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28th Dec 2016 || 2244 ✨
• pictures taken in osaka, japan about a year ago! feel free to save & paste it in your bujo or wherever you like!! i’d be overjoyed 💕 (edited w/ vsco ☺)
• p/s i know this is not studyblr related but i just feel like posting hehe ;)

- clover-lyn ♡

170103 swj plus new year greeting

onew: everyone is swj
all: hello! we are shining shinee!
onew: happy new year~!
all: *clap*
onew: everyone, we welcomed a new year, right? you haven’t caught a cold? have you listened to the song perfect for winter “winter wonderland” a lot? 2016 was a special year when we welcomed our japanese 5th debut anniversary right!
taemin: right
jonghyun: yes, that’s right. even when looking back on it, we were able to meet so many of you, i think it was a year filled with many happy memories. we were able to do our 4th tour and hold a concert at tokyo dome for two years in a row. we were also able to perform at kyocera dome.
taemin: right. we were able to do the korean concert (SWC) in japan. there were also many solo activities in korea. i made my solo debut in japan as well – everyone in swj cheered for/supported us a lot regardless of where we were or what we were doing without change that it gave us a lot of strength. really, thank you so much.
key: thank you
minho: in 2017, (our) are tour is already starting at the end of this month. since we are performing at more places than last year, my heart is pounding (* i feel excited) from now, knowing (**) that i will able able to meet many more of you. you feel the same way, right?
key: yes, so that everyone would be able to enjoy it, we are preparing diligently so please wait for a bit longer. please visit us (***) a lot~. 2016 was filled with many happy memories with all of you but in 2017 we’d like to make even more memories with everyone.
onew: please take care of shinee this year as well! well then, this was….
all: shining shinee!
taemin: bye bye~
jonghyun: bye bye~

translation credit: @mredwardsanders