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A snippet of “No Fun Club” at Frank Iero and The Patience at Newcastle University Students Union, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom - September 20th, 2017

Jensen’s leaving us all in suspense so, here

“Ok, I’m going to go on record saying this is a bad idea - ”

“And I agree.”

Dean’s already got his hand raised in the air, making a gesture to whatever invisible viewers of the future that will someday get ahold of his cellphone camera, so it’s only natural that the hand comes up to his mouth when a combination of shock and horror rushes through him.

I’m really doing this, he thinks, a little hysterically. He’s not sure if it’s the weed or the impending sense that his life is about the end that’s got him more fucked up.

And Sam really isn’t helping. He’s the one who started this whole thing anyway and now he’s acting like he has no idea what Dean’s talking about.

“I agree,” Sam repeats. 

Dean tries to swallow a laugh. “Ok.”

It doesn’t work - he bursts out into laughter anyway, reaching for his phone screen. He taps it so the view switches, and instead of looking at his own face in selfie mode he’s looking at Castiel, chilled out in a chair on the other side of the room. His hair hangs in his face a little, and his t-shirt is stained dark with sweat.

“Cas. Cas,” Dean giggles. The bottoms of his shoes are still sticky with the stale beer and sweat that slicked the club floor earlier in the evening, so he trips over his feet a little as he makes his way over. “Hey buddy.”

Castiel opens one eye, eyebrow cocked lazily in Dean’s direction, a faint smile on his face. “Hm?”

“Hey, c’mere,” Dean slurs, even though he’s the one moving closer. “C’mere, I gotta do something. Sam said I have to.”

“No, no I didn’t,” Sam sighs.

“Yeah he did. Yeah.”

Dean drops unceremoniously into Castiel’s lap and slings his arms around his neck. Castiel goes without a fight as he pulls him up into a sloppy, tongue-filled kiss, open-mouthed and wild.

“Oh my god,” Sam starts to laugh. “Oh my god, no way.”

Dean’s too busy making out with Castiel to answer him, honestly. If he had enough braincells to spare he’d probably try to give Sam the finger, but right now Castiel tastes like the acrid tang of pot smoke and he has to hold the phone steady or else the bet won’t count and then Sam will never let him live it down -

Then Castiel brings both hands down to grab at Dean’s ass and all higher brain function stops.

“Christ alive,” Sam snorts. “Ok, I’m leaving now.”

Dean pulls away from Castiel’s mouth with a horrifying slurp. “Bye,” he replies, a little breathlessly.

Sam shakes his head as he starts to leave the room.

You’re the one who said, ‘You dare me to kiss Cas?’ The, ‘Yeah, on camera,” thing was a joke.”

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chapter 125 in TG included the zoo promise with touka and yoriko, v confronting yoshimura, hide writing his will, and the start of the raid. next week is :re's chapter 125 and im eating my laptop ;u;

don’t eat your laptop anon, too many carbs. here, eat these 4000 copies of this chapters last page I printed off instead

K-Drama Starters Part II:
  • “Don’t give me that face.”
  • “I’m sorry to say that I’m still alive.”
  • “Were you always so heartless?”
  • “You might not know this but I used to hurt people with just a spoon.”
  • “I don’t like ugly people. It pains me to even talk to you.”
  • “He/she treats me like a sister/brother!”
  • “You startled me, you punk.”
  • “How can I get back at that jerk?”
  • “Not that it’s possible, but I’ll make myself even more beautiful.”
  • “Why are you here, you foxy lady/man?”
  • “How many children should we have?”
  • “Would you like some chocolate milk?”
  • “As expected, I don’t fit in.”
  • “I won’t wear it. Get rid of it.”
  • “I won’t get rid of it. Wear it.”
  • “This is the worst coffee I’ve ever tasted.”
  • “I tried my best to make this. Don’t be cruel.”
  • “Are you hurt anywhere?!”
  • “I’m proposing to you right now, you know.”  
  • “I could put you in danger.”
  • “Most people cringe when startled, but you get ready to punch.”
  • “I don’t care about who you were or what you did in a past life. I’d hate you just the same.”
  • “Hey, does my face look like this drawing?”
  • “I’m only sitting next to you because I have no other choice.”
  • “I thought you were only bad at singing but your sense of humor is also terrible.”
  • “Let’s go together. If we go together, it won’t be lonely.”
  • “You’re looking at me sensually, aren’t you?”
  • “It’s too dangerous. You can’t go.”
  • “You know that I like you, right?”
  • “Liking someone is a good thing. There’s no reason to hide it.”
  • “I’m going to become someone you can lean on.”
  • “It doesn’t matter who you are because I don’t care at all.”
  • “I made him/her cry.”
  • “I’ll protect you.”
  • “I wish I could have pizza until I feel sick.”
  • “I was passing by when I saw an ugly little girl. I called your name just to check.”
  • “I’m ashamed to be your friend.”
  • “What’s wrong with a motel?”
  • “My leg feels like it’s going to break!”
  • “Can I kiss you one more time?”
  • “It’s too bad we only got to do four romantic things.”
  • “What do you want to eat? Oh, right I forgot you don’t eat.”
  • “You forgot your hair.”
  • “You can give me back my sheets later.”
  • “You think I don’t know about your dark thoughts?”
  • “I just thought of one thing money can’t buy: your smile.”
  • “I’m going to become stronger so I can protect you.”
  • “Why are you being like this?”
  • “I just visited her fitness club, sweated a bit, and she took the bait.”
  • “Get lost; this is my house!”
  • “When did I eat all this?”
  • “Did you grab [NAME]’s hand and drag him/her by force?”
  • “I’d give you the world if you asked me to.”
  • “Shoot, I just made a cute face at [NAME]’s father.”
  • “He/she got 50th place.”
  • “I’m not manly.”
  • “Should I apologize or should I confess?”
  • “I can hear everything, you cheesy goblin!”
  • “Cut it out, you’re scaring me.”
  • “Put that back before you cause an international dispute.”
  • “Goodbye. Take care. Never come back.”
  • “He/she’s talking on the phone while driving. Please give him/her a ticket.”
  • “Black loafers with white socks? Are you Michael Jackson?”
  • “I got dressed up for nothing… I guess I should take some selfies.”
  • “You fall in love every time someone buys you food.”
  • “Your grades are really sad.”
  • “Let’s just say that you hugged me.”
  • “Your Mom says she doesn’t like me.”
  • “Go get your gun.”  
  • “We should do something special.”  
  • “Be careful. I’m a good fighter.”
  • “Congratulations on becoming a married man/woman.”
  • “How could you dump someone over text?!”
  • “Why are you laughing?”  
  • “How dare you?”
  • “You have no idea what I went through in the short period of an hour.”
  • “Where did you come from? I only closed my eyes for ten seconds?”
  • “Seeing your face makes me happy.”