sweater bump


Just some tips I’ve learned over the years to help with my boyfriend’s dysphoria

•vertical stripes (makes you seem taller)
•uneven patterns such as polka dots (hides any chest bumps)
•jackets, sweaters, or vests (layers hide curves. But be sure they’re not too long. Oversized clothes make you seem smaller. Hem should be no more than 2 inches below waist)
•graphic T shirt (make sure design is higher up on the chest to hide any chest bumps)
•pants (straight fitted. Go up a size. Try to get little to no breaks.)
•round or pointed toed shoes (square toed shoes make you seem shorter)
•hats, glasses, necklaces, bow ties, skinny ties (any accessories should be kept to the upper half of their body to draw the eye up and make them seem taller)
•binders (best binder brands I know of are Underworks, and G2cb)
•shoelifts (amazon has really good cheap ones)
• shop online for smaller men’s clothes (rue21, Zara, American Eagle, Express Men, Asos, H&M)

Pre- Christmas 2019

A sequel to Thanksgiving 2019

There was a loud thunder, followed by a bright lightning that stroke the californian sky. Taylor startles all of the sudden, grabs the laptop on her lap and places it on the coffee table in front of her again. She was so lost in answering her emails that she didn’t even notice the weather changing, until now. Still in her comfy clothes, she places both feet on the floor and slowly gets up. A hand lands, as usual, on top of her grey sweater right over her bump while she slowly trots towards the big window- front. She stands there, looks outside their huge backyard. The rain is pouring down into her and Adam’s pool. It looks kind of sad, how all palms are moving vastly with the wind underneath them. It’s simply a sad atmosphere surrounding their heavenly property. Just as if paradise would be destroyed soon.

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