swc orcas

SeaWorld whales related to Tilikum:

  1. Kyuquot (male; Tilikum’s calf)
  2. Unna (female; Tilikum’s calf)
  3. Tuar (male; Tilikum’s calf)
  4. Tekoa (male; Tilikum’s calf)
  5. Nakai (male; Tilikum’s calf)
  6. Kohana (female; Tilikum’s calf)
  7. Ikaika (male; Tilikum’s calf)
  8. Skyla (female; Tilikum’s calf)
  9. Malia (female;  Tilikum’s calf)
  10. Sakari (female; Tilikum’s calf)
  11. Makaio (male; Tilikum’s calf)
  12. Trua (male; Tilikum’s grandcalf)
  13. Nalani (female; Tilikum’s grandcalf - sire, Taku, is also her brother)
  14. Adán (male; Tilikum’s grandcalf - sire, Keto, is also dam’s uncle)

SeaWorld whales NOT related to Tilikum:

  1. Corky II (post-reproductive female)
  2. Katina (post-reproductive female)
  3. Kasatka (post-reproductive female)
  4. Ulises (male)
  5. Orkid (female; has not been able to conceive - does not like A.I.)
  6. Kayla (female; rejected first calf, suffered miscarriage in 2007)
  7. Takara (female; 3 out of 4 calves are related to Tilikum)
  8. Keet (male)
  9. Shouka (female, 22 years but has not conceived)
  10. Keto (male)
  11. Kalia (female; impregnated at 8 years old possibly with Ulises sperm)
  12. Makani (male; sired by Kshamenk)
  13. Kamea (female, less than 2 years old; sired by Kshamenk)
  14. Amaya (female; Kalia’s first calf, less than a year old)
  15. Morgan (female; rescued from wild; resides at Loro Parque)

You know you have a fucking A++++++ breeding program when literally about half of your animals are all related to one specific male.

Out of about 30 whales, only 12 of those whales could be considered viable options for breeding, unless you want to keep snaking Tilikum’s genes throughout the SeaWorld genepool until literally every whale in SeaWorld is related to one another.

Ulises, Orkid, Keet, Shouka, Kalia, Makani, and Amaya are all located at the California park - where breeding is banned now, assuming they move forward with the BWP.

Kalia and Amaya are likely the only 2 viable females at the park, considering Corky II and Kasatka are post reproductive, and both Orkid and Shouka have yet to be impregnated.

That leaves 4 females and 1 male who are simultaneously not located at the California park, and not related to Tilikum - Kayla, Takara, Kamea, Morgan, and Keto.

I could go on, but I think it’s safe to say that even without the ruling by the CCC, SeaWorld’s “breeding program” was already completely fucked.


Killer Whale Facilities #5

Facility: Seaworld San Diego 

First Orca Held: Shamu, who survived just less than 6 years in captivity

Current Orcas Held:Corky 2, Orkid, Kataska, Nakai, Kalia (pregnant, due next month), Makani, Ulises, Keet, Ikaika, and Shouka. This is the largest captive group of orcas.

Total Orcas Held: 35

Deaths: 17 (+2 stillbirths/miscarriages at least. Orkid has been rumored to have had unreported pregnancies.)

Transfers: 36

Average Age at Death: 11.5 (including infant deaths), 12.9 (excluding infant deaths)

Births: 7

Orcas From Wild: 21, (9 from the endangered Southern Residents)

Years Active: 1965-Present. This is the oldest captive program in the world.

Notable Facts: Seaworld San Diego was the first park to get an orca who was intentionally captured for display, Shamu. Shamu was part of the endangered Southern Resident population, and during the capture, her mother was harpooned and killed. Shamu was actually meant to be a companion for Namu in Seattle, but the two fought so Seaworld bought Shamu. Shamu was a massive success, and though she died at only 10 years old, Seaworld continues to use Shamu as a stage name for all of their orcas, across all three parks. Seaworld San Diego has one of the most successful breeding programs, with only one orca who was born alive at the facility dead today. The oldest captive born orca, Orkid, was born at the facility in 1988, though her mother died in an alteration with Corky 2 at only 14. Seaworld San Diego is home to one of the oldest  captive orcas, Corky 2, who is around 49 years old. Recently, Seaworld San Diego AI’d the orca Kalia, and she is due next month. This was quite controversial due to Kalia’s young age, and due to the fact her calf will be genetically useless. Once the calf is born, Seaworld San Diego will have 11 orcas, and their legal limit is 13 adults. Another recent anouncement was the Blue World Project, a massive tank expansion with new enrichment technology that is expected to begin construction next year, and open a few years later. This will make the legal limit higher, allowing Seaworld San Diego to breed more, a possibility that frightens some people. Seaworld San Diego is also the target of a new bill, which would end orca breeding and shows at the park, though it hasn’t been passed yet and news on it won’t be announced until next year.

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