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Lesbian ask game!

1. Sun lesbian or moon lesbian

2. Flannel lesbian or sweater lesbian

3. Curly fry lesbian or waffle fry lesbian

4. Thrift store lesbian or high brow lesbian

5. 70’s disco lesbian or 90’s grunge lesbian

6. Fat cat lesbian or hairless cat lesbian

7. Chinese takeout lesbian or pizza delivery lesbian

8. Big dog lesbian or tiny dog lesbian

9. MoMA lesbian or metropolitan lesbian

10. Matte nail lesbian or glossy nail lesbian

11. Red lipstick lesbian or dusty rose lesbian

12. Crop top lesbian or maxi dress lesbian

13. Neck kisses lesbian or forehead kisses lesbian

14. Fluffy fat cat lesbian or tiny hairless cat lesbian

15. Leather jacket lesbian or letterman jacket lesbian

16. Puts too much salt on food lesbian or too much pepper

17. Glitter eyeshadow lesbian or matte eyeshadow lesbian

18. Flower lesbian or succulent lesbian

19. Ugly cat print sweater lesbian or jean jacket that looks like it’s been through a war lesbian

20. Spaghettios lesbian or Kraft dinner lesbian

21. Hot chocolate lesbian or lemonade lesbian

22. Champagne lesbian or whiskey lesbian

23. Dark aesthetic lesbian or pastel aesthetic lesbian

24. Silk velvet lesbian or crushed velvet lesbian

25. Ball gown lesbian or tuxedo lesbian

26. Forest lesbian or space lesbian

27. Lennon glasses lesbian or aviators lesbian

28. Hestia lesbian or Artemis Lesbian

29. Nose piercing lesbian or belly button piercing lesbian

30. Electric guitar lesbian or ukulele lesbian

31. Converse lesbian or doc martens lesbian

32. Hayley Kiyoko lesbian or Mary Lambert lesbian

33. Olive Garden lesbian or Chiles lesbian

34. Tarot card lesbian or astrology lesbian

35. Peppermint lesbian or cinnamon lesbian

36. Playing-with-her-hair lesbian or getting-hair-played-with lesbian

37. Victim of tickle attacks lesbian or tickle attacker lesbian

38. Tiny tattoo lesbian or whole sleeve of tattoos lesbian

39. Lady and the tramp lesbian or aristocats lesbian

40. Cool Rock collection lesbian or cool leaf collection lesbian

41. Art hoe lesbian or music hoe lesbian

42. 80’s windbreaker lesbian or 80’s blazer lesbian

43. Mom jeans lesbian or skinny jeans lesbian

44. Silver lesbian or gold lesbian

45. Flower crown lesbian or snap back lesbian

46. Annie on my mind lesbian or rubyfruit jungle lesbian

47. Breakfast club lesbian or princess bride lesbian

48. “Wanna cuddle?” Lesbian or surprise hug attack lesbian

49. Jupiter lesbian or Pluto lesbian

50. Make her mixtapes lesbian or sketchbook filled with drawings of her lesbian

→ all that is gold (m)

Originally posted by chimtae

Sub!BTS collab

pairing → Taehyung x Reader

genre → roommate!au + sugar baby!au, smut, angst

warnings sub!taehyung, skype sex, masturbation, orgasm denial, possessiveness, slight breath play, oral sex, dirty talk, thigh riding, tae ends up sort of a switch? idk

☆ word count → 11.2k

☆ summary → As a college student struggling to make ends meet, Taehyung resorts to a less than ethical method to satisfy his appetite for expensive treats. The last thing he wants is for you to find out how he acquires the Gucci in his closet… however this proves to be difficult when you are his roommate.

or : Taehyung is a sugar baby and somehow thinks he can keep this a secret

☆ a/n → ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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the-angry-walnut-fairy  asked:



  • otabek fresh out of an amicable divorce (OR THE OTHER PARENT DIES,,, ITS CLICHE BUT DAMN IF I AINT THE BIGGEST HO FOR IT)
  • has a lil 5 year old daughter (i personally like the name zarina for her) who takes ballet lessons and is super shy, its incredibly difficult for her to open up to ANYONE
  • but he takes her to a playground once and when he looks up from like his book or smth he sees her talking amicably with another lil girl, creating sandcastles and playing with their dolls
  • and watching over them is the single most beautiful man otabek has ever laid eyes on
  • his hair in a braided ponytail and flawless skin and wearing the most ridiculous leopard print sweater and his frown is super cute as he types angrily on his phone and wow
  • he decides to go talk to him bc fuck it, hes the guardian of zarina’s first friend and hes really fucking cute
  • his name is yuri, he learns, and hes zarina’s ballet instructor
  • the child he’s with, mieko, is the daughter of a married couple he is close to (viktor and yuuri)
  • (he scowls as he says viktor and yuuris names but has the fondest smile when he brings up mieko and otabek is d y i n g)
  • they stay until evening and decide to get dinner together bc mieko and zarina dont want to separate yet
  • at the end of the night he has yuri’s number and the decision to bring zarina to her lessons earlier so he can talk to him
  • they start talking everyday and he sees yuri perform once and dIEs and on zarina’s birthday he gives him a giant cat plushie and ho my gahd
  • he finally gets the courage to ask yuri out a year later and all yuri says is “jesus fuck, finally.”

So I did it, I opened up an Etsy shop! Decided to start off lightly with art prints and postcards, I’m trying to get a handle of Etsy and figure out what kind of a shop I want to build (might change the name too later on). I wanted to ask you art and craft sellers on Etsy: do you think knitted items have a good chance on Etsy? I’m worried about pricing knitted items too high, and too low prices not meeting my work hours… so I thought prints would be an easy start to figure out pricing and such. Take a look and let me know what you think! And any tips on Etsy selling is appreciated, I know there’s a lot of experienced craft sellers in the tumblr knitter community! :) 

Throw me in the trash where I belong.

I think I’ve ascended to a new level of KnB hell ahhaa, Akashi seems to agree.

@akashikuroko there’s a colour version now.


Tryna get back into drawing but I’m months out of practice and everything is hard to draw :^) I woke up with the inspiration for this comic yesterday morning so I decided to take a step back and just pop out something simple. 

Grantaire is so ugly and far from social norms by most people’s standards.

He has a huge nose and a perpetual five o’ clock shadow, looks like hasn’t slept in 3 days, and has wild, unmanageable hair. He wears super baggy sweaters, mix matched print, and clashing colors.

He mumbles to himself while he walks and bobs his leg up and down when he sits. Sometimes he goes off on tangents about the space time continuum or critiques of modernist art.

He’s the antithesis of put together.

And Enjolras loves it

anonymous asked:

hey!!! so, idk if u've talked about this before, but i was curious about how you picked what sorts of clothes to draw on your characters. can u talk a bit about everyone's fashion sense?? and what (if anything) inspires the way u draw clothes?

I usually.. just make up the clothes. But sometimes I base them on cartoon characters and stuff I see online!
Malek- his clothes are based on this one outfit I saw on a doc martens ad. like, imagine punking up a smart casual outfit, I guess? Like a sweater over a dress shirt turns into a printed sweater over a flannel for Malek. He also wears boots? I mentioned once he either dresses dadcore, or an emo lumberjack, LOL.
Poppy- Poppy’s outfits are usually, but not limitedly inspired from Sam’s in Danny Phantom. I just use a lot of variations in color but the basics are still there. Crop top, flannel skirt, stockings, and then shoes. You just gotta know how to mix and match.
Dallas- Dallas is a sweater and ripped jeans guy. He just pulls on a sweater or a hoodie and then pants and he’s good. During the summer it gets hot, extra hot for Dallas ‘cause he’s got that binder underneath, so he switches to band shirts and.. jorts. Maybe a snapback.
I guess I just keep their clothes color coordinated, think of what sort of jacket would go with what kind of shirt. Usually if one article of clothing is printed, everything else I’ll make plain, like Malek’s camo jacket would go with a simple shirt, so the patterns won’t clash. For whatever is written on their shirts.. they’re just random phrases that pop into my mind.

but, like, betty either went shopping and saw the sweater with a crown printed on it and was like !!!!!! 

or she went looking for a shirt with a crown on it to wear to jughead’s surprise party 

either way i’m a crying mess