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bad | 01

 He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: romance, smutish, fluff

WORDS: 2 506

WARNINGS: badboy!jungkook, cussing, mature

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A/N: if people like this, I’ll make another part. it won’t be a long series, though. this will probably be cliché af. but please, pretty pretty pretty please tell me what you think. THANKS.

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I Might Let You Kiss Me

Request: Can you do one imagine where you and shawn are both neighbors and you watch eachother from your window (not in a creepy way ofc) and there is a lot of sexual tension but you supposedly hate one another which is not true (it’s exactly the opposite) and it turns out very fluffy

can shawn also be kind of a bad boy plzzz (the shawn and y/n being neighbors request) 

There’s like one swear word

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“Did you enjoy the show last night?” 

You rolled your eyes, an inhaled slowly. Without even looking, you knew it was Shawn who spoke to you and is leaning on the locker beside yours. 

“Hardly,” you answered him flatly.

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Inspired by this Gif (Not Mine)

Warnings: Cursing, very slim amount of implied smut.

Summary: Steve hides in reader home and finds her wearing a sweater with his shield design on it.

A/N: Not very long but I think it’s cute.

Y/N walked along the sidewalk, a smile dressing her face like a bow on a present. Her big fluffy sweater warmed her against the chilly wind, and she wore it with pride. Her mother knit it especially for her. She knew how much Y/N loved Captain America. She started knitting the sweater far before the man became wanted but Y/N loved every stitch of the thing anyway.

Y/N waltzed happily into her apartment complex and climbed the stairs to the third floor. Sure it would be easier to ride the elevator, but she couldn’t shake her fear of them. She locked her front door behind her and threw her bag on the couch. She was about to change into comfy clothes when the electricity went out.

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Change Your Mind

Characters: Bucky x reader, Steve Rogers (mentioned)

Summary: In the world that Bucky Barnes lives in, there was very little room for love. He had grown comfortable with being alone, but when he’s walking the streets of Manhattan, he meets you; a woman who might change his mind on one fateful December night when you embark on a journey that proves to him that there is still good in the world

Warnings: Fluff, hopeless romantic!bucky, chrrrstmrrrs, as per usual, bad editing

Words: 3504

A/N: Another Christmas fic in August for no parent reason. I included lyrics from Better Days by the GooGoo Dolls if anyone is wondering. REBLOG IT AND LIKE IT AND REQUEST STUFF FOR ME TO WRITE AND I’LL KISS YA WHOLE FACE

The cold of winter nipped at Bucky’s nose as he walked briskly down the streets of Manhattan in the December air. He liked night walks, they made him feel calmer, and the cold helped with that too. Spending time cooped up in his small studio apartment made him feel claustrophobic and stuffy, he absolutely hated that.

Bucky was a habitual people watcher, and on this night he didn’t stray from his routine. He smiled as people went into little shops, lit up by fairylights as the Christmas season emanated in full swing in the streets of New York. This would be the first holiday he would spend as himself in a very long time, and his entire being was conflicted about the whole thing, but he pushed it out of his mind. Bucky had Steve, and Steve was family, so at least he’d probably spend a Christmas morning similar to that of their childhood with him. This thought made Bucky Barnes smile even wider.

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Penny Lane | Harry Holland

Summary: While in Liverpool, Harry Holland works on his upcoming photography project. He captures the vintage and rustic look of Penny Lane (based on the song Penny Lane by The Beatles). Though he didn’t believe in love at first sight, his mind changes the moment he gazes upon the reader…

Warning: none

Pairing: Harry Holland x reader

Type: Song Inspired Oneshot


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Jumpers (Jack Lowden x Reader)

Summary: That best time to wear a nice sweater is when it’s someone else’s. That’s how the song goes, right? 

 AN: Thought of this in a conversation with @lowdensnose about how jealous we are of his jumpers and his shirts. You know, normal stuff for a pair o’ adults. Thank you to my 55 followers! 

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WHO: Elizabeth Henstridge as Jemma Simmons
WHAT: Anthony Thomas Melillo Engineered Rib Sweater - Sold Out
WHEN: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. | 4x15: Self Control, 4x21: The Return, 4x22: World’s End, 5x01: Orientation (Part One)

Black Suits & Cabinets: Draco Malfoy One Shot {Requested by Anon}

Request: Can you do a draco malfoy one-shot where I’m helping him fix the vanishing cabinet and I help him feel better by having sexy time with him(smut)?

Warning: Contains Smut.

Your P.O.V

“(Y/N).” I heard a voice whisper.

“(Y/N).” I heard the same voice whisper again, this time slightly shaking me to my sudden brightness.

“‘Mione, If you’re having trouble finding the restroom again, it’s just down the hall and to your right.” I mumbled, rubbing my eyes and thinking it was Hermione whom was solemnly waking me up at this early hour.

I heard a faint chuckle that was abnormally low.

“Harry?” I whispered. My eyes started to flutter as the figure in front of me began to clear up by the second.

“It’s me, Draco.” The blonde wonder whispered as he chuckled some more. A weight deepened in front of me, letting me know that Draco had sat down in front of my sleepy figure.

Draco Malfoy and I have been a couple ever since the early stages of our 5th year. As our 6th year is approaching it’s inbetween time, we’ve slowly become love struck with one another. It’s truly bliss just to be in his presence.

“You’re a bit of a sleeping beauty, aren’t you?” He quietly laughed while taking his hand in mine. I laughed back and planted a kiss on his cheek.

My vision was clear by now, and I could see Draco perfectly. Through the gleam of the moonlight, I could see his chiseled jaw clenching as his eyes narrowed with love at me. His eyes were sparkling with the moon, creating a soft lust I hadn’t seen in ages.

But something was quite abnormal. Draco was wearing a right black suit. What the hell would someone be doing in the middle of the night in a black suit?

“What with the suit? The Yule Ball was 2 years ago.” I laughed at him.

“That’s why I came here.” He answered sternly.

“What?” I questioned, narrowing my eyes and furrowing my eyebrows into a sea of sudden confusion. What could this be all about?

To be completely honest, Draco has been acting very weird lately. He’s been missing classes quite often these days, slowly loosing verbal contact with everyone, and his emotions have varied from place to place. Draco has told me about the frustrations within his family, but I’ve began to become extremely worried that it may hurt him more than ever before.

“Come with me.” He strictly encountered, taking my hand and almost yanking me off of my bed. The sudden jolt began to wear me out, and become worried.

The thin sweater I had one shielded me from the odd coldness in the corridors at night. Seeing Hogwarts during the dark hours was certainly a must see, due to the things that happen around here. The most unexpected ideas erupt in my head as he trudged through the emptiness.

“Where are we going?” I shivered out, drawing closer to him for warmth as we edged near a dark and enclosed door.

“You’ll see.” He said. I could sense the soft tone back in his voice again. He noticed my shuddering figure, and calmly wrapped an arm around me, trying to conduct a feeling of warmth inside of me. Draco could be very serious at times, and act as if nothing is in his way, but there will always be that soft and luscious part of him that will never be destroyed.

“I’m so sorry I made you come out into the cold tonight, love. I just needed someone with me for comfort.” He whispered into my ear, with his eyes scoping around to see if anyone was there. His warm lips pressed up against my temple, empowering the cold inside me and melting the shivers I endured just second ago.

“I-It’s alright.” I stuttered out, clutching my hands together as I snuggled into him more.

Draco opened a door in front of us, and revealed a humongous room that featured many contraptions that my eyes were amazed by.

All of the coldness and shivers immediately left my body as they embedded within the discovery that was right in front of me.

My eyes caught a contraption that had a silver goblet of top, sparkling in the shine of the moon and creating a sparkly glow on the skin of my arms. I smiled at its beauty, but soon stopped as two muscular arms wrapped around my petite waist.

“Cool, isn’t it?” He asked. His lips planted soft kisses on my neck, causing me to melt into his touch.

“Really is.” I said back, putting my hand on the back of his head and the kisses went deeper.

“Sit down on the chair in front of the sheet.” He pointed, detaching his sweet lips from my neck causing me to whine. My head shifted at the chair to the side of the giant sheet, which was covering something that seemed to have some sort of importance to it.

His arms unwrapped around my waist as he walked over the mysterious thing, and unveiled it by yanking the sheet off.

My eyes met with the sight of what was, the Vanishing Cabinet.

It’s precise wood labels and details revealed to me it was exactly what I thought it was. It’s dark glow grew onto my skin, almost making myself terrified of its glory within. My feet waddled over to it, setting my hand onto the side as I examined the amazing object.

“Sit down.” Draco instructed. I jumped at his sudden remark, but soon noticed the lung of dead seriousness in his eyes. He was not kidding.

I sat down in the chair, pulling my sleeves down and trying ever so slightly to protect myself from the chill of cold sneaking across the enclosed room Draco and I were in.

He grabbed a ripe green apple out of pocket. He opened the door of the cabinet, and put the green apple inside. As he closed it, I could see the sense of determination in his eyes. It was almost as if he was testing the cabinet, and maybe even himself.

As he closed it’s door, he leaned his forehead against it and closed his eyes. Draco started whispering mumble of words, creating a boiling pool of confusion in my mind and trying to contract anything affiliated with this. I also thought about how he could for such a fruit in a tight suit like that.

Time went by, and I started yawning and rubbing my eyes more. I also began to grow bored of this whole process. Draco didn’t even seem to move at all. He was still as a statue.

His eyes remained closed for about another minute or so, but suddenly jolted opened as his hands freed from the handle of the cabinets opening, reacting to something that wasn’t even there. He yanked the door open and immediately smiled to himself. He pulled out the previous green apple from before, but this time, It was bitten.

“What just happened?” I asked in disbelief, standing up and walking over to him to look at the apple some more.

“N-Nothing.” Draco stuttered out nervously. He fidgeted and tried to close to cabinet door, but it had gotten stuck.

“Shit.” He whispered under his breath.

He struggled some more and pushed the door to its entrance, almost forcing it to make it fit into it’s piece.

“Here.” I came in.

A firm grip grew onto my hand as I fiddled with the door, and softly closed to it into its previous matter. I smiled at Draco at the easy task, and he blushed his response.

“Are you bored?” He asked, wrapping his arms around me and planting a sweet kiss on my lips.

“A little.” I said, while biting my lips and winking at him.

“You look really fit in that suit, did you know that?” I teased him while stroking his crotch from the fabric on top of it.

A forced moan escaped from his mouth as he realized what was happening, causing my arousal to go over the edge.

His hand slithered into the front of my pants, going inside of my underwear and circulating around my clit. His fingers stroked my entranced as his lips sucked on my neck, causing me to become a moaning mess.

“Someone’s horny.” He chuckled, picking up the speed and causing my fingers to dig into the fabric of his expensive suit.

I moaned in response.

His free hand slowly took of my pants as I stepped out of them. His fingers were still violently rubbing my clit as he began to undress me some more.

I was soon in just my underwear, due to the fact that I indeed do not wear a bra at night. His mouth transferred to my left breast, sucking and flicking its nipple with his tongue. A loud moan came out of my mouth as the pace of his finger skyrocketed, causing me to throw my head back in extreme pleasure.

“D-Draco, I-I’m going t-to c-c-cum.” I stuttered out, quivering and shaking at his moment.

Just as I was about to reach my climax, Draco pulled out and began to undress himself. A loud whine blew out of my mouth as I gazed upon his muscular figure that was clenching as he tore out from his tight suit.

As he took of his pants, it revealed his rock hard erection. It constructed a strict point it of his boxers, and tempted myself to touch and rub it. I licked my lips as he pulled his boxers down and revealed his cock, which was twitching and standing stiffly due to it’s hardness.

“Touch yourself for me, love.” He huskily whispered into my ear. I moaned as his hot breath trickled down my neck, while my fingers began rubbing furiously on my clit.

“Fuck yourself.” He instructed. Draco himself sat down on the chair I was sitting in just moments ago, and started jacking himself hard.

I pounded two fingers inside of me, aching at the needs of Draco. I sat down and spread my legs in front of him, giving him a better look at me as he enjoyed himself as well.

“Oh god (Y/N).” He moaned out while picking up the speed on his cock.

I jabbed my fingers inside of me in such a fast motion, causing my legs to shake at the extreme empowerment I was giving myself. I screamed in pleasure as the experience grew greater than ever before.

His moan ran over mine, as his orgasm grew closer onto himself. I could sense and feel his eyes scrunching up together at the amount of pleasure he was enduring.

I soon felt a body press up against mine, and lips crash onto mine. Draco lept onto me, and inserted himself into me without any warning at all. He was sucking off my juices from my fingers, and licking them clean as I moan in ecstasy from the feeling fm his tongue.

His cock slammed inside of me in a heart beat, making my nails scratch down is back and my legs wrapped around his waist.

“Y-You’re so t-t-tight.” He grunted out, picking up the speed even more than before.

“Oh my fucking god Draco.” I moaned out, and began to insert my tongue into his kith as he gazed upon my as well.

Muffled screamed escaped my lips as his cock slammed into G spot, with more force each time. He slapped my ass multiple times, causing my arousal to explode into the air.

His thrusts become sloppier, signaling that his orgasm will be arriving at any second, as would mine.

“Keep it in!” I yelled at him, clenching onto his back as his thrusts grew more powerful than ever before.

“YES! YES YES YES!” I screamed out as m climax blew over me, causing one last scream out of both of to come out as our juices mixed together.

Draco pulled out of me as I was still enduring my climax, and moaning into process as he was as well.

“You alright?” He asked me, huffing out breaths as sweat trickled down his forehead.

“Spectacular.” I laughed out, smiling and cuddling into his bare body on the cold floor.

“I need expected you to really leap onto me like that.” I chuckled out, causing him to erupt into laughter.

“You just looked amazingly hot. I couldn’t help myself.” Draco said back to me, planting a soft kiss on my temple as I snuggled into him more.

“I should bring you in here more often.”

No Comparison

Natasha ropes you into your first intel-retrieval and destruction mission. Things don’t go as planned, but you kick ass anyway.

Warnings: none except some seriously pretentious flirting by your target and Bucky’s threats to knock him out?

Word count: 2,978

‘Okay,’ you quipped, pulling the memory stick out of the computer, ‘the virus that’ll shut down their systems is on here, Natasha will just have to plug it in and let it run its course.’

‘Nice work, kid,’ Tony said, seeming genuinely impressed. ‘How long this take you to develop?’

You shrugged. ‘A few hours? It would’ve taken shorter but I had to make sure I didn’t destroy your systems.’

‘I appreciate that.’

‘Is it done?’ Natasha asked, letting the door of the lab close smoothly behind her. 

‘All set,’ you smirked, seeing her dressed to the nines, completely relishing in the fact that you got to stay in the compound in your sweats while Natasha staggered around in pencil heels with grimy strangers, including your target. 

The team wasn’t planning on any fights, so this was simply a get in and get out to shut down an up and coming weapon dealer’s empire by disabling all communications and destroying all data (not before saving a copy for yourselves - all information was useful in some way). Natasha, the stealthy dark horse she was, was to go, distract the target long enough to get his room key and infect his laptop with the virus you had created. While wearing high heels.

‘You should come,’ Natasha said, almost making you drop the memory stick.

‘What?’ you said stupidly. 

Natasha shrugged. ‘We still have time for you to get dressed. It’ll be fun.’

‘Fun?’ You blinked. ‘You want me to come on a mission that’s literally just putting a memory stick into a slot? What if I mess it up?’

You were a lab tech and although you knew how to handle a gun for when necessary, you weren’t much use in missions.

‘You said it yourself, it’s a simple infiltration - barely that. Besides, you need to get out of here, it’s stuffy.’

You snorted and stifled your smirk. ‘What would I even do?’

‘I’ll get the key card and pass it to you. This thing is your baby, you should have the honour of crumbling your first black market.’

It did sound appealing. Sure, your talents and appeals resided in creation, but … toppling a criminal empire in stealth mode? 

‘Cap and Barnes’ll be watching our backs the entire time in case something goes wrong,’ Nat added with a knowing smirk.

The woman read people all her life, of course she knew about your crush on Bucky. Yet you acted as if it didn’t phase you because there was no way in hell you were going to admit it out loud. 

‘You had me at crumbling my first black market.’

Your wardrobe being completely devoid of anything suitable for a black tie event, you were now dressed in a short black dress from Nat’s wardrobe, with full lace sleeves, black tights (because you didn’t care if showing your legs would help up appearances, it was cold) and black heels. You quickly swiped on some dark eye shadow, eye pencil, and some lipstick and within fifteen minutes, you and Nat were in the back seat of a rental car (Tony’s were too flashy and easily recognisable) with Steve in the driver’s seat and Bucky in the passenger’s. One driver, one sniper. 

It was so annoying because they both looked so comfortable in their clothes; Bucky was literally carrying an assault rifle (loaded with heavy tranquilisers because the mission didn’t require any kills) with a bullet proof vest over his sweater. Steve’s shield was by his feet and he himself was dressed in sweats. You were pretty sure Bucky hadn’t bothered to put on shoes. It wasn’t that either of them weren’t taking your safety seriously, it was that they were equipped enough and there weren’t any threats in their area. Aside from a single security guard, you wouldn’t have any trouble.

‘Try not to break anything,’ Steve called as you and Natasha left the car looking so effortlessly unambiguous. 

‘Bring us back some hors d’oeurves,’ Bucky added. 

The image of Bucky dressed in his sweater with an assault rifle, a bullet proof vest, and a tray of canapes made you grin wickedly. 

Natasha smirked at you. ‘What are you smiling about?’ But you were pretty sure that she had hazarded a guess.

You both found your way into a large events’ hall of the hotel on the second floor, floor-to-ceiling windows with stone balconies overlooking a three-acre garden bursting with exotic flowers. The lights were dim, a slight dark red tinge mixed with a golden glow from the central chandelier. Tall tables were dotted around, waiters swerved with practiced elegance within the crowd carrying trays over their shoulders. A jazz quartet was playing soft background music.

‘Do we even know what this is for? Who are these people?’ you murmured, as you passed a woman in a floor length golden-coloured gown, making your way to the bar.

Cap?’ Natasha said into her comm.

Stark knew but I may have forgotten,’ you heard in your ear. 

‘America’s golden boy forgot to do his homework,’ you teased, hearing Bucky laugh at Steve’s expense. 

I at least know that there isn’t anyone with some sort of title; everyone here just has enough money to come to these things for fun.’

Natasha chuckled at your comment. ‘Target acquired,’ she said suddenly, no change in her eased tone of voice. She swiped a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. ‘I’m going in.’

You ordered a virgin cocktail, figuring you should keep a clear head and waited for Natasha’s all-clear. 

You calmly looked up, observing the scene behind you through the bar’s mirror and knitted your eyebrows. The target, Tobias Kane, had completely blanked Natasha’s attempts at conversation - and he was walking right towards the bar. Right towards you.

‘Shit,’ you hissed. ‘Guys, I think he’s on to us.’

What makes you say that? Buck, get ready.’

I got eyes on him.’

‘He’s spotted me,’ you said, pretending to take a sip of your drink. The memory stick, hidden in a concealed pocket in the lining of your dress, suddenly increased in weight by about three tonnes. The target was getting closer. 

There was no response for a moment. And then -

Okay, so get the key card,’ Natasha said.


‘I pity the man whom you abandoned to sit alone.’

Oh shit, was your first thought. This was not how you planned your evening to go.

You made eye contact with your target in the mirror. ‘I pitied myself for wasting my company with him,’ you replied.

Okay … where did that come from? 

‘Unfortunate,’ Kane tutted. ‘You deserve a better impression.’

You turned in your seat to face him. ‘Just an impression?’

You risked to look him up and down; no wallet poking out from his pockets, no lone card anywhere. How were you supposed to search this guy, strip him?

You nearly shuddered at the thought.

‘To begin with,’ Kane leaned against the bar counter, holding your gaze. He was young for a weapons dealer, maybe thirty, and his eyes were dark and strangely hypnotic. 

‘And what about after?’

‘After?’ Kane’s mouth upped into an even-more-so hypnotic smirk. ‘If you would grant me the pleasure of further attention?’

You then realised that no one had been speaking through your comm. Worried that something had happened, that this really was the target discovering your your plot, you focused on your peripheral vision and saw that Natasha was still mingling, successfully looking like she was supposed to be here. You realised they were only staying quiet to benefit your concentration. You couldn’t mess this up

‘If,’ you agreed. ‘Then what?’

Kane leaned closer to you and you noticed, with annoyance, that he smelled really good. Of course a notorious thirty-year old weapons emperor would smell good.

‘Then I would tell you that even the stars in the sky cannot rival your eyes,’ his voice was barely a whisper. 

This was really not how you expected your evening to go.

‘Any man could tell me,’ you said smoothly. 

Yeah, if they had terrible taste in women, you thought.

‘Then I would show you how you deserve to be worshiped in any and every way you wish.’

‘How forward of you.’ The words just came out and you’d thought you had screwed everything up but to your surprise, Kane simply chuckled. 

‘I’ll take you at whatever pace you wish, my love.’

Okay, who does this jackass think he is?’ You you practically hear Bucky’s scowl through your ear piece.

‘Perhaps you would care to share a drink with me?’ Kane reached around you and plucked a bottle of wine sitting in an ice bucket from behind the bar counter.

You quirked an eyebrow. ‘Something tells me you could pay instead.’

Kane’s smile was seductively playful. ‘Some women are impressed by talents, not money.’

‘You seem to know an awful lot about what some women want.’

‘Some women like that too.’

‘And myself?’ you asked. ‘Unless you’re insinuating that I’m comparable to other women?’

Kane shook his head, cupping your jaw with one hand and bringing your faces closer together; your fundamental disgust with the man kept you from losing your confidence or blushing.

‘My love, the very gods that put this earth together can’t compare.’

Bucky was near relentless. ‘You want me to knock him out? I’ll knock him out, just say the word.’

As he leaned in to kiss you, you raised your hand and rested your fingertips on his lips. 

‘Unlike some women,’ you began silkily, ‘I think I am deserving of your attention behind closed doors.’

‘Of course you are.’ Kane took your hand with surprising gentleness and helped you to your feet. ‘I think the view from the top floor will be satisfactory.’

‘I’m not satisfied by views, I’m satisfied by actions.’

Okay kiddo, calm down, you told yourself.

I’ll take out the guard,’ Natasha muttered.

Kane’s arm went around your lower back; its placement wasn’t too sleazy but any contact with the guy was way out of your comfort zone. Still, you kept your wits and allowed him to lead you to the elevator and his hotel suite.

Steve and I are on the roof of the building next door,’ Bucky murmured. ‘Waiting for your mark.’

As Kane stepped in front of you to open the door, you slipped a fake nickel out from your black clutch; inserted in its side was a pin soaked in a powerful sedative. Tony had gotten the idea after watching Bridge of Spies (although you tried to tell him that those things were actually real because, surprise, the film was based on the very much real Cold War). You kept it in the palm of your hand, enclosing your fist around it loosely. 

I have eyes,’ Bucky said as soon as you stepped inside. Straight across from the door were french doors overlooking the city but you couldn’t see Bucky or Steve anywhere; you didn’t let it bother you - as long as they could see you, you would be fine.

You walked to the doors and surveyed the area, thinking about your next move. In the reflection, you observed the room behind you, scanning the expanse and then focusing on a briefcase tucked away under the bedside table. You then noticed Kane approaching with two half-filled wine glasses and accepted the one he offered you.

You wanted to bury yourself under the carpet and hide for ten years due to the intensity of his gaze, but you matched his eyes as you clinked your glasses together.

‘Do you often get views like this?’ you asked, turning to watch the city. 

‘Would you believe me if I said I didn’t?’ His voice was soft, close to a whisper, but charged with something else. ‘You know,’ he carried on; without breaking eye contact, he placed his glass on the table next to him and rested both hands on your waist, ‘I’ve been to many places, seen so many beautiful things but -’ he raised one hand, thumb gently toying with your bottom lip – none of them quite compare to you.’

My finger is literally on the trigger,’ Bucky growled. 

You were practically breathing the same air; he slid his thumb away from your lip and cupped your jaw, drawing you closer.

It was now or never. You wound your arms around his neck and as he leaned in to kiss you, you plunged the tranquiliser straight into his neck. Immediately, Kane slumped forward, all his weight leaning on you as his knees buckled, like a rag doll. You heaved him off you and dragged him onto the bed to make it look less suspicious. The sedative was designed for the Hulk and even though it wasn’t quite strong enough for him, it was definitely more than enough to knock out the average human being for approximately five hours. You swiped out a pair of black gloves from your clutch and slipped them on.

‘Nat, what’s your status?’ 

Guard’s unconscious and locked in a closet,’ she replied. 

‘Kane’s out, I’m getting the files now,’ you said as you overrided the security on his laptop and slotted the first memory stick. ‘You guys get out of here, get the car around the back, I’ll be another few minutes.’

Without a hitch, you had your intel and had ridden Kane’s laptop with your Swiss army knife of a virus. You slid his laptop back in place and picked up your wine glass, poured its contents into Kane’s and rinsed it out in the sink. You dried it and placed it back on the rack in the kitchenette. You left inconspicuously, scampering down the corridor to the emergency exit and clambering down the fire escape, heels in hand. 

‘Nice job,’ Nat acknowledged as you climbed in the backseat, Steve driving off before you even sat down.

‘Thanks,’ you breathed, stripping off the black gloves. ‘God, it’s freezing.’

‘Fancy people don’t wear coats,’ replied Natasha, making you chuckle. 

‘Here,’ Bucky prompted, tossing his hoodie gently to you having taken off the bullet-proof vest. 

‘Why thank you,’ you smirked with an overly fancy voice, and then made a face. ‘Okay, are all weapon heir to the thrones that sleazy?’ you asked rhetorically, making the others laugh. ‘Seriously, I’m bleaching my skin and burning this dress the second we get home.’

‘Hey, it’s worth it,’ Nat said. ‘You think quick on your feet, that was impressive.’

Bucky nodded, looking at you through the rear view mirror. ‘You did good,’ he said. 

‘I didn’t get you your hors d’ouerves,’ you teased. 

Bucky chuckled. ‘We’ll get real food.’

When you reached the compound, it was nearing two o’clock in the morning and everyone was asleep, or at least, in their own rooms; you had your heels on again and had stuffed your hands in the pockets of Bucky’s hoodie, relishing in its warmth. Steve and Natasha  stayed behind in the kitchen, reheating leftovers, while you walked back to your room to change. 

‘Hey!’ Bucky called to you.

You looked over your shoulder watching him sprint towards you. ‘Hey.’

‘How does it feel single-handedly destroying a black market empire?’ he grinned.

‘Well I’m not sure since I wasn’t alone,’ you shot back. 

‘Oh, sure,’ Bucky agreed. ‘I mean, if Steve hadn’t helped you make that virus and if Nat hadn’t held your hand while you riddled the laptop -’

‘Okay, okay,’ you chuckled, cheeks turning red from the attention. ‘It felt kind of awesome,’ you admitted shyly.

‘Still feel gross?’ Bucky asked playfully but there was a solidity in his eyes that showed he acknowledged your very real discomfort..

You shrugged. ‘Yeah, I thought I was gonna explode, I was cringing so much,’ you said. ‘You helped, though,’ you added, nudging him with your elbow.

‘Oh yeah?’

‘Yeah,’ you nodded. ‘If you weren’t making those comments every now and then I think I would’ve punched him in the face.’

Bucky’s smile broadened like he had accomplished something. ‘And I how did I help that?’

‘You just kept me grounded, I guess. Reminded me that it was a mission and and that you had my back in case things went south. Plus, it completely diffused any kind of tension that guy was trying to create.’

‘That’s what I’m here for,’ he said. ‘Can’t have some sleazeball running his hands all over you like that without at least offering to sock him.’

You chuckled. ‘How eloquently put.’

‘I’m the master of eloquence, doll.’

You both had reached your room. ‘I’m gonna change and join you guys later. Maybe take an early night, I’m exhausted.’

‘Aw, doll, you sure?’Bucky almost whined.

You stopped and rested against the door, hands curling around the edge. 

‘Why, what were you planning?’

Bucky shrugged, scuffing his foot against the floor. ‘I don’t know, doll, I was kinda hoping I could tell you about how the stars don’t compare to your eyes,’ he said, feigning innocence, mimicking the words of the target.

You rolled your eyes and tried to stifle your giggles. ‘Shut up, Barnes.’

‘I just really think I could prove to you that the gods that build the universe got nothing on you.’

‘Bucky, shut up, you loser,’ you laughed.

‘Okay, but seriously,’ Bucky said, laughter dying down as he put his hands on your upper arms and looked at you intently. You didn’t take your eyes away from his, blushing under his gaze. It wasn’t the same intensity as the target’s, and you felt a comforting warmth.

Bucky held your arms and said dramatically, ‘If you ever want me to give you a satisfactory view from the top floor, you just say the word.’

‘Dammit, Barnes!’ You shoved him away and watched him bolt down the corridor, cackling childishly, with a plethora of butterflies fluttering in your stomach.

Title: World Exposition of Tomorrow (fem! reader x Prewar! Bucky)

Summary: After helping get Steve out of trouble, the reader finally meets the famous Bucky Barnes that Steve had always been talking about.

Word Count: 1458


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