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Hey! :P "...I cherish those moments when taemin bares a piece of his soul to us" Then what are your favorite moments out of those?

in no particular order:

1 — when SHINee won Artist of the Year back in 2013 and he couldn’t hold back his tears;

2 — when once again, during an important moment for the group - their first concert in Tokyo Dome - he choked on his words out of sheer emotion;

3 — whenever he sings songs you can tell mean a lot to him; especially ballads. the first swc dvd I watched was the swc3, and I remember choking back on tears during Selene 6.23 because not only the song is beautiful but taemin is beautiful, makes it even more beautiful, with the way he lets the melody flow through him freely, gives it a new meaning with his voice, his lips, his eyes, his everything. 

4 — when his guard is down (around friends, fans) and he is just… himself. when he allows himself to be childish and playful:

when he, a fairly reserved person, is touchy and affectionate with people he trusts; when he smiles so big he drops all attempts at covering that beautiful smile up with the back of his hand; when he’s simply there, not acting, not even trying, just being.