sweater for horses

Note: Please see the post that follows this one on my blog for the update on this situation

Luna Lovegood

This was my first commission but unfortunately I was not paid for it, the person who requested it just started delaying his payment when I announced I had finished it  (since it was my 1st one I asked way below what I should and let him/her pay when it was done). 

After a couple of months I got tired of having to reach him/her and deal with excuses so I decided to upload it in low rez so the effort didn’t go to waste.

- depression movie: the princess bride
- depression show: broad city
- depression food: fistfuls of dry cereal
- depression book: girl, interrupted
- depression game: civ v
- depression podcast: last podcast on the left (when unhealthily feeding paranoia and dread), mbmbam (when trying desperately to claw out of the pit of despair on the backs of funny boys)
- depression shirt: the orange horse sweater (currently wearing)
- depression activity: sniffing the candles at marshall’s

stelera  asked:

So how do the taurs stay warm in the winter? Is fur really enough or do they wear like hip legwarmers or throw thick blankets over their backs?

Upper half gets wrapped up the way we do, obviously, but I assume you’re referring to the animal part.
It depends on the lower half, frankly.

Taurs like John, Jake, Jade, Jane and The Mayor grow fur like whoa;  the alleged ‘cold blooded’ horses. (I am not joking, one of my horses grows so much fur my hand disappears into it up to the wrist, I have lost brushes in that shit). At most these guys would be sporting Dirk’s nifty winter boots, to give them traction on icy patches and prevent ice clots.

Taurs like Strilondes will probably cave and wear a blanket. 

Cervitaurs fare pretty well, most are rather well equipped, except for -once again- those who hail from warmer climates: Serkets, Amporas, Peixes, Makaras, Zahhaks, Leijons, and maybe Nitrams.

The nagas get nifty battery-powered heated sweaters designed by Dirk so they aren’t stranded inside for nearly the whole damn year.

Legwarmers is something Kammar has down pat, tbh (to Karkat’s everlasting horror DAD WHY NO).

(bottom line: everybody is forever relieved to have Dirk around)

I had every intention of spending my day cheerfully lounging around in a pumpkin patch and petting miniature horses. I was in fact so excited for the day ahead that I even made one of these outfit layout thingies. I made myself breakfast, took this picture by standing on my tiptoes on an upturned suitcase at the foot of my bed, and then promptly got called in to work. It was a sad, pumpkin-less day indeed.