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“His fingers touched the strings, and all my thoughts were displaced. The sound was pure and sweet as water, bright as lemons. It was like no music I had ever heard before. It had warmth as a fire does, a texture and weight like polished ivory. It buoyed and soothed at once.”

- Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles, page 34


i love the third years

I just got off the phone with my mother, so get ready for another installment of Weird Tales From Rural Massachusetts:

So the neighbors with a pig farm have apparently had a LARGE SCALE escape, because there is “a big herd” of pigs roaming loose in the back woods. My mother discovered this while walking her dog, who promptly stampeded the entire herd into the local brewery tasting room’s parking lot (presumably to the dismay of their customers and staff).

The unsupervised pigs are a problem because A) pigs are BIG, can be aggressive, and do massive ecological damage, and B) my parents’ property is going to be part of a local charity hike next week, which means 30-50 unsuspecting hikers will be walking through what is now Sovereign Pig Territory. Also, one pig died, so there’s a Carcass Problem (that the local coyotes are not taking care of quickly enough) as well as the hazards posed by its living relatives.

my mother has called the farm, which has had no result (aside from a different neighbor showing up to butcher some sides of bacon off the Problematic Carcass), and has therefore had to contact the hike organizers and be like “so we have a problem you should maybe warn people about……”

rebelcaptain || Splash AU

↳ Or the one time they are at the beach and don’t die

Twenty years ago, 10-year-old Jyn Erso was vacationing with her parents near Cape Cod. During a site seeing tour, Jyn, fascinated by the ocean, falls in even though she cannot swim. But before she can drown, a hand grasps hers–the hand of a boy of the sea. Their connection is instant the moment they touch, and suddenly Jyn can breathe underwater. But before either of them can understand what is happening, Jyn is pulled out of the water by her parents, Galen and Lyra, relieved that she seems perfectly fine. 

Jyn comes to believe that this event was a hallucination, and tries to go on with her adult life. And while she finds success in business (she runs a business with her adopted brother, Bodhi), her personal life is a disaster because her bond with the merman he met as a child was so strong that the connection to all other men pales in comparison.

Wanting to do something about this, Jyn returns to Cape Code where she meets Dr. Orson Krennic, an eccentric scientist who believes in the existence of merpeople. Jyn travels out onto the ocean with him and when left alone at the motor, she is knocked out and falls into the ocean when she is hit in the head with a sail.

No arms pull her out of the water this time, but she is still alive, and awakes to find herself on the beach, watched over by a dark-haired merman. It’s the boy who saved her as a child grown into a handsome man. The boy, Cassian, kisses her and dives back into the ocean.

Under the sea, Cassian cannot stop thinking about Jyn, and finding her drenched purse, finds out where she lives in Manhattan. The police encounter literal fish-out-of-water Cassian–who on dry land has legs–and guide him into Jyn’s care, thinking he is somehow related to her. 

Despite the oddity of his behavior, Jyn takes him in and it’s only a matter of hours before they fall in love again. But trouble is on the horizon. Cassian can only stay out of the ocean for two weeks before he must return or die–and Krennic is after him, ready to expose his real form and desiring to dissect him to learn more about merpeople. 

When the authorities take Cassian into custody due to his non-human status, Jyn is shocked to realize his true nature, and is ready to swear off love for all time. But Bodhi lashes out at her, making her come to her senses and making her realize how much she loves Cassian and has always loved him. They hatch a plan, and together, Jyn adn Bodhi rescue Cassian before he can be harmed.

Safely returning Cassian to the ocean, he tells Jyn that he loves her and tells her that she can survive underwater, too, as long as they are together. Jyn, realizing he is the same boy who saved her as a child, decides to join him, even though it means she can never return to land.

Hugging Bodhi goodbye, Jyn strips off her jacket and follows Cassian into the sea to live out the rest of their lives together.


I think I drew these up for Valentine’s Day and forgot about them lmao.. so here they are!

Cooquet (cootie + bouquet) Bug/Fairy

Cute Charm

Cupydid infatuate single Leavanny and place their own eggs in their nests, causing the Leavanny to raise the Cooquet hatchlings as their own Sewaddle. The Leavanny then wrap them in fine silk, and place rosebuds in their hood to prove their love to their Cupydid. The scent of roses keeps Cooquet from being noticed by predators while they feed on rose bushes in preparation for evolution.

Pupassion (pupa + passion) Bug/Fairy


Spurned by the false love its parents had for one another, Pupassion’s incredibly  tough, heart-shaped shell is deeply cracked from its rage upon evolution. It swears off love, romantic or platonic for the rest of its life, making it a very hard Pokemon to train. It uses its upper arm to grasp food, and its lower arm to eat and digest it.

Cupydid (cupid + katydid)


Cupydid release strange pheromones, causing nearly all Pokemon- regardless of gender, to fall madly in love with it. This allows the Cupydid to freely feed, either on the fruit offerings of its harem, or the very blood of the harem members themselves. In rare instances its pheromones fail, the Cupydid will quickly bite its predator and the nearest other Pokemon, causing the two to fall in love with each other long enough for the slow and clumsy flier to escape; this strange bite has been known to work on humans as well.

*Irresistible: Physical contact with this Pokemon has a chance to infatuate the opponent, despite the genders of the target and user. This Pokemon also cannot be infatuated, itself.

Malec & Saphael Fics Recs!

A while back someone asked me if I read any fanfics and if so, recommend some to them, but I accidently deleted the ask (sorry Anon!!). So here’re some fics I’ve read recently~ 

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CHB/HTV Productions Masterlist part 1

So You Think You Can Weave Better Than A Goddess? - Starring Athena

Keeping Up With Ares And Aphrodite - Starring Ares and Aphrodite, plus guest stars like Hephaestus, Annabeth Chase, and Percy Jackson.

Hercules Bust Heads - Cancelled but a classic, Starring Hercules and Foes

Zeus Did What? - a secret channel only accessible with Hera’s permission. Starring Zeus and includes many interviews of his ‘past lovers’. 

The Demi Awards - An annual awards show were gods nominate heroes for many awards (this includes drachma jackpots, laurel wreaths, magical weapons, and bragging rights). Sections to be nominated for include “Hero of the Year”, “Best Fight Scene”, “Most Decent Male”, and “Most Respectful”.

Demigod Beach Movie - a special CHB production starring Percy Jackson as ‘Brady’, Annabeth Chase as ‘Mac’, Jason Grace as ‘Tanner’, and Piper McLean as ‘Lela’. Guest stars include Phobos as ‘Butchy’, Ares and Apollo cabin as ‘The Bikers’, the Aphrodite Cabin as ‘The Biker Chicks’, The Romans as the ‘Surfers’, Athena as ‘Aunt Antoinette’, Poseidon as ‘Big Poppa’, Kym and Rhode as the villains (because who doesn’t like a good storm?), and many many more.

Moana, A Demigod Tale - A hilarious twist on Disney’s ‘Moana’, Starring Percy Jackson as ‘Moana’, Jason Grace as ‘Maui’, Piper McLean/Aphrodite as ‘Gramma Tala/ Villiage Craxy Lady’, Poseidon as the ‘Village Cheif’, Sally Jackson as Moana’s mom, Triton as ‘That friend who drowned to death’ (only instead of a friend, he was Poseidon’s first son and he persuaded him to go out beyond the reef) and ‘The Sea’, Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano as ‘TeKa’, Hazel Levesque as ‘Te Fiti’, Nico di Angelo as ‘Tamatoa’, Frank Zhang as ‘Maui’s Hook/Jason’s stunt double’, Annabeth Chase/Ares/Athena and their respective cabins as the former voyagers (Annabeth as the child of Athena [the village chief] and Ares), Leo Valdez as background effects, Apollo Cabin and the Nine Muses as music and background vocals, Hecate cabin and Hazel as magical effects, Rachel Dare as ‘director/mist control’, and Hercules as ‘Mini Maui’. 

A Day In The Life Of A Huntress - A challenge show made specifically to torture provide prospect to Aphrodite/Venus children what it means to swear off love forever. Some rumour that the reason the show was cancelled was because of the silver bomb incident. No one knows why because Artemis never disclosed it.

Lemonade Mouth - A twisted remake of a Disney Original Movie, Starring Hazel Levesque as Mo, Jason Grace as Wen, Nico di Angelo as Charlie, Thalia Grace as Stella, and Percy Jackson as ‘Oliver’ (because Olivia was a girl name and we couldn’t let him play Olivia as the name ‘Olivia’). Five Teenage ‘Mortals’ meet in Detention after various activities landed them on the bad side of Principle Haymitch (Hermes). Thalia is the ‘rebellious’ daughter of a rich business man named Zachery Grace (Zeus) and assumed daughter of June Grace (Hera), as well as sister to Harry (Hephaestus) and Athena Grace (Totally Aphrodite you guys jk) both of which are super-geniuses. Jason is the fatherless son of Beryl Grace (Played by Demeter) who barely has time to be around him. Hazel and Nico are half-sibling children of Paul di Angelo-Levesque (Hades) and rarely spend time around their father for they live with their mothers (Persephone as Maria di Angelo and Hestia as Marie Levesque). Percy lives with his Godmother Amelia (Amphitrite) and who’s father is an infamous criminal nicknamed ‘Poseidon’ (for obvious reasons). The 5 kids are in love with music and bond instantly (though Percy has severe stage fright and Thalia is more anxious to be noticed than anything else) and they figure out that their fathers are all brothers…. Which leads to some conflicts (like Zachery trying to shut down Lemonade Mouth as well as Haymitch). At the end Percy sends a letter to his father and the 5 are joined by Theo (Triton), who had been ‘dating’ Hazel pre-movie.

Name that Hero! - A gameshow that puts gods memories to the test! Do you remember who slayed the Minotaur the second time? How many snakes are on Medusa’s head? How many demigods became president of america? Game Show Host is Hestia, because why not?

Say yes to the dress! - Hera makes it her personal mission to save failing marriages in the mortal world by posing as a marriage councilor with a 100% success rate. Her method? Renew those vows! She takes the couple out to plan a newer, better wedding centered around THEM and not what their families wanted. (Of course the mortals don’t know they’re being filmed benefits of the Mist and all) Percy and Annabeth made a special appearance once as Hera tried to make amends with the two by planning their wedding. (It may or may not have worked, it really depends)

More to come :)

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Love isn’t blind

When Will was younger, it wasn’t unusual for him to come across whispers, people saying, one way or another, that love was blind. Needless to say that, on that time, the small freckled blond didn’t understood what others meant by that, what the message hidden behind said words was supposed to mean. Love was a feeling, wasn’t it? An impulse, an emotion born out of proximity and nice gestures, one that bloomed inside other’s hearts sometimes unexpectedly, without a warning or permission; how come that an abstract and untouchable concept could be able to have senses on his own?

Questions like those were the ones that the beings who spoke those words heard almost right after pronouncing them, the blue eyed finding himself unable to stop his mouth from opening to inquire about the topic, from trying whatever he could to try and obtain the answers his curiosity demanded inside his brain. The others never seemed certain of their own answers, their eyes roaming around rather nervously in some occasions as if it was a deity with immense power the one interrogating them and not a kid that could barely reach the stack of cookies his mother had hidden on a considerably high section of their cupboard at home. Perhaps, he considered years later, it was because they didn’t feel like dumping somewhat heavy information to a small child…or maybe it was due to the fact that the phrase had been tattooed into society’s brain as a default feature without someone knowing what it meant for sure.

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