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  • So Steph had a rough childhood right?
  • She literally became a vigilante to keep batman from destroying her villainous dad
  • Her dad is an asshole
  • Her mom tried her best
  • But not good enough that she turns to a man who dresses like a bat nightly for a parental figure
  • Anyways
  • Imagine the batfam having a movie night
  • Literally her and babs being the only ones who aren’t adopted
  • Anyways so they’re watching some 90s live action Disney movie her and Dick picked out
  • And she starts talking about how she always wanted like a bedazzler hair gun or a Barbie dream house or a bike
  • And babs is shook
  • Steph tells them she made her own paper dolls out of cardboard and paper
  • Bitch made her own suit she is crafty
  • Dick is trying not to cry
  • Jason and Cass are sympathetic they had very little until they were adopted
  • Damian is just confused because he’s a murder cult prince and has had more than most successful adults his entire life
  • Bruce is litterLY HEARTBROKEN
  • The next day they all haul ass to the mall
  • Babs in the lead getting all the 90s inspired fashion stuff from Clair’s and JP and Macies like Barbie sweaters and printed leggings and 90s cartoon print everything and fucking leg warmers and scrunchies.
  • Dick in the lead with 90 to early 2000 toys getting her all the Barbie shit and like a hair braiding and bedazzling gun and like orbez spa foot bath and fun little outside toys like a bubble machine and those hotch skotch balls that you put on one foot and spin the ball as you jump. Too many water and nerf guns. Some of those are for the whole family.
  • They put a batman sticker on it
  • They also buy a twister mat and box sets of the Amanda show, Drake and josh, rugrats, catdog, pinky and the brain, ducktales, Kim possible, Hannah Montana, zoey 101, fresh prince of bel air, friends, honey they get it all
  • They also get damian some batman toys because he was looking at them
  • He says he doesn’t want them
  • But they all mysteriously disappear anyways
  • Into his room
  • Cass and Tim drag Bruce for not giving Steph attention
  • Especially bc she I dunno gee DIED FOR HIM
  • Anyways Jason and Alfred are distracting her by making cute little batfam themed sugar cookies together
  • Then they come home with like two car fulls of 90s kids stuff
  • Jason takes her to Starbucks and they sit outside and talk shit about people passing by so they can set up her surprise party
  • Now Bruce is an emotionally constipated dad, but he’s still a dad. He still sees Steph as one of his children.
  • He feels really bad for not paying more attention to her living situation, especially when she was kid.
  • He pulls out all the stops. Her favorite food, her favorite movies.
  • Now, mama brown didn’t raise no bitch
  • But when she walks in and sees that Barbie dream house and that bike
  • She looses it
  • She’s crying and hugging everybody
  • Like she’s grown and doesn’t need any of that
  • But she makes it some aesthetic artsy deco shit
  • Except the clothes and nerf guns and box sets that’s becomes her everything
  • The bike is her new love she might’ve rode it inside the manor until Alfred was like ok stop
  • She’s so shook
  • Everybody is crying
  • Damian is just confused in his little batman target pajamas
  • Which also makes her extremely happy
  • She plays with her toys with everybody
  • They end up cuddling on the couch with Steph in Barbie sweater and those weird multiple shapes neon leggings and leg warmer and her hair in scrunchies
  • “Brown, you look disgraceful. I don’t understand any of this.”
  • “Shut up, demon. You’re not supposed to understand, it’s the 90s.”
  • “It’s 2017..”
  • Tim just silently pulls him into a cuddle and he’s too shook from the day to pull away
  • Steph is still crying and thanking everybody constantly
  • She’s snuggled into Bruce’s side.
  • D C G I V E S T E P H T H E L O V E S H E D E S E R V E S

Gucci kicked off Milan Fashion Week with a bang, in the most literal sense. For his Spring 2018 collection, designer Alessandro Michele transformed a Milan gallery space into the so-called “Gucci hub,” a sprawling set that referenced a number of ancient cultures, including Roman, Indian, Aztec, and Egyptian styles. Guests were not only treated to that visual—and very Instagrammable—feast, but a visual explosion, as well, as heavy industrial music, courtesy of the Requiem For a Dream soundtrack, blasted from the speakers as models traipsed down the runway amid flashing neon lights. It was all to show a typically eclectic collection from the house, complete with Bugs Bunny and Snow White-printed sweaters, a chunky knit emblazoned with the phrase “Never Marry A Mitford,” and plenty of sequins. Among the show’s vast pool of references: Eighties figure skaters, glitter bodysuits, Aquanet-sprayed hair, and all. Between this collection and the upcoming I, Tonya movie, based on the infamous Tonya Harding scandal, we may just have a hot new trend on our hands. Here, take a backstage look at the Gucci Spring 2018 collection.

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I think I’ve ascended to a new level of KnB hell ahhaa, Akashi seems to agree.

@akashikuroko there’s a colour version now.


So I did it, I opened up an Etsy shop! Decided to start off lightly with art prints and postcards, I’m trying to get a handle of Etsy and figure out what kind of a shop I want to build (might change the name too later on). I wanted to ask you art and craft sellers on Etsy: do you think knitted items have a good chance on Etsy? I’m worried about pricing knitted items too high, and too low prices not meeting my work hours… so I thought prints would be an easy start to figure out pricing and such. Take a look and let me know what you think! And any tips on Etsy selling is appreciated, I know there’s a lot of experienced craft sellers in the tumblr knitter community! :) 

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Louis has all of Harry's t-shirts and hoodies merch at home and he wears a different one to bed every night, as he might miss him :')

“It’s a good thing I’m not in public, because if I was someone might think I’m yours.”

Harry groans, crackly from the poor connection. “You are mine.”

“Is that so?” Louis runs a hand up the sweater he’s wearing printed with Harry’s name, traces his fingers over the lettering, sees how his 28 tattoo creates a sharp contrast against the soft pink.

“If you weren’t then there’s no way you’d stay up till ungodly hours listening to my terrible jokes.”

“I don’t know about that; you’re pretty charming. I’m sure many people would jump at the opportunity.” Louis adjusts the cap this time from where it’s flopped in front of his eyes, also adorned with Harry’s name. “Hang on a minute, did you just call your jokes terrible?”

“I’m practising self-awareness.” Harry shrugs.

“Can you practise coming to kiss me instead?”

“You’re in quite the mood tonight.”

“I know, I just miss you,” Louis grumbles. “These clothes may look like you, but they sure as hell don’t smell like you, which is what really counts.”

Harry gasps, mock-offended. “Are you saying you don’t fancy having my face plastered over your chest?”

“I’d much prefer it be plastered somewhere else.”

Louis immediately cringes, while Harry breaks into a fit of laughter.

“You sound like you’re trying to pick me up on Grindr.”

“Well, is it working? Are you gonna swipe right or swipe left?”

Harry hums, like he’s deep in thought, hand on the chin and everything. “Swipe left.”

It’s Louis’ turn to gasp now, and he hurls the cap at his webcam. “That’s it, we’re getting multiple divorces and I’m refunding all your rings. Treat people with kindness, bitch.”

“I love you. I wouldn’t swipe left or right because your worth as a person isn’t determined by an app.”

“I love you too…bitch. Now, Clifford wants to know why there isn’t any dog-themed merch. He might relocate you to the couch if you’re not careful.”