The notion of the “swear box” (or, if you’d rather, the “curse jar”) comes online. Love this idea, although I fear that it might bankrupt me in the name of charity.


Sosyal sorumluluk için güzel bir örnek. Küfür edersen bedelini vakıflara, yardım kuruluşlarına gönderiyorsun bir müddet sonra otokontrol olur para ödememek için kimse küfür etmez diye düşündüler heralde :) yanlışıyla doğrusuyla farklı bir algı için farklı bir proje olmuş.


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Charity Swearbox: Turning Twitter Profanity Into Famine Relief

You could probably stand to be a little nicer on social media. Charity Swearbox fines you every time you use an obscenity in your Twitter feed, so that your dirty mouth can feed kids in Africa.

Do you swear a blue streak on Twitter? Do you care about preventing cancer deaths or alleviating famine in Africa? Then consider signing up for Charity Swearbox.


Learn more about the 50/50 project in this great video.



Putain de bonnes résolutions !

Il faut savoir choisir des objectifs modestes. Pourquoi s'obstiner, à l'aube d'une nouvelle année, à vouloir reprendre le sport, arrêter de fumer ou faire le bien autour de soi ? Soyons réalistes bordel ! Seul un projet simple peut vous permettre de vous acheter une conscience : la boîte à gros mots en ligne. Jurez sur internet, déclarez vos propos orduriers et valorisez-les en sonnants et trébuchants. Vous ferez une bonne action.

Une tentative de blog revendiquée par Rushmatic

A generous article from the team at Do the Green Thing an excellent social enterprise aimed at raising awareness and giving you daily tips to reduce your impact on the environment. 

Now that’s a f***ing good idea

Swearing is not big and it’s not clever. But now it’s good. Charity Swearbox is a clever little Twitter gadget that checks your tweets for every bad word you send out into the world. And their virtual swearbox means that every time you swear, you donate money to a charity. So really, the more you swear, the more you care about helping others. Simple! And bloody clever.

Oh, damn.

A great article about Swearbox on the Huffington Post Impact blog. Warm words and kind press from this great site.

Twitter stars, such as the loose-lipped fake @MayorEmanuel and feisty Canadian mom@KellyOxford, are known for letting expletives fly on the microblogging site. Now, those who like to vent in a similar four-letter-fashion can put those bad words to good use.

The online Charity Swear Box is the modern-day version of the office swear jar, asking people to hand over their pocket change as a consequence for letting curses slip.

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What's all this shit about swearing?

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