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Happy Halloween with some klance nerds taking a selfie :”) (also included one without the test cuz y not :”)

a short klance thing i wrote that probably wont make it into a longer fic

Lance kisses like he’s never kissed anyone before, and Keith thinks maybe he hasn’t. If that were months ago, he would preen slightly with pride, knowing that that wasn’t something Lance could dangle over his head, the way Keith knows he would if he were given the chance. But it’s not months ago, and Keith is just glad that he isn’t the only one floundering here.

Lance tilts his head in the wrong direction and almost smashes their noses together. Their teeth clank together painfully and he smells like sweat and Keith can’t quite tell what to do with his hands, hovering in the air awkwardly, and he’s thinking about that and not about kissing. They pull away, and Lance is laughing before they’re even fully apart.

“That was so bad,” he says, still smiling, his cheeks pink. Keith is nervous for a second, scared that Lance is going to say that they should never try that again or that it was Keith’s fault for being inexperienced, but Lance only shakes his head, still grinning, and says, “Second time?”

Keith nods quickly. Their teeth clash again, but there’s less spit this time.

Ta-ku - Sweat Like Keith

Australian producer Ta-ku manipulates Keith Sweat’s “Twisted” into an almost unrecognizable state. Leaving only the most essential of vocals, Ta-ku takes the track from a slowtempo 90s R&B jam to an experimental, pulsating, it’s-getting-hot-in-here tune. Download the track here or here as part of his Make It Last EP released via LFTF.

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