Tuesday July 21st. We might be falling in love with Swaziland! As we try new things and pray for families we visit.

Sloane with her friend Mandissa; Michelle carrying sugar and rice the Swazi way; Sara weaving mats with a Gogo; Krista & Jolene at their home visit; Aidan learns how to carry a live chicken; Emily sharing sweets with the kids.


Thurs - Saturday July 16-18th. TRAVEL DAYS We Arrived!!! The flights were long however there were countless times that God had his arms wrapped around us even more then normal, the first was still in Seattle. There are a couple of new documents that you have to have if you travel through South Africa if you are a minor. They both need multiple signatures from both parents and they need to be notarized. You also need birth certificates and pictures of identification. That might not sound like much but that’s a lot and we now know what they want.:) When we arrived in South Africa we were greeted by Thiulani one of our cultural guides and Musa our driver from last year. We all piled into the van when all was loaded we headed to the hotel where the remainder of Team One, Charlie, and Hannah were staying. After waiting Swazi style we only had one drive and the South African/Swazi border between us and Sunset lodge the place we’re staying until Sunday. It took a little while to get used to driving on the other side of the road and all the kids and cows along the way, however we have all been safe! Please keep praying and know we all miss you! Sara Photos: a). Team selfie at airport b). Team at Maguga Dam

Church at Matsapa

Five hours of church. Really it wasn’t the time that made it difficult. It was the unrelenting volume. It’s amazing how the service flows from song to word to song. It never once stops for an intro or key check. The guy playing keys just keeps up, figures out the key, or gently nudged the singer to an approximate key in the range.

A new bishop was installed. The bishops there prayed for him and gave a charge. He seemed the most eloquent man.

We played and sang. I believe it was likely the first time most there had seen a violin. Although Themba worked at the Grand Swazi hotel so he had seen a string quartet.

My Swazi name seems to elicit laughs. A man told me his sons name is Majaha. He reminded me of Kevin White.

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Turk – Get Money Stay Real 2 [mixtape zip download]

Turk – Get Money Stay Real 2 [mixtape zip download]

Name: Turk – Get Money Stay Real 2
Genre: Hip-Hop
Year: 2015
Format: Mp3
Description: Official Mixtape!

01. Intro
02. 52 Bullets [Prod. By Jay Neutron]
03. You Mad Yet (Feat. Lil Wayne) [Prod. By Joey Did This]
04. New Shit [Prod. By Jaye Nuetron]
05. Original Hot Beezy (Feat. Swazy) [Prod. By Joey Did This]
06. I Remember (Feat. Sy Ari Da Kid) [Prod. By Joey Did This]
07. I Can’t (Feat.…

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