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Where the Houses have Names

Falmouth, Massachusetts

falmouth has a section of homes who all have names. each owner takes time to thoughtfully construct a clever one, like a dentist who named his home the tooth tapper, and a nautical mother who calls hers the sea breeze. the lush trees and relative calm in this usually crowded beach town is all anyone needs for a perfect afternoon. the trees made it cool, so we wore white sweaters; it felt like an idyllic small-town movie, walking around together and pointing out the cool names on each home while exchanging pleasantries with the porch sitters

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Outifts based on the offical design of their nyos! I lowkey want to make thses stickers to keep (maybe sell??) so theyre watermarked for now

Draco x reader (midnight date.)

Hi could you do an imagine where (any character you like) sneaks into your dorm and it’s like winter and then they take you outside for a date??!! Ps I love your imagines

You couldn’t sleep, so you got up and walked over to the window. You sat on side of the window, looking at the snow that was falling. The only sound you were hearing was the soft breathing of the other girls in the dorm. It was so calm and it was nice to have some quite time to think. You almost drifted of to sleep again, but you were disturbed when you suddenly heard something coming up the stairs. You looked around and saw that everyone was in their beds, so it couldn’t be one of the girls sleeping in your dorm. You quickly walked over to the door and grabbed your wand. You waited for the person to open the door. The door opened slowly. “Expelliarmus..” You couldn’t see the person you just disarmed, but you catched the wand and walked over to the person. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” You pointed the wand under the person his chin. You heard a soft laugh. “It’s me darling.” You immediately recognized the voice of the boy you adored so deeply. You gave him his wand back and pulled him in an intense hug. “I’m glad it’s you. What are you doing here? How did you came up here?” You whispered to him. “I have my secret ways, but I’m not going to tell you, because when I do that I have you next to my bed everyday.” He said smirking. You slapped him playfully. “You wish.” He placed his hands on your hips. “I have a surprise for you, dress yourself warm.” You walked over to your truck and grabbed a warm sweater and your slytherin cape. “Nice sweater.” He said smirking. You rolled your eyes. “You only say that because you gave it to me.” You said. “You know me so well.” Draco said laughing loudly. “Ssst, stay quiet. I don’t want them to wake up. If they wake up the whole school knows we were out.” Draco nodded. You grabbed your boots from under the bed and putted them on. “I’m ready.” You whispered. He grabbed your hand and together you walked out of the slytherin dungeon. “You are trying to make up for yesterday aren’t you?” You said smirking. Draco blushed a little. “I’m still really sorry, I shouldn’t have thrown a snowball in Pansys face.” You rolled your eyes. “I’m not talking about that.” Draco shrugged his shoulders. “I’m talking about the fact that you forgot our one year anniversary.” You said. Draco opened the last door and stepped outside. Draco smiled. “Close your eyes and grab my hand.” You nodded and closed your eyes. Draco guided your through the snow. “Are we there yet?” Draco rubbed with his thumb over your hand. “Don’t worry, we are almost there.” Draco walked a few steps more and let go of your hand. “Were here.” You opened your eyes and saw a small tent placed near the tree. “Come inside the tent, its cold.” He opened the tent and let you in first. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing. Draco had really put work into it. The tent was really big on the inside. There was a fireplace, with a table in front of it. “Have a seat, love.” He grabbed the chair and pushed it backwards for you to sit on. “What made you such a gentleman all of a sudden?” You said surprised. “I wanted to do something special for you, since you deserve it. I didn’t forget our anniversary you know…” you blushed heavily. “This is so nice of you..” Draco took a seat and grabbed your hand. “How romantic.” Draco blushed a little. “Do you want something to eat, or do you want to go outside to gaze at the stars?” You smiled while pouring in wine in two of the glasses. “Let’s gaze at the stars.” You grabbed the two glasses of wine and took them with you outside. Draco followed you with a blanket in his hands. He layed out the blanket and sat on it. You sat next to him and handed him the other wine glass. “Being fancy aren’t we?” Draco said glaring at you. It didn’t snow anymore but the sky was to white to even see stars. Draco laughed loudly. “What a failed plan to gaze at the stars.” You also laughed with Draco. “At least I have you.” Draco said quickly after grabbing your hand. And In that moment nothing mattered anymore. Because it was only you and Draco.

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I’ll take capes and gloves over collars and virgin killing sweaters anyday, holy sin (♥﹏♥。)ノシ Not that I wouldn’t delight in collars and sexy sweaters, it’s just *swoons* capes tho.

Some things that happened at rehearsal today
  • Titania wasn’t there, so the guy who plays Bottom jokingly suggested that he play the role. We let him. He did a fantastic job.
  • Oberon yelling, “I HAVE YOUR BABY!” while juggling a stuffed rabbit
  • Actively blocked and approved a scene set to music from The Nutcracker in which Puck ends up with pants on his head, Peaseblossom is dancing with a dress as her partner, Mustardseed is blundering around with a coat over her face, Cobweb has shoes on her hands, I’m running around with a sweater cape, and Puck draws on my face with lipstick.
  • Puck repeatedly booping Oberon on the nose with the magic flower
  • The actor who played Bottom casually reading a book with a picture of himself on the cover, wearing the same shirt and sitting in the same chair as in the picture.
  •  Coming to the realization that our Oberon’s characterization is essentially what would happen if Snape went to Coachella .

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is going very well.

“Have I mentioned you look fabulous today? That sweater is truly doing things for you.”

Danny looks up from his position on the rug in front of the fireplace. His long legs are stretched out in front of him and crossed at the ankle, and he’s donned a soft red blanket as a cape. His sweater, still clearly visible, is dotted with pugs wearing Santa hats. It’s the kind of sweater that Brian would find atrocious on anyone else but mostly finds endearing on Danny, despite his teasing.

“I rock the pug look,” Danny agrees with a grin. He accepts the mug of hot cocoa that Brian passes him with a pleased little noise. “You do love me,” he decides. “There’s tiny little marshmallows and everything.”

Brian settles down beside him, back pressed against the sofa. He has to push the sleeves of his own sweater up to avoid being too warm but Danny, ever cold-blooded, seems perfectly content to be bundled up. He leans toward Brian unconsciously, rests against him as he sips his cocoa. Brian drapes an arm over his shoulders.

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You know one of the crappiest parts of the summer in Alaska? If you dont have black out curtains in your room, and you are completely exhausted when you go to bed. You are going to be awake and wanting to do things but still just tired enough that you stay in bed. And 6 am will roll around and you’ll finally get up and hang your coats and sweaters and capes in the windows to make a nice dark cave. But it will be to late. Because your alarm goes off in an hour. And if you pass out now. There’s no getting up.

youcanthandelthetruth  asked:

I'd dearly love to see the photo of the woman in the suspenders/sweater-vest/cape combo and have not managed to successfully google it, could you point me towards it?

EDIT: got a note from someone asking what the asker above was talking about, so here’s the picture from an earlier post that has a bunch of old west ladies on it. - Chris

I don’t know if it’s online - so much historical stuff isn’t, which is always a terrifying and surprising thing to realize.  

This is a photograph by Frank LaRoche, from 1897, entitled “Actresses Bound for the Klondike.”  

Zoom in!

Really, you couldn’t get to the Klondike if you weren’t one tough son of a gun.  There wasn’t a wagon train, or anything like that.  You hiked up snow-covered mountains, dragging your stuff, and eventually tried to paddle down the icy, rapid-laden Yukon river.  It was basically that middle section of Fellowship of the Rings, but colder, and with fewer goblins.

Even actresses (and a lot of folks will try and equate “actresses” with “prostitutes,” which is of course possible but nowhere near as analogous as everyone tries to make out) had to be Grizzly Adams tough to get there, which makes their desire to practice their craft ll the more admirable.  Some time, I want to do a post about theater in the old west, which is the craziness thing imaginable, so far as audience involvement goes.  

The pants that they’re wearing are Hercules overalls, which are big, sturdy man pants made of 9-ounce York denim.  They’re poofy because 1. they’re too big, though it looks as thought the waists have been brought in, and 2. the lady on the left is probably wearing a union suit over her undies, which ain’t a bad idea, considering the weather.  My studio doesn’t have heat for some reason, and I’m wearing a union suit right now, and lemme tell you, it makes a BIG difference.  The boots they’re wearing are called “Plow Boots.”  They have lower heels than some their contemporaries and make hiking a little more manageable.  Apparently, sweater-vests like this were intended to keep the capes from blowing around and blocking your face while climbing.  All the warmth of a sweet cape, none of the embarassing face-full-of-cloth-fall-to-your-death-in-an-avalanche moments.


<outfit post> kalifornia kristmas:

years ago, i was fortunate enough to have a kickass sewing room in the basement of our house. the craft room was fitted  with a cutting table, wire baskets tucked underneath that housed my sewing notions, two state-of-the-art sewing machines, and a row of bookcases filled with how-to books, patterns, and stacks of fabric waiting to be turned into the latest and greatest outfit or home dec accessory. at the time, my sister-in-law knew that i was a sewing aficionado and on one of her journeys to the US she brought along a bolt of cashmere from England as a gift. i debated for well over a year before i made the decision to turn that bolt of cashmere into the the cape i have on for today’s ootd. i’ve never regretted that decision, in fact, i’ve been thrilled ever since i donned the finished product. now whenever i wear my navy cashmere cape i can’t help but think of my sister-in-law, and since she passed away last year after a heroic battle with cancer the cape has taken on a new dimension of sentimentality for me. thanks, sweetie, for the gifts you gave - great and small.

denim @Loft; sweater @OldNavy; cape @BethDjalali; boots @JCrew; gloves @RalphLauren; scarf from Shanghai, China