swc 2 seoul


140309 2min fanaccount at SWC Seoul (day 2)

Ladies and gentlemen! ! ! Taemin and Minho kissed! !Kissed! ! Kissed Minho adults ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!! kissyo!!!

cr: twominism

Dazzling girl- Taemin touched Minho’s shoulder. Today, he was so active

cr: twominism

Saw Taemin grabbing Minho’s head and kissed him 3 times, and they kissed for real, really!!!!

cr: Alice_2min

taemin was following minho closely. During start, minho was riding a small bike, taem pused minho’s butt

cr: unknown 

ㅠ.ㅠ Taemin tried to kiss Minho before he could even finish saying: I want to kiss you. Minho tried struggling away from him so no kiss!

cr: locketmin0923