Installment 4 of the Tablecloth Series. 1995. For whatever reason, I was pissed off at my sister, so to cope, I drew a picture of her standing obliviously next to a monster that wanted to eat her and also had a giant yellow ding dong, and appears to be standing next to a turd. #siblingrivalry

Well. This week I’ve been a woman possessed. I kicked off the week feeling somewhat discouraged with this piece, with the notion of putting it on hiatus, only to pick it up later that same day for a final attempt that’s resulted in me leaving my apartment maybe twice in the last 5 days. I’ve fucking missed the feeling of being so sucked into a project. I kind of improvised the water as I went along, and it while it was discouraging at first, because it looked nothing like I was envisioning (I run into this problem a lot when sewing…I just don’t have the patience to draw up complete patterns), but in the end, it ended up turning out even better than my original idea. This picture really doesn’t do it justice. So now that that and the little banners of text are finished and sewn on to the bolt of blue velvet I’m using as a background base, all that’s left to do is the embellishing and mounting. Taking a little break to finally start on a new Teen Hankgst patch, but I kind of wanna start in on sewing sequins and beads and little fabric bits on to this thing. AHHHHHHHH.

This summer, I’ve been pretty negligent in terms of patch-making, focusing instead on larger pieces, and various other projects. Having just finished a piece I started near the end of July, I figured I go on to another large-scale one, but then realized that I really just wanted to tackle a bunch of small pieces. Really, really small pieces. So, last night I started a new series of patches that I hope to have up for sale by October. Since most of the messages I’ve gotten over the summer have been in regards to the Teen Hankgst and Harry Styles patches, I figured I’d make at least 3 Hank patches, along with 5 One Direction patches–each on featuring a different member. I also have a few others planned, including a 2-piece set that I’m really excited to start. These pieces will also all be a lot simpler than my others, and thus, more affordable. Although I’ve gotta finish the hair and maybe add some facial stubbery to the figure on the right, here are a couple faces for two future patches that may look familiar.

I haven’t been able to post as much these days, because as of this week, my computer has decided to make it abundantly clear that it celebrated its 5th birthday last month, and is thusly not letting respond to messages on Facebook, or post on Tumblr, along with a ton of other nifty computer-related activities. TECHNOLOGY, AMIRITE?

*Sidenote: It never ceases to blow my mind that the iPod I got when I was 14 didn’t even last me through high school, yet the walkman my folks got me for my 11th birthday–and I am fast approaching my 23rd–still works beautifully. Granted, said iPod DID get knocked off the bathroom sink and into the toilet one morning while getting ready for school, but nonetheless–my janky Verizon phone has met the same fate AND last year, I dropped it, failed to notice that the battery had fallen into the bushes, and left it out there for 3 hours during a rain storm and it STILL works. Get with the program, Apple!*

But ANYWAY, all that being said, I’m not on these here internets as often, but I’m hoping to have some new pieces scanned and posted sometime this week. I’ve got a few new patches, along with a new large-scale piece I’m stoked to post, and I’m about to start designing a new patch I think y'all will really like. Until then, here’s a little peek at a new non-patch piece I started a couple days ago. Really been enjoying working on this one.