sweat gland

so while I will begrudgingly admit that I enjoyed Cars 3, I also kept getting taken out of it because of how many fucking questions the Cars universe raises

there’s this character that’s a school bus.. like… a normal human school bus… Not a school bus designed to transport other cars, like Mack or the helicopter from the first movie, but like… designed to carry humans inside of her?? she even references the school district she’s from?? if she was from a car school wouldn’t she be designed to carry cars not people?? is the Cars universe a post-apocalyptic nightmare world where sentient cars wiped out the humans or what??

there’s one part where Lightning McQueen fixes something by taping it back together offscreen and I’m like?? how?? you don’t have hands???

Cruz comments that something is high quality and made out of real metal but isn’t that sort of like something being made out of human skin or bones or something

a lot of the movie is about how Lightning feels inferior to the newer younger cars, but… where are they coming from?? do the cars procreate? do they just… build new cars? who is building these new cars?? and if they’re being built why can’t Lightning just get some newer parts to help him compete??

there are child cars, so… how do they get older? are their parents replacing their parts every year? are they somehow growing organically?? does it have to do with whatever horrific event wiped out humanity?

there’s a part where lightning gets all four of his wheels removed and isn’t that sort of gruesome?? aren’t those like, his legs? and wait so every time he gets a pitstop he’s getting his legs ripped off and replaced with new ones?????

why the fuck do touchscreens exist in the Cars universe THEY DON’T HAVE HANDS

why do the cars have tongues and teeth if they run on gas

all the girl cars have car eyeliner ~so you can tell that they’re girls~ but how the hell do they apply it WITH NO HANDS

if there are car billionaires, then there is car money. who is on the car money? are there car presidents? is one of them Gerald Ford? where do cars keep their car money? in their trunks? do they have car wallets? but if they keep their wallets in their trunks isn’t that like keeping your wallet in your buttcrack all the time?

Sally implies that Lightning McQueen is smelly after being a shut-in for months… so… the cars can sweat? they have sweat glands? is there car deodorant or do they just go to car washes? where would they put the car deodorant? are their wheel wells their armpits? how do they put on car deodorant WITHOUT HANDS

there’s a scene where a forklift plays a guitar and I just

Murderbeast in Action

(I posted ages ago, the 7-foot two-headed murderbeast, different party and game (3.5e) but same character (Pathfinder Summoner))

Context: The party has been ambushed by a bunch of horse-sized spiders. My summoner was clever enough to have his eidolon summoned before the ambush happened. The Eidolon had four attacks, multiattack, and was now buffed with a Prayer, Magic Fang, and Bull’s Strength.

DM: Your turn?

Summoner (Me): I multiattack the spider in front of me.

*Rolls Damage, crits twice*

DM: Okay, you just… Eviscerate the spider. It becomes Spider confetti.

Rest of the Party: Nice!

*Round goes by*

DM: (Me), your turn.

Summoner: Pyrefly (my eidolon) turns to the spider next to me, and both heads grin at it.

DM: The spider starts to sweat, despite lacking sweat glands. It also whispers under its breath “Oh shit…”

(The spider died in one turn)


all facts you see here have been seen or said in his videos. they all come from many different videos, so please don’t ask me for the source, because i won’t remember.  Also, some of these may be incorrect, dont kill me. i might update this post once in a while when i learn new things, but ah.


  • Is only just below 5′10, making him shorter by Mark (5′9 and a half maybe?)
  • Despite being Irish, he hates getting drunk, but will drink cans or cups of beer sometimes during videos, usually the long one hour ones.
  • A while back, around the time when Jack was with his korean girlfriend, he wanted to move to Korea and be an English teacher for children.
  • He can still speak Korean.
  • Jack has a scar above his left eye where the football hit him (aka the septic eye), you can see it in his eyebrow.
  • Has a degree in hotel management, but studied sound design as well.
  • Around the age of 16-17, he went through the punk phase, meaning he got his ears pierced, listened to punk music, wore black, went to mosh pits, and even had his own band for a while.
  • Jack actually meant to get gauges a size smaller than 8mm, but the people at the piercing place told him no one was in that specialised in those piercing sizes and asked him if he wanted to a size higher (8mm) so he said “fuck it” and got them. The reason he still has the holes is because if you go 8mm and over, the holes won’t reseal.
  • Since Jack had to learn hotel management, he had to learn how to clean hotel rooms, in the correct order. (theres an order of what you have to clean first, apparently.)
  • Lost his virginity at the age of 16.
  • Has VERY dirty humor, but when getting on to the topic of sex in video games he gets very embarrassed.
  • Hasn’t smoked weed.
  • Jack was actually meant to get on Mark’s roof to do that “TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES” in that one RYC of Mark’s, but Mark forgot about it so it never happened.
  • Played Bugsy Malone when he was younger. (just imagine bby jack trying to imitate a new yorker accent…)
  • Likes Simon Stalenhag’s artwork. (i agree, it’s really, really aesthetically pleasing.)
  • Doesn’t draw, but he owns a small drawing tablet from his Drawing Your Tweets series.
  • Despite having a fear of heights, as a child, Jack would climb up trees for HOURS, as in, he would climb up trees and then climb back down and repeat the whole process.
  • Does not like the idea of blood being taken out of his body, it creeps him out.
  • Might be allergic to cats. He says this because every time he touches a cat he starts sneezing a lot.
  • Is the youngest of five.
  • Seems to really like robots, he has said he really likes The Iron Giant or Wall-E, and gets really happy when he plays video games based on robots.
  • Really likes voice acting.
  • Had rlly chubby cheeks as a baby
  • If you look closely you can see that Jack’s mustache has a red tinge unlike his beard. 
  • Use to work out A LOT but stopped not long before he started youtube, little leprachaun had GAINS
  • Wishes he could be good at acting.
  • When Jack dressed up all nice n fancy for the SXSW gaming awards, he mentioned he actually has another suit he would have used, but went with the blue one instead. The other one was grey.
  • Buys a lot of childrens toys because he generally likes them and wants to own them. Usually most of the time he’ll see a toy in a window and be like “I want that.”
  • In 2014, Jack actually had a roommate named Killian, Killian was in a few videos, including this , this , and this. Killian eventually moved out.
  • Jack was given an opportunity to be apart of Youtube Rewind of 2015, but turned it down since he had things to do and didn’t have time to fly out to America.
  • Would like his own dog to have in the apartment.
  • Jack actually doesn’t have much of an Irish accent, it’s actually very, very subtle compared to other Irish accents. Like Ross, for example.
  • Jack is actually able to get his voice incredibly deep considering his natural voice, a lot of professional voice actors aren’t able to achieve that.
  • Wishes he can start working out again so he starts getting healthy again.
  • Jack is actually, believe it or not, not a whale biologist. I’m only putting this here because i fuckING THOUGHT HE WAS FOR A WHOLE YEAR.
  • Takes his coffee black with two sugars.
  • Jack’s actual reason why he doesn’t sleep other than thats it’s only for the weak, is that he really doesn’t see the point, he thinks that the time for sleeping could be used for better things. I also remember him mentioning once that since he’s in the same timezone as felix, some times he would skype felix and just talk to him. Idk whether he still does that. 
  • Has a silver tooth, whether it’s a filling or he was born w/ it, it’s there.
  • Had very dark pink hair around the same time when he started his punk phase, theres no photos of it unfortunately.
  • Jack doesn’t have his drivers license, he regrets not getting it when he had the chance because the rules in Ireland have become a lot more harder.
  • Since Jack doesn’t wear gauges anymore, instead he puts shit like clothes hangers, keychains, hand sanitizer clips, and even MORE stuff in the holes. 
  • Doesn’t have proper functional sweat glands. I always wondered why he didn’t seem so sweaty in vive videos or on panels. Instead he gets a rash.
  • In a video, Ian (Idubbz) asked Jack for some pubes.. and well, Jack did.
  • Was a fan of k-pop once, but that was a while back.
  • Hasn’t gotten sick in years.
  • HATED studying in music theory when he was in college
  • When he used to live in the cabin, by his house, there lived a little shetland pony that was in a video once.
  • Favorite birthday was his 7th, he even knew the presents he got were hand-me downs but recalls it to still be the best time.
  • Sometimes, Jack gets these awkward moments where if he walks through a doorway and it feels odd he’ll have to step through it again for it to be equal, same with when he balls one fist he has to ball the other.
  • Used to cut his own hair.
  • There is a vine of him which he filmed in college.
  • Here is a video of Jack voice-acting a detective saying a ton of puns for one of Robin’s animations
  • Has an awful gag reflex. Once stuck his thumb in his mouth and gagged.
Anatomy & Physiology Overview - The Ear

Outer ear 

  • Pinna (auricle) - visible part of the ear outside of the head.  
  • External auditory canal 
  • Ceruminous glands - specialized sudoriferous glands (sweat glands) located subcutaneously in the external auditory canal. They produce cerumen (earwax) by mixing their secretion with sebum and dead epidermal cells.

 Middle ear: air filled 

  • Tympanic membrane -  vibrates in response to sound waves 
  • Malleus, incus and stapes - 3 small bones that transmit vibrations to each other

Inner ear: fluid filled 

  • Mechanoreceptor for hearing and balance 
  • Vesibular apparatus - balance
  • Semicircular canals 
  • Cochlea
  •  • Organ of Cor -  sensory epithelial cell


  • Perilymph = similar in compositon to plasma – Na+ 
  • Endolymph = high in K+ 
  • Organ of Cor: contains hair cells – move due to pressure waves 
  • 50-100 stereocilia on each cell 
  • Longest embedded in tectorial membrane 

In the cochlea that the vibrations transmitted from the eardrum through the tiny bones are converted into electrical impulses sent along the auditory nerve to the brain. 

  • The cochlea is a tapered tube which circles around itself 
  • The basilar membrane divides the tube lengthwise into two fluid-filled canals joined at the tapered end. 
  • ossicles transmit vibration to the cochlea where they attach at the oval window
  • resultant waves travel down the basilar membrane where they are “sensed” by  16-20,000 hair cells (cilia) attached to it which poke up from a third canal called the organ of Corti
  • Organ of Corti transforms the stimulated hair cells into nerve impulses 
  • Waveforms travelling down the basilar membrane peak in amplitude at differing spots along the way according to their frequency 
  • Higher frequencies peak out at a shorter distance down the tube than lower frequencies
  • The hair cells at that peak point give a sense of that particular frequency
  • The distance between pitches follows the same logarithmic distance as our perception of pitch i.e. the placement of octaves are equidistant.
holy fucking shit

Sorry in advance for the TMI but I may have found the holy grail to my acne issues and I want to share for anyone struggling.
as far back as I can remember, I have struggled horribly with nodule cystic acne, not just on my face but my neck, chest and back. Sometimes so bad that I can’t even lay on my back or wear bras because it would hurt too much. I have been in and out of dermatologists since I was 13 and I was unwilling to try accutane, which is a drug that closes your sweat glands to minimize acne, though it can have severe health defects. 

I’ve always hoped I’d grow out of it and when I didn’t (I am 25) the lab experiments continued; every kind of chemical claiming to fix it, every kind of natural remedy to cure it, tanning, in and out of doctor offices testing my hormones, showering 3 times a day because I am an athlete..NOTHING WORKED. 

Well recently my back has been flaring up again and it’s been painfully embarrassing, so willing again to play chemist, I put my knowledge to use and made a concoction, put it in a spray bottle (to easily access my entire back) and OMG! it’s been 2 days and my skin doesn’t hurt to the touch and almost all the inflammation is down already. 

1 part witch hazel; a well known acne fixer
2 part Apple Cider Vineager; known to kill bacteria, dissolve dead skin cells, and balance ph levels
1 part bactine; acne of any type is a wound, treat it as such! Bactine is an antiseptic with lidocaine aka a PAIN RELIEVER so sooth your painful cysts

throw that all together in a little spray bottle and spray on 1-3 times a day and watch the magic


Rain Forest Eeveelutions (Open Species, please link back to this post somewhere and give credit. I’d love to see what people do with them!)

A population of the Eevee line that developed and evolved in heavy rain forest areas. They’re smaller in size and harder to tame in captivity, making them unsuitable companion Pokemon for inexperienced trainers. Hunted for their fur, they were once considered a Vulnerable Species but are now listed as Least Concern. (Heavily based on Ocelots and various animals)


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doomofoldvalyria  asked:

So quickish question. For my A&P class, we have to design a new organ system for the human body. Are there organ systems that some animals have that we don't? I was thinking venom sacs in humans (but that's an extension of digestive system) or gills (extension of respiratory... do you see my problem here??).

Are you asking for a new system or a new organ, because there are lots of organs in the animal kingdom that we humans just don’t have.

A entirely new system is extremely difficult to think of, because evolution does a reasonably good job at producing creatures that live, and all their basic systems are universal. Everything respires, everything eats, everything filters waste, etc. These are pretty basic properties of life.

Systems are made up of organs, but just because we don’t have a venom gland doesn’t mean that it necessarily doesn’t count as ‘new’ just because we already have an intestine. Almost everything is basically a modified something-else. Mammary glands are modified sweat glands, for example.

A few organs in the animal kingdom that are very different to those we possess include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Labyrinth organ (fish)
  • Lateral line (fish)
  • tentacles
  • tail
  • vomeronasal organ
  • Rumen

And so on. While we share many similarities across the evolutionary tree, there are lots of variations on anatomy that we just don’t have. Remember than an organ is just a bunch or organized tissue that performs a purpose, you have lots of options.

Oh, and sorry if this ask is answered too late, but I really shouldn’t be doing your homework for you. :)

unsung heroes

Part 1 of the ends justify the means series

read on AO3

The mystery of ‚Deku‘ - villain, vigilante, or victim?

Aizawa Shouta eyeballs the online article Hizashi sent him with the kind of look that has sent students and adults alike into frantic searching for an excuse to leave the room right now. A more offending mass of villain-romanticising word vomit he has rarely seen. Full of poorly researched facts, conjecture, and lies. There has never been any evidence of Deku being a victim of any kind (not that they have any clue as to his true identity), though Shouta will admit that kids don’t just become villains for no good reason.

(In a better mood, he might also admit that Deku has shown himself to be suspiciously helpful, for a villain. Using the term vigilante for him would not be entirely unreasonable, if it weren’t for the fact that the individual in question calls himself villain, and some of his actions could not possibly have had the protection of society in mind.)

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paleesky  asked:

EYYYYY *FINGER GUNS* 😂😂😂 SOOO A PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU! One day, pidge asks Keith," Daddy Keith! How does daddy Shiro smell so nice all the time?" THIS in turn causes Keith to be curious too and fluff happens. 😂😂💞💞💞 loove youuu!


[The Voltron Family] The family was done with dinner and it was Pidge and Lance’s turn to wash the dishes. Keith was still in the table, trying to answer emails via phone. Shiro passed by Pidge by the sink—who just placed the plates Lance handed to her—and ruffled her hair.

Pidge: *annoyed* Daddy Shiro! Ugh. This is why I’m not getting any taller!
Shiro: *laughs* Hey! Don’t blame me on that! It’s not my fault you stay up too late. When you were younger, I made sure you slept at 8pm. Now that you’re 16, you’re staying up til what? 11pm? *fake gasp* Why, my child?
Pidge: Nonya. *grumbles*
Shiro: What?
Pidge: Nonya business. *sticks tongue out*
Shiro: Did you just quote Moana?
Lance: *sings* Moana~ Make way~ Make way~ *gathers the glasses*
Shiro: *turns back to Pidge* Goodnight, sweetheart. *leans in for a kiss*
Pidge: *disgruntled* *turns head away* *not giving in* *turns the faucet*
Shiro: *pouts* Oh, cmon. Keith, Pidge won’t give me a goodnight kiss!
Keith: *not looking up from his phone* Pidge, give your Daddy Shiro a goodnight kiss. 
Pidge: *grumbles* *turns* *gives Shiro a peck* Goodnight.
Shiro: *beams* Goodnight, sweetheart.

Shiro turned around to give Lance and Keith a goodnight kiss too. He left the kitchen and gave Hunk one as well who was in the living room. As soon as Shiro headed upstairs to the bedroom, Pidge spoke up.

Pidge: Daddy Keith, how come Daddy Shiro smells so nice all the time?
Keith: *looks up* *raises an eyebrow* You’d rather have him smelling bad?
Pidge: No! I mean like, he smells nice all the damn time.
Lance: *joins Pidge with the washing* I agree. Ever since we were kids, I noticed, since I like to hug him most of the time. He has this specific smell that’s so…. Daddy Shiro. It’s nice. 
Pidge: *nods* It’s nice, yeah. Like, he bathes in perfume or something.
Lance: Or he sweats perfume. *finger guns Pidge*
Pidge: Yeah. Not quite possible but yeah, seems like he sweats perfume. *eyes widens* I mean, DOES HE ACTUALLY SWEATS PERFUME?
Hunk: *joins them* I have a theory. What if he injects himself, so his sweat glands excrete such fragrant substance instead of the usual sweat?
Lance: Well, Daddy Shiro IS a doctor. 
Pidge: What does he actually even do inside his clinic? *twitches eyes*

Now that got Keith curious. As soon as he went up to the master bedroom, he looked for Shiro who just got out of the bathroom (with just a towel to cover his lower parts) and was looking for a pair of pyjamas. Keith eyed him suspiciously.

Keith: *wraps his hands around Shiro’s waist* Takashi. *rests his chin on top of Shiro’s shoulder* *sneakily tries to smell him*
Shiro: *turns his head* Oh, Keith. Did you want to take a bath together?
Keith: *shakes head* No, no, it’s fine. *closes his eyes and clicks his tongue* Dammit. The kids were right. 
Shiro: Uh?? About what?
Keith: They have this ridiculous theory that you sweat perfume.
Shiro: *in disbelief* What? *laughs* Oh my god? What?
Keith: *lets go of Shiro* I might actually have to agree on that. You smell really good. All the time. I mean, I know you just took a bath but you smell exactly the same even in the morning, at noon and even when you get home from work. Like, you really really smell good all the time. What are you using? I don’t see you spraying perfume in the morning on a Saturday?! We stayed home the whole day. So you have no excuse. Are you secretly not human? Are you what? An alien? Did I marry an alien all this time?! No human is allowed to look and smell that good 25/8, Takashi.
Shiro: *laughs and pulls Keith into a hug* You and the kids are being silly.
Keith: I want proof that you’re not an alien. *eyes Shiro suspiciously*
Shiro: *gives Keith a peck* I think you’re forgetting one huge factor here, baby.
Keith: What? 
Shiro: You smell really good, too. And we’re always together, so… *nuzzles Keith’s neck with his nose*
Keith: *laughs* Shiro, stop that! I haven’t even taken a bath yet. 
Shiro: *smiles* See, that’s the thing. You smell so fresh all the time. Are you using that perfume I gave you earlier this year?
Keith: Yeah I am. Really good too— *stops and slaps Shiro playfully* Stop changing the subject! Oh my god.
Shiro: *laughs even harder* I think it’s my body wash actually that your Mom gives me every year.
Keith: *jaw drops* My own mother gives you body wash every year?
Shiro: Yeah, every birthday. I told her I liked it the first time and she’s been my supplier ever since. Also, I think the lotion I use too. And maybe that facial cream and of course, my perfume—
Keith: Oh my god. How many stuff do you even put on your body?
Shiro: Hey! As much as I’d like to say I wake up looking and smelling like this, I don’t exactly look like a Roman god without putting effort. *winks*
Keith: *in disbelief* The kids thought you were injecting perfume!
Shiro: Pffftt! That’s so ridiculous. *blinks* But actually not a bad idea. Huh.
Keith: *slaps* Don’t you dare, Takashi Shirogane.
Shiro: *smirks* Oh? Do I get a prize if I don’t? *pulls Keith in*
Keith: Hmmm, I dunno. What would you like, Takashi? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: What would I… like? *leans in*
Pidge: Daddy Keith! *enters the room* Did you find out about Daddy Shiro?
Shiro: Every. Damn. Time. *grits his teeth*
Keith: *laughs* This is actually all your fault to be honest. 

I should have told you

Pairing: Egobang

Requested by: Anonymous

Description: Arin takes Dan on a walk… in the sweltering heat… while he’s wearing a jacket and long-sleeved shirt.


Walking. More like speed-walking, Dan thought. Arin wanted to spend the whole afternoon with him and that’s how it started. With walking. It’s not that Dan didn’t enjoy going on a nice walk once in a while, but he preferred it when it wasn’t so hot outside, and when the sun wasn’t beating down on him. He wasn’t exactly prepared for the announcement of their outside adventure, so he wasn’t dressed properly either; with his long-sleeved shirt, tight jeans, and leather jacket (all of which he had been wearing because the A/C in the office malfunctioned and turned the place into a freaking tundra), he should have been sweating profusely by this point.

But he wasn’t. Because that’s not how Dan’s body functioned.

All the heat was building inside him, which initially didn’t bother him. The first ten minutes of the walk were enjoyable, and he could keep up a conversation comfortably. However, it was the minutes that followed that turned the day into his living nightmare.

Suddenly, it was too hot. Much too hot. He shed his jacket, tying it around his waist like a child or a middle-aged dad. That helped for a couple minutes, but the heat returned swiftly. He started to fall behind.

Arin had been quiet for a while, enjoying the nice day. Up until recently, he had been in a weird mood that left him a bit unapproachable and depressed, so to see him this joyous over being outside with Dan was certainly a sight. Dan loved seeing his smile, his bouncy walk, the way his posture straightened out when he was happy. But Dan couldn’t see.

“It’s such a nice day today!” Arin beamed, basking in the intense heat.

Dan couldn’t answer. He couldn’t breathe. He was already behind by at least ten feet when he dropped to his knees.

“Dan?” Arin asked again, turning around to see his best friend crumpled on the ground like a piece of paper. He screamed.

Dan blacked out.


All he heard was yelling when he started to come to. He wasn’t outside anymore, but he wasn’t anywhere he recognized, either.

A hospital. He was in a hospital.

Arin was sobbing and yelling, his voice shaky and uneven, telling the doctors to move faster.

Dan’s eyes opened for the first time in what felt like hours. Arin was an absolute wreck. His eyes were red and puffy, tears continually leaking out of them. He was unsteady and looked like he could collapse. Dan smirked; Arin probably felt worse than Dan did at the moment.

And then Arin saw him, his eyes open and a small smile on his face as he gazed at him.

“Hey,” Dan whispered, his throat dry and raspy.

Arin broke down in a whole knew way, falling onto his knees and weeping uncontrollably. Dan had never seen him like this, and it was almost comforting to know that this man cared about him so much.

Suzy and Brian pulled him off his knees and onto the chair next to Dan’s hospital bed. Dan reached out a shaking hand to grasp his. Their eyes met again.

“I thought you had died. Y-you were b-barely breathing and… I c-couldn’t get you to wake up!” Arin sobbed.

Dan smiled sadly. “I probably should have told you about my sweat gland problem. This could have all been avoided.”

Arin shook his head as he traced the lines on Dan’s hand. “That doesn’t matter now. The only thing that matters is that you’re still alive and breathing and,” he took a deep breath, washing away the sadness in his voice, “that I can still be with you.”

Dan’s heart started racing, which was amplified by the monitor that began to pick up speed. Arin pressed a soft kiss against his lips.

“I wouldn’t go and die on you like that. That’s kind of a dick move.”

Bakugou s/o headcanons

Ok so I’ve spent entirely too long thinking about Bakugou’s nitro sweat and the consequences of such a thing for, ya know, sexytimes.
Because yes, I’m like that.

And the other day, I had a revelation. I have to credit @leeva-z-kai for this particular discovery, because I never thought of it, but while Bakugou is very averse to touch in general… he only seems to have nitroglycerin sweat in his palms. The rest of him is, we’re meant to believe, has regular old sweat glands.
And I can’t believe it took me that long, because he literally only ever shown with explosions from his palms.
This, my friends, opens possibilities.

I have this image, that Bakugou has to be careful about what he touches, because nitroglycerine, even when not activated as a quirk, is volatile AF. This is possibly why you very rarely see him use his hands outside of combat (he only ever whacks one person ever, and that is Kirishima in the cavalry battle, but that dude is made of rocks so…).
If, most likely in a few years, he were to have an s/o, and find himself in intimate situations, he’s sure as hell going to be super careful around them.

Do you know what this means?!!? Constant self-imposed hands-off policy. Most of his love life is a lap dance where he’s not allowed to put his hands on the dancer.
I bring you headcanons:

  •  We’ve already seen that he’s very slow to let down his guard. This kid wrestles with a lot of stuff, so I do believe he’d have to mature and just… process a bit before he can even enter a healthy relationship.
  • Even then, slow to admit that he has feels for someone. Feelings are for weaklings and no amount of character development is going to turn him into a soft boy.
  • I do believe that once he makes it to hero status, he’ll have fangirls and boys all over him (I mean, who doesn’t love a bad boy, the BnHA fandom sure as hell does). I also believe he won’t give a shit about these people. They fuel his ego, yes, but also, they’re extras.
  • I very much think that for him to actually fall in love, he’ll need an equal. Someone he respects. Someone he can spar with. Someone that challenges him, one way or another. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a fighter. Someone with the confidence, the intelligence or the sheer sass to meet him on a level field could knock his socks off.
  • This person would also need the patience of a saint, because he rarely answers his texts and he won’t let it be known if something bothers him, until it’s already too late and there’s a loud bang from  kitchen because he exploded the toaster for some reason. He is, however, very adamant about channelling his aggression towards  villains and the occasional inanimate object.
  • Not much of a cuddler in a relaxed, non-sexual environment (see earlier, not too fond of being touched), but he’ll do it, with a sigh and an eyeroll, if s/o whines about it.
  • Once he gets comfortable around his partner, he is very into kissing though. Hands shoved deep into his pockets, leaning in and just… surprisingly soft kisses.
  • You know the kabe don thing Japanese delinquents do? When they cage their partner against a wall? He LOVES that, though he has to do a slo-mo version, because one time he whacked the wall too hard and it went boom, startling s/o. There were no kisses for him that time :(

None of what’s underneath this cut is even remotely safe for work.

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