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Got this done for Christmas morning, yay! Thanks for all the interesting requests I received - fuel for my procrastination imagination! ;) Well I sorta combined these two… Hope it’s enjoyed! And I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! XOXO (My Art Tag)


Being cute and interacting with fans, Detroit, 8/29/15

A few last thoughts re: asoue before I go to bed:

  • They used Lemony really, really well, mostly in the sense that they actually let him interact with the world (the characters mention him, he’s actively running from his enemies, he has more to do than just lurk in a clock tower), he’s a part of things and it’s good
  • They balanced funny-comedy!Olaf with wants-to-murder-these-children-with-this-knife!Olaf fantastically. The scene where he slaps Klaus in particular was stunningly done 
  • “I’ll open a box of merlot” (with a hard t) made me laugh more than should be possible
  • Literally every moment anything happened it felt like I was missing at least four easter eggs, two codes, and one ‘VFD’
  • (That was definitely Hector flying by in the background right?)
  • Please explain Klaus’ monogrammed pyjamas to me. I can not rest while this is unexplained
  • On the other hand I am living a Lemony’s sweater appreciation life
  • Jacquelyn and Gustav, loves of my life (for very nearly seven hours now), I want so much more
  • (Is taxi driver Ishmael also book 13 Ishmael??)
  • God damn yellow doors
  • Honestly
  • How dare you
  • I went into the show absolutely expecting we wouldn’t get the Sunny/Orwell sword fight and I can understand and appreciate why that’s difficult and why we didn’t get it but honestly there were so many cgi Sunnys you could have at least tried
  • (I’m so glad netflix spent money on cgi Sunny kicking arse at poker that was very narratively important thank you)
  • Multiple musical numbers?? The Count and Zombies in the Snow and a totally inexplicable full cast sing along I do not understand but we are blessed
  • All in all, while there was a whole lot more than was in the books, I keep remembering that it took Lemony until book five to decide ‘yeah an overarching story line is probably a good idea’ and I’m so glad that with the power of hindsight he can go back and dig elaborate tunnels under everyone’s houses and hand out mysterious code spyglasses and take so many more opportunities not to tell us anything we’re absolutely dying to know
  • Also why did the Baudelaires leave their picnic basket on the beach??

Sooo, is anyone else enjoying Crossing Lines as much as I am?

I mean at first I thought it was just some kind of “ends justifies the means” robin hood cops “crossing the lines” show like all the other cop shows out there but it’s NOT. HALLELUJAH. The Crossing Lines bit refers to the fact that it’s got it’s got the whole international French/German/American/Italian team thing going, and plus as an added bonus: guys in sweaters!

And more sweaters!

I mean, there’s suits too.

(But that was at a funeral and we really don’t want to go back there.)

Honestly I’m loving this whole European scarf/sweater/awesome outerwear theme that’s going on.

Hm, well maybe it’s just because I live in such a warm climate, so I’m intrigued by people who are operating in the cold all the time and their freeze-proof sense of style. 

But I digress, because this has kind of turned into a sweater appreciation post.

Crossing Lines is awesome. That is all.

If you want to piss off an anxious person, just tell them to stay positive. Seriously, try it!

We anxious people get a lot of that stuff around the holidays, and I think we eventually just tune it out. Songs, platitudes, slogans on novelty sweaters. “Be thankful!” “Appreciate your loved ones!” “Celebrate the new year, for some goddamned reason!”

It’s grating to us due to an unspoken assumption that it’s all just another way of saying, “Ignore the shitty reality, pretend everything is great!” Like it’s a form of anesthesia, a way to numb yourself to all the bullshit. “Who cares if the world is going to hell in a fuckbasket? Be thankful for this turkey! Now let’s celebrate a native genocide and watch some huge men give themselves permanent brain damage.”

But, like lots of life’s unspoken assumptions, it’s both wrong and potentially fatal. Taking a minute to notice the positive isn’t about making ourselves feel better (though I suppose it can), it’s about something else entirely.

Mainly, about not giving up.

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