sweat and spirit

Modern Spirits

I think about a Lot how when we think about spirits, whether be energetic beings or faefolk or mythical figures or Japanese demons, they’re all depicted as wearing or acting or speaking like whatever time period and region they’re from because we humans made art and recorded findings.

Japanese demons in kimonos and ukatas and robes with swords and bow n’ arrrows. Greek gods and beings wearing togas and wearing wreaths or other headpieces. That whole deal.

What I think about a lot is how since these beings presented themselves to match the era, when in the modern days practitioners or fans go “I can’t believe that artist drew Satan in a leather coat and gave him piercings and tattoos, he looks so edgy!!!” you know, the thing is: he could totally be wearing that. Maybe when you summon Satan in your summoning circle he might project himself to you as a 90’s metal band bassist. Or just in sweats.

Of course, I see spirits that look like some wild inconceivable amalgamation of figures and shapes and energy. But think about it. Maybe that faerie is wearing a t-shirt and leggings just because they can, with some cool theme. You know we got cool designs for those these days. Maybe these spirits look like some pastel anime otaku.

Maybe that angel is in sweats. Maybe they all wearing sweats. Or look like a scene kid. Maybe that spirit you summon decides to look like Dwayne The Rock Johnson because that was the appearance you’d be most receiving to when they relay their message.



If this was in a RomCom, it would be Spirit dropping this line, and then Stein flashbacking to every time he and Marie did the do and then finding out she’s pregnant and then the conversation about how she shouldn’t fight in the battle on the moon before Stein goes back to the present moment and evades the suggestion entirely via insulting Spirit.

I see that sweatdrop, Stein.

You’re nervous. You’re already starting that family.

We love New Orleans. A synecdoche of its sordid and salty histories, the city is a treasure — part pirate, part storyteller, part sweat-soaked invoker of the spirit world. Ten years ago today its levees broke, and New Orleans suffered a wound that, despite astounding acts of strength, perseverance and grace, still seethes. 

If you’re wondering how and where to help, these people are doing really good work, spilling love and light into places in the city that still need it: Liberty’s Kitchen, Tipitina’s Foundation and Preservation Hall Foundation.

Photo by William Eggleston.

today’s yoga practice was just what i needed to start my new goal of treating myself right again. it was empowering, inspiring, and involved me being able to hold a side crow pose and a headstand for the first time. tomorrow brings the challenge of my first day of soul cycle. i am ready for you, friday.

Drunk In Love (Luke smut)

“So have you been to a frat party before?” My new college friend Stacy asked. We were walking in the woods on the way to what they called a ‘frat party’

“Um..no I’m not much for parties.” I replied shaking my head nervously. I wasn’t one for alcohol, or anything that slowly tore you from reality. All my friends in high school were all about violence, drugs and sex cells. But not me.

We soon came to a huge brick house that was completely trashed with teenagers and red cups. There was toilet paper strung from the trees and a few people already passed out in the front lawn.

We walked up the steps and Stacy opened the big blue door that led to the party inside.

“Welcome to frat paradise.” She yelled over the music. The immediate smell of sweat and teen spirit with a little weed stung my nostrils. Stacy didn’t seem fazed, well she was a sophomore in college and this was my first ever day.

“GO TO THE BAR AND GET YOU A DRINK. I’LL MEET YOU AT THE FRONT STEPS LATER.” She yelled before disappearing into the crowd of sweaty bodies.

The neon lights flashed guiding me through the building till I found a counter that really just looked like a bar.

I sat down at the counter and took a deep breath trying to summon the courage to catch the attention of the bartender.

“Excuse me?” I called. The boy turned around and he smiled.

“What can I get you?” He questioned. I gulped, remembering this wasn’t sex, and I had no idea what I was doing.

“Surprise me.” I answered with fake confidence. The boy with curly hair nodded and went to mixing drinks.

“Here ya go love.” He sat a red cup full of a clear liquid with a purple swirl in it.

“Purple haze. Alcohol kind.” He blurted. I nodded and took a hesitant gulp.

I whipped my head forward, coughing in disgust. I saw the bartender smirk and mumble something but I ignored it.

“Keep em’ coming.” I order downing the rest of the drink.


By the 4th one, I was ready to party.

Beyoncé was blasting and drunk me, LOVED to dance.

I strolled over to dance floor and let my inner stripper take control.

A pair of hands grabbed my hips and breathed down my neck.

“What’s your name?” A thick Australian accent purred in my ear. I spun around to meet a tall blond boy, with a snapback flattening his hair.

“(Y/N)!” I answered running my hand down his chest.

“Luke. Can I get to know more upstairs?”

I nodded gladly as he took my hand and led me to the staircase. The stairs were spiral making me feel dazed.

We reached a hallway with moans bouncing off the walls. I’m guessing this was the holy floor.

He opened one of the door to show a bedroom.

I walked in and gazed around the room. I heard the door close and lock before I was pushed against the door. My hands were forced on top of my head.

His lips collided with mine and I felt shock waves radiant through me. His lip ring danced against my tongue as I felt one of his hands travel down to my pants.

“Just kissing you makes me wonder what the rest of you tastes like.” He mumbled against my neck making me whimper.

His fingers were cold and go under my panties and down to where he wanted.

The pads of his fingers rubbed making me hum but all of sudden he took two fingers and inserted them. A loud gasp erupted from me as he started to pump.

“O-oh god l-Luke.” I stumbled trying to find air less then words. His eyes met mine and it make him smirk.

“I play guitar. I don’t just work magic on it.” He says simply before curling his fingers making me moan probably loud enough to hear if there were neighbors.

He took another long pump making me bite down on his shoulder as he road out my high. He took my hands down and stuck his fingers in his mouth.

“Damn you taste good.” He groaned. He started to kiss me again as we walked over to the bed where I crawled on top of him.

“But drunk sex is the best sex.” He grinned.

In seconds everything was on the floor and he was groping at my breasts and I found need in his member pressed against my ass.

“Ride me princess.” He ordered. I did what he said and sat up. I sunk down onto his dick as he gripped at the sheets and I let out a whimper.

I began to grind down but soon I wanted faster. I placed my hands on his chest and bounced up down down.

“Fuck (Y/N).” He whispered closing his eyes. He pulled me down and I resumed grinding.

I let out an anticipating moan as did Luke signaling he was close. I left a trail of kisses on his jawline. My fingers laced his blond hair and I felt my abdomen tighten.

“OH LUKE.” I moaned throwing my head back while seeing stars. A few grunts and curses seeped from Luke’s lips.

I flopped down beside him wiping the sweat from my forehead.

“Welcome to college life.” He breathed.