You know those surreal pictures of celebrities doing mundane day to day tasks and you get the wierdest, amused sensation from it??? Ok take that but do it with the racing celebs.

Like. Some anonymous paparazzi on social media just uploads a picture of Strip “The King” Weathers, 7 time Piston Cup champ, outside of his very plain suburban home taking the garbage down the driveway, sipping an iced tea at the same time.

Cruz Ramirez caught grocery shopping at a local Walmart, cart filled with half fitness half comfort foods, sporting a “broke college student” look and nearly unrecognizable.

Paparazzi sneak into the IGNITR training center only to find Jackson Storm mopping the hallways (Thanks “Gus”!).

Cal Weathers trying to be incognito on a bus, later is seen meeting up with Bobby Swift at a Burger King.

That one Kanye video but with Chick Hicks where the cameraman says good morning to him around 4am, only for Chick in his boxers to swear at him and close the garage door.

Doc Hudson just standing there, but he’s wearing a fanny pack.

A picture of Lightning Mcqueen standing in his kitchen, wearing baggy sweatclothes, a beanie, and stuffing hot cheetos into his mouth. He’s holding them with chopsticks so the dust won’t get on his fingers.

Woooooooot wooooooot! Time to announce the winners of my first tumblr awards! First of all, thanks to all who entered! I ended up following alot of you guys so A++ blogging yay.

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Once again, thanks to everyone who entered! :DD

tag thang

i was tagged by this cool kid


rule 1: always post the rules 
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  1. what do you order from mcdonalds

soft serves because thats all the money i have on me ever lmao

  1. do you like subway


  1. how often do you consume chicken nuggets

once in a blue moon

  1. what is your middle name


  1. is your eyebrow game strong

nope, weak ass hell

  1. what is your dream occupation

anything that’ll earn me $1000 per hour

  1. fave male celeb crush

tom hiddlestonn

  1. fave female celeb crush

emma stone

  1. do you love me


  1. please say yes to the last question


okay people i tagged go go go go

My questions

  1. favorite way to pass the time at school?
  2. little things you do?
  3. Pet peeves?
  4. Favorite disney movie?
  5. Films you want to watch?
  6. The last time you were ecstatic?
  7. Something that you would tell your crush?
  8. What kind of super power would you want?
  9. Give an estimate of how many strands of spaghetti you’ve eaten this lifetime
  10. Do you believe in karma?