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Mama matsu, when you were in Highschool, what what your dream job?

I always wanted to be a full-time mother. It was a different era back then, too. Women didn’t really have options the same way they do now. 

I ended up with quite a bit more than I had bargained for, but… at the end of the day I can’t say I’d go back and do it differently.

My NEETs may be trashy, demonic hellspawns, but they’re also my miracle babies. Multiples rarely all survive birth, and even fewer make much past that. I know I’m hard on them, and I do want them to get jobs and spouses. I push them to be more because I know they have potential. Still, the fact that they’re here is enough. 

What other mother can boast that they’ve lived as full a life as I have? :’-) 

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Osomatsu, I feel really lonely when surrounded by my friends today, can you tell me some jokes, or even get a hug from you, to help me feel better..?

If it’s one thing I hate feeling it has to be feeling lonely, so I know where you’re comin’ from 😔 Even if you’re with friends or surrounded by people you know and love it’s still very possible to experience, which sucks!

Maybe this’ll make you quirk a smile: About ten minutes ago I was eatin’ some chinese take out (since I figured Chibita was still angry about me dropping my peanuts into his broth) ‘nd while I was eatin’, my glasses slipped off! Right off my nose!


But me being the hilarious person that I am I retrieved my now sullied, curry stained glasses from my plate and placed them BACK on my nose, then I turn around to see Okaasan foldin’ clothes or whatever so I call out to her and she then turns around, sees the state of my glasses and obviously points out: “What happened?!”

My reply being:

“I don’t know, the rice was just so good…”

“I must of got curried away!”

I laughed. She choked. My little brother just whispered ‘Oh my God’ to himself.

It was pretty great time!

Oh, and here’s your well deserved hug! *hugs* hehe ❤️


@ravenotakuchan thank u.. .

@sweaterkitty-fluff oh really?? Ah, I wonder why! Well, unfortunately I’m not as smol as you thought, but hopefully I can still appear adorable somehow! ; v ;

@the-artvark to be quite honest, I never notice people’s heights unless it’s super drastic like 6 or 5 feet tall! I guess that’s just me being totally average ahaha!

And wow anon! That is tall! Not to worry though, tall people are super important too! They make people feel safe (if comfortable with them) and are great help when reaching high up places! Not to mention they are a lot more graceful in appearance (which I definitely love!) There’s a reason why models are all tall in stature!