Ayu is supposed to have great taste in fashion he does but I’m not 100% sure whats the green cloth hanging around oh well super pretty

Ran has an AWESOME coat I LOVE IT and Kiku has huge sleeves I’m jelly also makes me think of a big bird

MC has a GREAT dress I want it, Akira finally has her casual sprite the outfit was seen before

Soooo Vincent from Wizardess heart is next.

BUT- Ive run into a problem.

Ive searched his cgs for references of his tat- but cant find anything above the elbow. That and HIS TATTOO CHANGES WITH EVERY IMAGE HE IS IN!?!?!

So ive made my own reference by combining prominent features of his tattoo ive found so far (in the image above)

If any of you Wizardess heart fans happen to have a screenshot of this guy shirtless- or even his dress up doll shirtless- it would be a big help.  Thanks!