Sammy Will Help You Through This

macymoosesuniverse said: Well, I’m stuck at home with 102 fever and I’m in need of a little pick me up… Can you help? I’m a big sammy fan and a fan of yalls imagines and one shots

A/N: Hopefully this will cheer you up a bit. Get some rest, eat some soup, drink some tea, take medicine if you need it. You’ll be as good as new in no time <3 -Karla

Word count: 773

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: None


You felthorrible. Your head was pounding, your throat was sore as hell and sweatcovered your feverish skin. There was no doubt you were sick. Luckily, you and the boys didn’t have a hunt to go on.

“Y/N? You awake?” Sam asked, knocking before opening your door. The light from the hallway flooded into your eyes, making you groan and cover your face with a pillow.

“Not now Sammy,” you whispered, your voice scratchy.

Sam furrowed his brows. It was unusual for you to stay in bed for long. You were usually awake by 7:30 AM, but now the clock was telling it was 9:45 AM which was late, especially for you.

Sam stepped into the room, gently closing the door behind him. He approached your bed and sat next to you. You pulled your blankets closer, freezing despite your fever.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” Sam asked. “Are you okay?”

You pulled the blanket down a little so you could look up at his face. You shook your head lightly, answering his question.

“What’s wrong? Does your throat hurt?” he asked gently. You nodded.

Sam took his hand and placed it on your forehead, feeling it’s hotness and stickiness. His eyes widened. 

“Oh my god, Y/N. You’re burning up!” he exclaimed.

You just groaned in response, missing his cool hand touching your skin. Sam got up from your bed and told you not to go anywhere before quickly leaving the room.

He returned five minutes later, his hands holding the tray with a thermometer, painkillers, sore throat medicine and tea on it. He put the tray on your bedside table and took the thermometer. He put it in your ear and waited for a few moments until it beeped.

“You’re burning on 102 degrees. We gotta lower your temperature,” Sam said, feeling sorry for you. He gently grabbed your blanket and pulled it off your body. You whined, the air cooling your sweaty body and making you shiver.

“No,” you whined, trying to grab the blanked from the bottom of your bed and pull it back on your body. Sam stopped your hands and laid you back down.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, but we have to do this,” he said. You huffed, annoyed.

“I’m thirsty,“ you said after laying there for a minute, your hands stuffed under your pillow in an attempt of warming them up.

Sam gently held your hand as you sat up and gave you your tea. He made sure you were holding the mug properly before letting it go - watching as you slowly took small sips of your tea. It was chamomile, and you could feel it soothing your scratchy throat a bit. He also gave you some painkillers that also help lower the fever. You quickly swallowed the pill, taking a few more sips of tea after it. When you had enough of the tea, you gave it back to Sam who put it back on the bedside table. He handed you some sore throat medicine, which you gladly took, happy your throat didn’t burn as much anymore. You laid back down on the bed.

“Thank you,” you mumbled, looking up at Sam who was still sitting by your side. He was holding one of your hands, gently stroking it.

Sam smiled down at you. “No problem. Glad I could help. I’m going to measure your temperature once again, okay?” You nodded, sleepiness coming over you.

Sam looked at the thermometer after it beeped and sighed in relief. 

“We managed to lower the fever. I’ll give you back your blanket now,“ he said, reaching to the end of the bed and spreading the blanket over your legs and up to your chest. You put your hands under the blanket and pulled it up to your chin, practically purring in relief. Sam smiled lightly, pushing your hair off your forehead.

Your eyes started closing and sleep was lurking just around the corner. 

“Thanks, Sammy. You’re the best,” you told him, opening your eyes to meet his eyes before turning to your side and snuggling into your pillow.

“No problem, Y/N. Get some rest. I’ll check on you every once in a while so you can just tell me if you need anything.” He said, squeezing your shoulder affectionately. “I’m gonna help you get through this, okay? You just relax and I’ll take care of you.” He kissed your forehead. He got up the bed and walked out the door, leaving them open so he could hear you if you called him.

Your body relaxed as sleep took over, knowing Sam Winchester was going to help you get over this.