Ta-ku - Sweat Like Keith

Australian producer Ta-ku manipulates Keith Sweat’s “Twisted” into an almost unrecognizable state. Leaving only the most essential of vocals, Ta-ku takes the track from a slowtempo 90s R&B jam to an experimental, pulsating, it’s-getting-hot-in-here tune. Download the track here or here as part of his Make It Last EP released via LFTF.

Loving on little things.

I was going to go to yoga class today. I was going to shop around for myself & the soon to be birthdays. I was going to go eat lunch by myself. I was going to get up and go.
Instead I appreciated the little things. I appreciated my house. I walked around nude then in a new piece of clothing that makes me feel like a plant. I washed my work clothes. I made a mental list in my head of the groceries I need: laundry detergent, paper towels, frozen fruits & Açai, cranberry juice, kale, avocados- lots of avocados. I listened to throw back slow jams like Keith Sweat, Aaliyah, Lyfe Jennings. I made myself some bow tie pastas with simple salt and pepper. I’m so content. I’m loving on little things today.