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Headcanons on Klaus?

You shall have :) Klaus Headcannons for all!
-He’s extremely ticklish but no one knows. Only MC finds out after trying to hug him and brushing against a ticklish spot.
- He fell in love with you at first sight. Because of that no matter who MC dates, he still loves her.
- Klaus hates his name. His older brother used to tease and call him “Santa Klaus”
-“Santa Klaus” is one of the few things Elias has on him.
- He secretly loves MC unpredictable magic and finds it fascinating. He slightly envies it.
- Klaus had a dream before meeting MC about her. It was filled with such great love that it fueled him falling in love with her. He couldn’t remember what MC looked like, but could recognize her touch. So when Klaus touched her when they first met, he remembered MC.
-Klaus tries to make MC and Elias scared at times so he can protect them.
-When he was younger, he pulled pranks on Elias. Elias always figured it was the oldest who did, and ran to Klaus for comfort. This only lead to more mischief.
-While mainly dominant, he enjoys forcing MC to make a move. He doesn’t do it because it’s a turn on for him. No, he does it because it’s funny.
- If MC makes a move without him expecting it (which is very rare), he momentarily turns into a blushing mess.
- His favorite position is anything that makes them face each other. He enjoys seeing MC’s pretty embarrassed face more than anything.
- Despite being a gentleman, he will pretty much have sex anywhere. Only exception is public, he has to keep up his reputation.