Fashion Fridays with Kurt Vonnegut!

For starters, check out that swagger. This man knows he looks damn good. That sweater vest is so adorable, and I’m pretty sure I’ve highlighted that trenchcoat in the past. (I’m assuming it’s the same coat because Kurt seems like the kind of man who would buy one fantastic coat and say, “Yes. This. All day, every day.”)

Also, I just realised that this photo is the basis for that mural that just got painted.

You know what really makes me excited, though? Kurt is wearing my school colours. This might be the most fabulous combination of orange and blue that I’ve ever seen. God, I love him.

This is immediately after Diane had threatened Sam with another new sweater monstrosity in order to obtain information from him. I always knew that Diane had a deep understanding for the power of a sweater, but I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed at how quickly Sam caved. 

Also I believe that Sam’s hair has created a sort of hair volume vortex, sucking the life and mass out of whatever hairstyle is closest to use for its own glory.