was kneeling on the floor next to you, never once breaking his kiss.

Ugh. God, his kiss. One the few times you’d allowed yourself to imagine what it would be like to kiss him, it had never even come close to this. His lips were warm and soft, moving sweetly against yours before he was certain that you weren’t going to pull away, and then becoming more urgent, more passionate. Your hands were still trailing over each other, yours on his chest, his on your arms before slowly moving to your neck and caressing the dip just below your hairline. You moaned softly, that area being particularly sensitive for you.

Your lips parted and you swiped your tongue against his lower lip feeling his mouth open to you, his tongue meeting yours as you deepened the kiss. He tasted of coffee, probably the last drink he’d had. Slipping your hands to his back, you pushed your body against his, the heat of his chest warm through the thin material of your top.

You pulled away to suck in a breath, hearing him whine at the loss of contact. His hands ran down your body to the hem of your top and he looked at you, asking silently for permission to remove it. You nodded, raising your arms for him, and pulling your hair through the neck of your top.

Spencers eyes raked over your torso and you suddenly felt nervous and shy. You crossed your arms over your chest in an attempt to hide yourself.

“Don’t do that….You’re beautiful, Y/N.” He reached for your arms and tugged them down.

“I’m really not Spence.” You whispered.

“You are to me. From the moment I first saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful creature I’d ever met, inside and out.” He raised his hands to your face, gently cupping your chin and tilting it back up to him.


“Really. I just never once in a million years imagined that we’d ever be in this position. This feels like a dream.”

You couldn’t help but giggle and he raised his eyebrows in question.

“I’m sorry Spencer. I’m not laughing at you. Just….. I’ve had a crush on you since we started working together as well. I just never thought you’d like me.”

He chuckled too before commenting “Think about how much time we’ve wasted then.”

“I know right. So let’s not waste anymore.”

Not waiting for a response you pressed your lips back to his and reached around your back to unhook your bra. Sliding it off your arms and onto the floor, you pulled on Spencer, indicating you wanted to lie down. You lay back on the rug in front of the fire, Spencer laying over you and propping himself on his arms, placing them either side of you.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I know we’ve just admitted we like each other but… erm… well we don’t have to do do this today if you don’t want to.”

Ghosting your hand over his chest you told him “I want to. But if you don’t, then we can stop.”

“I want to as well. I’m just trying to be a gentleman here.”

You laughed at him again, pulling him down on top of you, crashing his lips against yours. As you were kissing, he shifted his position, placing his knee directly between your thighs and moving it slightly, rubbing it against you. The friction of his corduroy clad leg against your jean covered centre was delicious and you let out a soft moan.

Releasing your lips he began a slow journey down your neck, kissing along your throat, your shoulder blade, lightly ghosting over the swell of your breasts. Every so often he’d glance up, looking at you from beneath his eyelashes, his hair falling forward over his face. You watched with half closed eyes as he circled your areola with his tongue, the pink flesh pebbled and hard at his touch. He kept his knee between your thighs, slowly rocking it against you, your heavy breathing turning into gasps.

He nipped at your hard nub, flicking it with his tongue before kissing his way down your tummy.

“I can taste where the hot chocolate managed to seep through your top.” He told you, licking across you abdomen, poking his tongue into your belly button and making you squirm.

Moving lower he slid down your body, his knee retracting from your thighs and his hands moving to the buttons of your skinny jeans.

“Is this okay?” He asked cautiously, wanting to give you chance to change your mind.


He undid the buttons and zip and slid his fingers into the waistband, slipping them under the elastic of your panties too. You raised your hips and allowed him to pull them off you, chuckling as he removed your socks afterwards, kissing your ankle bones one by one.

He rested back on his knees appraising you, his hazel eyes even darker that normal and a thick bulge pressing against the front of his trousers.

“Not fair that I’m naked and you’re not, Spencer.” You pouted your bottom lip out.

“I’m not nearly as beautiful naked as you are. Guys look funny, all dangly bits and stuff.”

You grinned at him, knowing exactly what he meant. Pushing yourself upright, you reached for the buttons on his pants, unfastening them and tugging the zip down, seeing a flash of navy blue briefs underneath. Pulling both of the pants and briefs down his hips, you smirked as his erection was released from the confines of his underwear. Glancing upwards, you saw that his face had coloured red.

“Why are you blushing, Reid?” You asked him, pushing your hair back behind your ears.

“Erm… I just… Er…”

You were at eye level with his navel, so you shuffled on the floor so that you could lean forward and kiss his flat stomach. He had a thin snail trail of hair leading down into his pubic region so you followed it down with your lips, stopping when you reach his neatly trimmed groin.

Reaching out with your hand, you gently grasped his length and then lowered your head allowing your lips to slip over his tip.

“Oh god… ”

Swiping your tongue over his head you formed a tight ‘o’ with your mouth, sliding it up and down his shaft taking him as far into your mouth as was comfortable, the slightly salty taste of precum against your tongue.

“Oh fuck…. Oh…” He rasped out, his hands moving to the back of your head and tangling in your hair. You let your hand trail up his thighs and move between his legs, cupping him lightly and stroking the sensitive skin there, feeling a small shudder.

You work on him for a few minutes, his moans so sweet to your ears, his curses which you so rarely heard, doing things to your body.

“Oh fucking hell…. Y/N you need to stop… It’s too good… I’ll…. ”

You dragged your lips up and down him one more time before releasing him from your mouth and leaning back on your hands.

“You’ll what, Spencer?”

“You know what…. ”

“Do I?” You lay back on the rug, lazily trailing a hand down your body and seeing his mouth part as he followed it with his eyes.

“Yes…. You do…..”

“Hmmm.. Maybe.” You let me your hand slip between your legs, Spencers eyes now wide and you ran a finger down your slit, feeling how wet you were.

“Spencer…. Don’t make me do this to myself. ”

He let out a deep groan and quickly shed the rest of his clothing, positioning himself back between your legs and leaning forward two kiss your lips.

“Do I need anything?” He asked.

“I’m on the injection. And I’m clean. But there’s a condom in my purse somewhere if you’re bothered.”

“I’m clean too. So….?”

“Then we’re good to go.”

Raising your legs you hooked them around his waist, his hand disappearing between you as he placed himself at your entrance and then slowly pushed inside.

“Fuuuck.. ”

The same expletive left both of your mouths exactly the same time causing you both to grin at each other.

“Okay?” Spencer eyes searched your face, looking for sign that you weren’t comfortable.


Capturing your lips in another kiss, he began to move against you slowly at first and then quickening his pace as you became accustomed to the shape of each other. You moaned against his mouth, your nails raking up and down his back as he filled you, rocking against your sweet spot as he thrust.

He pulled away and straightened up slightly. “Can you put your legs over my shoulders?”

You could and you did, and when he leant back over, bending you body, the new position sent ripples of pleasure through you.

You slipped your hand between your bodies, needing something extra which he wouldn’t be able to give you as he needed both arms to hold himself up.

“Might if I….?” You asked, knowing that some guys would find it an insult.

“Oh fuck… Not at all… ” His eyes looked down between you and you saw him bite his lip and a low groan escape his throat as you started to rub your throbbing clit. The extra friction was just what you needed and a few minutes later the combination of your fingers and Spencer thrusting inside you, had you gasping in pleasure.

“Oh god… Fucking christ… Spence…. Oh shit…. ” Your eyes closed as you started to tremble, your orgasm surging through you.

You opened your eyes and removed your hand, giving Spencer a shy smile as you realised he’d stilled his movements as he watched you come.

“Carry on…” You urged him.

“Sorry… ” He began his thrusting again, moving faster now he knew you’d finished. Less that two minutes later he had his own eyes scrunched shut and his lips parted as he came inside of you, warm liquid filling you. He collapsed on top of you and buried his face into the crook of your neck, just panting for a few moments as your stroked his hair with your hands.

“Well… I can honestly say I never expected that to happen here. I mean I kinda hoped it would but….. ” Were his first words when he could finally speak.

“Yep… I’m with you there. And erm.. We’ve get two more days here Spencer.” You remained him, feeling him smiling against your neck.

“So we do…. Y/N. I think you might be my favourite Christmas present ever.”

“Ditto Spencer, Ditto.”

Run and Go- Josh Dun Fanfiction - Chapter Two

I wake up sweating in the bunk, that’s the one horrible thing about being on a bus, it always gets really hot in the bunks.

           After mike came on the bus telling us that we are going hit the road, we went over the concert schedule, who does what. Then we all headed to bed.

           I was in charge of making sure everything ran smoothly, making sure no one was getting to rowdy in the crowds, the occasional photos, and throwing a mic at Tyler during a certain song.

           Thankfully we were making a stop today so we could stretch our legs and tell everyone else the plan.

           Deciding that I couldn’t stand this heat anymore, I quietly jump out of my bunk making sure not to wake anyone and walk into the main part of the bus not that it was a huge bus. I made sure to close the door to the bunk on my way out.

           “Your up early.” Paul’s voice makes me jump. He was sitting on the small bench working on his computer.

           “It’s 8 am, not that early.” I say, making myself a cup of coffee “what are you working on?” I ask him, taking a seat across from him.

           “Making beats for the new jam session we will be doing in a couple of months. You know, there are a couple of songs that could use your backups.” He says, halfway through the sentence I start shaking my head.

           I stopped doing music when my parents yelled at me for the noise it would make. I didn’t want to disappoint them so I sold them as fast as I could.

           “We both know I don’t do music anymore.” I say

           “If you’re so hell bent on not doing music anymore, than why do you tour with bands?” great, this again.

           “I’m not going into this again with you. I can’t okay Dad?” I raise my voice a little, to prove to him that I’m serious.

           You’re probably wondering why I called him Dad, well I called him that because he is my Dad. Not legally, but that doesn’t matter to me. He raised me, he was the reason I who I am now. I just don’t call him that in public near people that I would have to explain it too.

           Leaning back I take a large sip of my coffee and close my eyes, a sign to him that I’m done talking.

           “I know your mad, but I need to tell you this real quick, Angela contacted me she wanted me to give this to you.” Paul’s words make my head shoot up, he has his hand in his coat, pulling out a small envelope and handing it to me.

           No, no, no.

                       Not knowing how to respond to that, I just mumbled a thanks and shoved the letter into my sweater pocket.

           “It is really hot.” I say, laying down so my bare legs can touch the cold floor.

                       “Probably cause I’m in the room, sorry not sorry.” A very shirtless josh says, emerging from the bunks says.

           “Gee, cocky much?” I ask sarcastically, sitting up as he pours himself a glass of water.

                       “No, just stating the facts.” Well, he is hot. “What is your tattoo of?” he asks me.

           For a moment I was confused, sure I had tattoos but all of them on my arms and… oh. He’s talking about my koi fish tattoo that runs up my whole thigh.

           “It’s a Koi fish, a type of goldfish. They bring good luck.” I tell him, standing up to sit on the couch, since both Jenna and Tyler just walked into the room.

                       “Morning.” Tyler grumbles, immediately laying down on the opposite side of the bus and leaning his head down.

                                   “Do you know when we are getting off the bus Emily?” Jenna asks me as she lays down next to Tyler.

           “In a couple of hours. I believe we will be stopping in Illinois overnight and getting back on the road around 9 am tomorrow.” I respond, glimpsing over I see that both Mike and Mark were getting up.

                       “Emily, I’m going need you to call a few people for me to confirm some dates. Then you have the rest of the day off.” Mike says as he starts another cup of coffee.

           “Okay, I’m gonna go get ready then.” I say stepping into the bunks.

                       I think that’s one of the reasons I don’t like to make friends during tour, because it is a full time 24/7 job. If I start to have a conversation with any members or crew, I get cut off because I have to do something.

                       I shouldn’t be getting close to Josh, Tyler, and Jenna like I have been. This is probably the most I have ever talked to members of the band in all my years of touring. 

           Plus, if I can’t even be open to Paul about some things after knowing him for most of my life, how am I going to make a real friendship with people I barely know.

                       For now, its best if I just stay by myself. Focus on work.


           “You sure you don’t want to play monopoly with us?” Jenna asks me for the second time. It was currently 8pm and I was still doing work.

                       At around 9 am we got off of the bus in some small town in Seattle, everyone except me went off to explore the town.

           They offered to take me out with them, but I declined. It was nice staying in the bus alone, I did all the work I had to for today, then called mike and asked what else I could do.

           After some hesitation from him, he finally gave me a long list of things to do for the day most of which he was going to have me complete over the course of the week.

           Most of the work was just calling and making sure the interviewers were going to show up, calling and order more mech. Simple things.

           Currently it was nighttime, everyone came back to the bus about an hour ago and I was typing emails to fueled by ramen concerning things they needed for the boys to complete during days they weren’t performing.

                       “Yeah, I want to do this work so it’s not so stressful when tour actually starts. Plus, I’m technically still working until 10 tonight.” I say with a smile, plugging in my headphones and putting them on. I decided to play the blurry face album since I’d be listening to it a lot during tour.

           I actually finished work an hour ago, now I was just scrolling through facebook. Kylie Jenner lips, April the giraffe, and friends getting married were the only thing I saw on the Internet. All of which made me annoyed.

           My mind eventually drifted to the letter that Angela gave to me. I didn’t throw it away, as much as I would’ve wanted to I just didn’t have the strength too.

           I haven’t talking to her or her husband since my eighteenth birthday. Out of the two of them she was the one I was least afraid of.

                       All of a sudden I’m knocked out of my trance by two dice being thrown in my face.

           “What the hell was that for?” I ask them, ripping out my headphones and shutting my computer.

           “You were zoning out and weren’t answering our question.” Josh says, catching the dice as I threw them back at him.

                       “What was the question?” I ask him

           “What are you going to do for dinner?” Jenna says, “Tyler and I are going out to dinner so we were wondering what you are going to eat?”

                                   “Oh, I’m not that hungry so ill probably just eat a apple.”

           “You haven’t eaten all day, so you should probably eat more than an apple.” Paul says as he and mike enter the bus.

                       “I’m not ten any more, I think I know how to care for myself by now.” I say, glaring at Paul.

           “I’m just saying.” He says, putting his hands up in defense “I just came back here to get my wallet. We will be back by tonight”

           After he leaves mark tells us he is heading out to have dinner with the crew. Shortly after Jenna and Tyler leave so only Josh and I are in the bus.

           Josh is sitting across from me typing on his phone and I was scrolling through instagram on mine.

           “Lets go get dinner. I think I saw a red lobster a couple minutes away from us.” Josh says, standing up and sliding his phone into his back pocket.

                       I decide not to answer his, cause if I look up and into his eyes I’ll probably cave in and say yes.

           What is this person doing to me.

           “I’m not taking no for an answer.” Still not going to look up.

           “J-Josh, what the hell are you doing?” I screech, all of a sudden looking at the floor with a red face.

           “I told you I’m not going to take no for an answer.”

For third place, the story I picked is ‘Brewery Tour’ by @jhoomwrites

I’ve seen the text post that this is based on floating around on Tumblr, and I honestly love what you did with it! The banter between Dean and Cas via their little postcards is adorable, and the ending was hella cute! 

I don’t follow you yet, so you get a follow back from me as promised! And of course everyone should take a looksie at your blog and AO3! Congratulations on a job well done!

It’s a frosty January morning when Castiel pulls his robe tight to go out and check his mail. He hastily grabs the contents and darts back inside before the chill can settle in his lungs. Briefly carding through it, there’s nothing of interest. Only junk mail, it seems, so he tosses it into the recycling.

A postcard, tucked in between a flyer and a large coupon book, slips free and flutters to the floor. Castiel barely gives it a second glance, reaching down to throw it in with the rest. However, something makes him stop to read it first. On one side is a picture of the Sam Adams Brewery, on the other is a brief note.

I used to live in your house. I’m drunk in Boston, and it’s the only
address I know.  
Happy Holidays.
- DW

There’s something oddly sweet about the sentiment, so he decides to keep the card from this mystery DW. He pins it to his fridge, held in place (fittingly enough) by a magnetic bottle opener. And there it would have stayed, forgotten. Except that Castiel can’t stop thinking about the unknown sender. It nags at him until he gives in. Such a well-meaning message deserves to be answered, and he’s determined to do just that.

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translucenttbh-deactivated20160  asked:

Remus drinks bitter tea when he's upset. Sirius knows this, and starts to worry when he sees Remus drinking Earl Grey five times a day. Turns out Remus thinks Sirius is only with him because his parents don't like impure bloodlines. Please include a small fight, two days of shunning, and then Sirius falling apart not understanding why Remus is acting this way until BOOM Remus drops the bomb that he doesn't like being used. Sirius then starts listing all the things that he loves about Remus. -K

  • Sirius knew something was wrong when Remus got up to make his third cup of Earl Grey that morning.
  • He knew something was wrong when Remus skipped the sugar, skipped the honey, and let the tea bag seep for a good five minutes.
  • He knew something was wrong when Remus didn’t even flinch at the taste.
  • He sits carefully next to Remus on the love seat in front of the fire, “Re?”
  • Remus doesn’t look up from his book. He barely acknowledges Sirius, “Hm?”
  • “Are.. Are you alright, love?”
  • “Fine.”
  • Sirius bites his lip, “Are you sure?” He reaches out, smoothing his palm over Remus shoulder and back.
  • But Remus flinches away, standing quickly, “Yes, I’m sure.” He picks up his book and marches straight up the stairs to the dorm.
  • And Sirius is left sitting there alone, unsure as to what just happened.
  • Usually when Remus was upset, he’d come to Sirius about it… not run away… not hide.
  • Sirius tried to stay in the common room. He really did, but how could he when he knew Remus was right up those stairs upset? Hurting?
  • So, after an hour of trying to distract himself with a game of chess with James, he can’t take it anymore, taking the dorm stairs two at a time.
  • He shuts the door softly behind him, eyeing the curtains closed around Remus’ bed.
  • “You awake, Moons?”
  • With no response, Sirius begins to toe off his shoes anyway. He trades in his robes for a pair of plaid pajama pants and approaches the curtains.
  • He slips through them and is about to make himself comfortable under the covers, snug against Remus’ body, when-
  • “Not tonight, Sirius.”
  • Remus’ voice is muffled by the pillow but there’s no mistaking what he said.
  • Sirius freezes in shock, staring at the back of Remus’ head who’s facing away from him.
  • “W-what?”
  • Remus lets out a heavy sigh, shrinking deeper under his blankets, his shoulder blades sticking out against his tense muscles, “I said not tonight.”
  • And Sirius swallows hard, “Re, I don’t want to do anything. I just-“
  • “I know. And I’m saying not tonight.”
  • And Sirius feels his heart clench, his chest tighten up, “Oh. Oh, okay. Okay..”
  • And he shakily stumbles out from Remus’ curtains to his own bed that’s been perfectly made for over a month. He tears the stiff, cold, sheets back and lies between them, shivering.
  • He doesn’t get to sleep that night, not use to sleeping alone anymore.

  • Nothing changes the next day.
  • Or the day after that.
  • Remus refuses to look at him, refuses to talk to him.
  • Sirius is forced to watch him down cup after cup of his bitter tea and just sit there, wondering what could be wrong.
  • He’s started making a mental list of everything he could have done to upset Remus in the past few days but he doesn’t come up with much
  • Remus has taken to sitting with Peter in class
  • He eats quickly and his curtains are already drawn by the time Sirius comes up from the Great Hall.
  • It’s on the third day, as they’re leaving Potions, that Sirius decides he can’t stand it anymore.
  • Remus had been trying to find dried fairy wings in the store cupboard, when Sirius had come up next to him, finding it easily and tucking it into Remus’ palm as a desperate attempt for contact - any form of contact.
  • Remus had flinched so hard he dropped the glass bottle, shattering it on the floor. He’d stayed quiet at his station for the rest of the class, barely brewing at all.
  • Sirius decided he had to say something.
  • He was losing Remus. He could feel it.
  • He couldn’t stand it.
  • He walked out of the classroom with the rest of the students, but hovered by the door, watching Remus pack up slowly.
  • Remus had barely called his goodbye to Slughorn and shut the door behind him when he turned, starting at the sight of Sirius standing there.
  • He averted his eyes quickly, staring at the grimy dungeon floor, “Excuse me-“
  • “No.” Sirius moved, blocking his path around him.
  • Remus tried to force his way around him but again, Sirius blocked his way, hands finding the wall on either side of Remus’ face, “No, Remus.”
  • What do you want.” Remus still wasn’t looking at him.
  • “You really have to ask me that question?”
  • Remus jerked his head to the side, desperately trying to be as far away from Sirius as possible, he pressed himself into the slimy wall.
  • “You really don’t know?” Sirius felt, for the first time since Remus had started this, a new emotion; one other than sadness: anger.
  • “I want to know why you’re avoiding me. Why you won’t talk to me. Why you won’t even look at me.”
  • And when Remus didn’t respond, Sirius felt himself snap,
  • “Remus, look at me!” His hand slammed against the wall near Remus’ head, “Please.”
  • “Let me go!” Remus pushed Sirius’s arms away, breaking out of the makeshift prison. He started to walk away at a fast pace.
  • And Sirius’ heart was racing because no he can’t walk away. I can’t let him walk away
  • “Tell me what I did! Remus!” He was yelling after him, voice echoing in the empty hallway, “Tell me what the fuck I did. Why won’t you fucking look at me-“
  • And Remus spun on his heels, face hot,“Because I don’t like being used!”
  • The sudden outburst from the other boy, the one who’d been quiet for so long now, brought silence down upon the hallway.
  • Sirius swallowed thickly, “What..”
  • And Remus was taking great, shuttering breaths, “I don’t like.. being used. By you.”
  • And Sirius just gaped at him. Of everything, he was not expecting this, “I don’t-“
  • “I know what your family’s like, Sirius. Toujours Pur. Pure-bloods…” Remus was looking at Sirius for the first time in days, something Sirius would have killed for a second ago. But with Remus’ sad, hurt eyes on him now, he wanted nothing more than for him to look away, “And I know how you feel about your family… you’d do anything to defy them… And-“ His voice broke, “And I’m as un-pure as you can get.”
  • For a moment, Sirius still didn’t understand. What did his family have to do with anything? Why was Remus so worried about this? Why-
  • oh.
  • What?” Sirius’ heart hammered in his chest,
  • “You think I’m using you to, what, to get back at them? You think that’s why I’m with you?”
  • And finally, Remus’ eyes dropped back to the floor, giving Sirius all the answer he needed.
  • “Re…” And he was rushing forward, feet carrying him the short distance between them in a heartbeat, stopping right in front of him. He tilted Remus’ chin up so their eyes met again. Sirius took a second to relish in the color of Remus’ eyes - a color he had missed, 
  • “Re… You idiot.”
  • And Remus’ eyes widened, but he only had a moment to look appalled before Sirius’ mouth was crashing down onto his, capturing his lips in a needy, heated kiss.
  • “You idiot, you idiot, you idiot.” Sirius mumbled it against his skin before pulling away, cradling Remus’ face in his palms, “How could you think that? Merlin, Re-“ He felt at a loss for words.
  • He was just thankful Remus wasn’t pulling away this time - that he had kissed him back
  • “I don’t give a flying fuck what they think. What they believe in.” He made sure he was staring right into Remus’ eyes, “I don’t give a fuck about your blood status or your ‘pureness’ or- any of that fucking shit. I care about-“ He let out a sort of tearful laugh, although he was unsure why he suddenly felt like crying, “I care about the way you hold me at night and how I wake up to you reading and your fingers in my hair. I care about how you can kiss me until I can’t remember my own fucking name. I care about your big, stupid, god-damn adorable sweaters and those fucking reading glasses you have to wear… I care about how you can scramble the perfect egg, make the perfect cup of hot chocolate- fuck, I care about how you drink bitter tea when your sad that must taste like complete shit.”
  • His thumbs whipped at the tear drops that were now slowly rolling down Remus’ cheeks. They pressed at his bottom lip until Remus released it from his teeth, 
  • “I care about you, Remus.. Just you..”
  • And Remus practically fell into Sirius then, his face pressed into his neck, arms tightly wrapped around his waist.
  • They hung onto each other, systems flooding with relief because that wasn’t it. They were okay.
  • “‘m sorry… ‘m sorry, Pads…”
  • And Sirius just shook his head, holding on to him for dear life.
  • “You just have to know, Moons..” Sirius pressed a kiss to Remus’ temple, letting his lips linger there, “nothing’s gonna tear us apart.”

leahandclark  asked:

What are some of your favourite tags from your posts about Iain? (I'm in need of a good laugh.)



God, Fitz in his sweaters is so cute. But suit and tie? 😍😍😍


#god i want him so much#like i would do things to this white boy i’ve never done before#nice dick#too hot (hot damn)

#uuggghhhh#his legs look sooo long#why is he so attractive#why did he happen to me#it’s not even the sharpest suit#and i’m over here practically drooling onto my laptop#get him away from me

#[rolls around on the floor making whale noises]

#jemma stares loudly

Fitz in a suit with glasses is my aesthetic.

#dear showrunners#to whatever awful wicked dear individual is in charge of Fitz Deportment#the frickin NERVE#you come into MY HOUSE#with your#‘Oh let’s put him in a suit’#‘and have him be all pleased with himself’#‘the lil shit’#‘oh and he’s all hot n panty so he’ll need to unbutton that’#'whilst smirking’#'nah it’s still missing something’#'how about some gl– GREAT GODDESS OF NILFS THAT’S IT’#'ROLL IT’#'let’s put it in the preview’#'it’ll be so great’#EXCUSE YOU#I HAD WORK TO DO#like real stuff ok#do you have any idea how much scientific progress was held back by these clips#you think you’re so clever#you’re probably pretty pleased with yourself#you frick#WELL YOU SHOULD BE#WHO ARE YOU#PLS IDENTIFY YOURSELF SO THAT WE MAY CROWN YOU#PATRON SAINT OF COUGARS#GOD BLESS (via badscienceshenanigans)

#WHAT IS THIS IM NOT STABLE WTF#take everything off and leave the glasses on

#i’m not okay i will never be okay again#i have lost aLL CHILL#A L L C H I L L#there’s scruff and shiny blue eyes and fucking GLASSES AND A TIE#you are the rudest human being on earth#i hate you i can’t handle this#leo fitz#agents of shield#TOO HOT#HOT DAMN

#i keep watching this#hoping he’ll go further#HERE FITZ LEMME HELP YOU WITH THAT#*takes off every bit of clothing*#*leaves the glasses on*#whispers: hand porn

#how? what? why? when?! omfg#fuck me#i just …fuck#this is it#where i cross the line from i need to keep him safe to i want to do things to him#JFC#i can’t#leo fitz#agents of shield


#the lord is testing me#i’m a good person i don’t deserve this#THIS KEPT ME UP TIL 4AM LAST NIGHT DO YOU /UNDERSTAND/#current love of my life#i live in a trash can made of iain de caestecker’s grey shirts bye

#hahagshajahsja I’m deaded#leo fitz#excUSE ME FITZ YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MY BBY

#so fucking fine#i cant get over this#leo fitz#hot damn#this is what fantasies are made of#its like the aos writers were in my wet dreams#what

#christ on a bike this shit is still not ok

#i swear if jemma sees him like that he wont be wearing a suit for long#this outfit killed me im going on the floor now#or in the trashcan#im joining idc in the trashcan ok

#i will probably get over it at some point#right?#RIGHT??#WTF WHO AM I KIDDING OF COURSE I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT#JUST LOOK AT HIM#HE HAS THE SCRUFF THE GLASSES THE SUIT AND THE TIE#HOW ON EARTH AM I SUPPOSE TO RESIST#i swear i’ve staring at this gifset for far too long#i can’t stop#SOMEONE STOP ME#jfc iain the things i would do to you right now#TOO HOT? HOT DAMN#leo fitz#fav character: do your worst#brave badass scottish lion cub#HE’S GONNA MAKE THE FINEST HUSBAND AMARIGHT JEMMA??#I’M DEAD BYE


#sprays jemma with water


#also @aos fandom thirst: chill