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SYDNEY. the fan who met harry in the restaurant in nyc said that he wasn't soft at all and was instead really hard and lean omfgomfgomfgomfgoadflkjdkfjkdjflakj and apparently he went to the gym right after he arrived in London? i swear if he has the same body that he had during tmh era, i'm gonna nut so hard

YEP I saw that and I want to cry holy hell I need to hug him right now

I’m supposed to be writing but Iron Fist keeps distracting me. I’m in love. (Look at the cute little smile, gorgeous blue eyes and the bright nips… I’m in a crisis dude.)

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Awesome e-tailer Farfetch has partnered with London-cool brand Swear to create fun fall footwear, but what could make this collab even better? 

An indie music-inspired twist!

Find out which five bands are in on the collection and when you can start shopping!

Click to check out our slideshow (it will be music to your ears!) >>