swb yankees

i was at the scranton-wilkes barre yankees game tonight.

there was a promotion to get tickets, a free wendy’s meal, and a hat for like 10 bucks. so of course my family was in.

the only problem was that 3 tickets were seated together. so my aunt sat a few rows closer than the rest of us, near a couple (40-50 years old) adorably dressed in their yankees gear. they had been chatting with her and us, and seemed very pleasant.

anywho, the game we were going to see was going to start late, because at the last minute, sunday’s game was moved up, to allow the paw sox to get back to rhode island before the hurricane. magical double header. right when the game we intended to see started, our new friends ran to get snacks, and asked my aunt to watch their sweatshirts and popcorn. they came back and thanked her profusely. then offered her funnel cake. my mother had already attacked my aunt with funnel cake.

a few minutes later, they offered my aunt and the rest of us some nachos. actually. all the nachos.

i can’t accurately describe how adorable the next statement was, but it was just perfectly inflected and ajf;lskjfsdf. i love how people in smaller communities are just so friendly and hospitable. but the woman says:

would you like these nachos? we didn’t touch them. but we can’t have them now. because we are drunk.

the worst best part of this conversation?

we ate the nachos. and they were good.


The National Anthem

June 2012 - Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees Ronnier Mustelier, Chris Dickerson, and Colin Curtis during the national anthem.

Mustelier is still in Scranton (though the team is now the RailRiders).  Dickerson is with the Pirates organization.  And Curtis is playing in the independent leagues this year.

Juan Miranda

Moosic, PA (April 27, 2010) Former Cuban star Juan Miranda hits a home run off Ben Jukich.  Miranda spent years in the Yankees minor league system.  He signed with the Diamondbacks last year after reaching minor league free agency.  This week, he got a minor league deal and an invitation to spring training from the Rays.


Blue-furred, macaroni-eared Champ is the mascot of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees.  Originally, when the Yankees moved their AAA affiliate to Scranton, they said they were going to keep the Red Barons’ green-furred, Oscar the Grouch-looking mascot known as “The Grump."  They changed their minds.  Perhaps because the guy inside the Grump costume was arrested and jailed for child molestation.

Invisible Jump Rope

2009 - Scott Podsednik, then of the AAA Charlotte Knights, participates in one of the “contests” used to entertain fans at minor league games between innings.  He was supposed to be jumping rope blindfolded. 

The gag is the other contestants, with the jump rope, and those turning the jump rope, sneak off, leaving him jumping over nothing.  I suspect he knew what was going to happen, but he pretended to be surprised when they told him to take off the blindfold.  (The large blue fellow is Champ, the SWB Yankees mascot.)