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Doctor!Seokjin (Dope!AU)

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Pairing: Reader x Doctor!Seokjin

Warnings: Smut (unprotected sex, oral (reader giving))

Words: 3.2k

Summary: You work in the hospital cafe. One night you notice that a certain doctor is in desperate need of a break, so you take it upon yourself to make sure that he relaxes.

It was another busy evening at the hospital, although it was always busy so it was no different to any other day. You worked in the small cafe on the ground floor, serving the visitors and staff all day. No one was in there at the moment, except you. There were only around 10 minutes until you had to close the shop for the night. That’s when he walked in.

Dr Kim Seokjin. You looked forward to your encounters with him. Eventhough you were too nervous to talk to the handsome man without stuttering you always enjoyed the warm smile he would give you when he ordered.

You knew his order by heart as he always ordered the same thing, but you liked the sound of his voice so you’d always let him ask for it. 

Today when he walked in, you weren’t met by the usually warm man you were used to. He looked tired as he sulked towards you.

His face lightened a little when he saw you, the smiling girl who always made his coffee perfectly.

You could tell he had had a bad shift, and by the looks of it he hadn’t had a proper break yet. Now that you think about it, you hadn’t seen him come into the cafe at lunch like he usually did and it was obvious that he hasn’t had a proper break all day.

He gave you a small smile “Can I have-”

“Dr you are needed urgently in operating theatre 4, patient is in critical condition” he is cut off by an out of breath nurse, that had obviously been trying to track him down.

The Dr closes his mouth, sighing deeply, “never mind” he mumbles as he turns away walking out of the shop.

You were a little disappointed that your interaction was cut short, then you realised someone’s life was at stake and that it was probably more important than your silly little crush.

You couldn’t help but worry though, he was clearly tired and you knew how much he hated the vending machine coffee, after all he ranted about it almost every time he came in. You wanted to help him, part of you felt like you had to. 

You had no idea how long he would be in surgery for, but you knew he wouldn’t be out within the 10 minutes until the shop closed.

Usually you couldn’t wait to leave, go home and crawl into bed. Although today was different, you wanted to wait for him, bring him coffee so that he didn’t have to go to the vending machine after he was done in surgery. You knew it wasn’t much but you wanted to at least try and make his day that little bit better.


You cleaned the tables and tidied up the stock room, you didn’t know how long to wait, you didn’t want his coffee to get cold while you waited. It had been an hour and you were hoping that he was finished in surgery by now. 

You made his coffee the way he liked it before locking up the cafe and walking deeper into the hospital in search of his office. You ask one of the nurses where his office was and he happily directs you towards the third floor.

When you eventually find the office with his name on, you hesitantly knock on the door. You hear a groan from inside. He was obviously exhausted.

“Come in” you hear his muffled voice through the door.

Seokjin braced himself for what was to come. He was so done at this point. His shift had been long and tiresome, he just wanted five minutes to relax, but more work just had ways of finding him.

He couldn’t help the look of complete confusion that washed over his face when you poked your head around the door. He was sure you would have gone home by now. 

It was 10pm, he knew the cafe shut at 9 and you were usually straight out the door. He would often watch you walk towards you car from his office window. He had no idea why you were at his office this late at night.

His eyes don’t leave you as you enter the room. He was intrigued as to why you were still here this late, and why you were in his office.

“I-I brought you coffee and a sandwich” you say quietly, your voice failing you. You would manage to hold it together at work when you had a counter to hide behind. But this was his office, his territory and you couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated.

His gaze moved to the cup in your hand and the small paper bag you were carrying, he looked back up at you in complete disbelief.

“You brought me coffee?” he says in awe.

His soft expression gave you some more confidence. “Well yeah, you didn’t look like you had eaten all day and you seemed really busy, and I know you don’t like the vending machine, so I thought I’d bring you this” you ramble. You couldn’t look at him in the eye, he made you nervous.

He couldn’t believe it. You had waited for him, just so that he could have a good drink. He felt the swell in his heart, nobody had really noticed he hadn’t had a proper break, except you. He smiled at the thought of you caring enough about him to notice.

“T-thank you” he smiles.

You walk over and place the bag and cup on his desk.

“Well goodnight” you smile before turning to walk out of the door.


His voice halts you, turning back around to face him.

“Stay, I could use the company” he smiles.

You were confused for a second and didn’t really know how to respond to that.

“Unless you just want to go home, I get it, I mean I know it’s late and that you probably just want to go home. I’m sorry never mind-”

“I’d like to stay” you smile reassuringly.

I wide smile breaks over his face. “Have a seat” he gestures to the empty chair in front of his desk.

As you sat down you couldn’t help but notice how much more relaxed he seemed. You smile to yourself at the thought that you had something to do with his brightening mood.

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Deceit - Chapter 10 (Complicated Hiccstrid)

For anyone who still remembers this little epic of angst and secrets surrounding our two favorite riders, I am SO sorry for how long it took to update – and for leaving off at the worst possible place.

But, *the* big moment has finally arrived, and oh what a moment it is!  I hope it was worth the wait!  

 Previous chapters

Rated T - Minor Language & References to Adult Themes

The taste of saline overwhelmed Astrid’s mouth as thick beads of sweat slid past rough, cracked lips. Her tongue lazed along the inside of her cheek while she lightly panted, face flushed from heat and exertion.

The past several hours had been endless experimentation with her binds; testing and retesting until she could identify every possible motion she could manage. Each precious second was spent memorizing her physical boundaries and searching for ways to use anything to her advantage. She only paused at the occasional sound of footfalls pacing outside the door, then resumed as soon as she was confident the guards had passed.

Moments of doubt arose, usually when the harsh chafing of rope against her skin became too much to ignore. But finding something as simple as changing the angle of her wrist, exposing just enough space to readjust her arms, kept her focused on her ultimate goal.

Despite how excruciatingly small her movements were, Astrid’s body ached more than after a full-day of training. Repeatedly tensing as she pulled, twist, and held her weight for second-long intervals pushed her to her physical limit, forcing her to rely on more than muscle memory alone. But as exhausting as it was, a small thrill drove her forward whenever she discovered even the slightest amount of give. It gave a fleeting sense of control that calmed her when the reality of her entrapment began to wear at her resolve.

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citrine ep aesthetics

gravel to tempo: low slung backpacks, eyes darting to someone and then immediately back, pin badges on denim jackets, leaning your head back against your locker, tugging at your friend’s wrists to make them dance with you, scrawled journal entries, lip syncing with your earphones in, jumping into a swimming pool in the heat of summer, writing self-love mantras on your bedroom walls, watching the light fade from the sky sitting on a hill overlooking the city

ease my mind: dancing barefoot with your lover in a hotel room, hands run through hair, a smirk tugging at the corner of your lips, late night texts, kisses when no-one’s looking, sand running in an hourglass, the sway of hips, testing out chords on a guitar, straddling your lover in bed to lean down to kiss them, sighing with your eyes closed, hands on waists, notebooks filled with lyrics, girls in underwear and oversized shirts, fingers traced along spines, whispers against skin

pretty girl: catching a girl’s eye across the dancefloor, sparklers under the darkening sky, pink and white lollipops, arms slung around shoulders, rouge velvet booths, arms brushing against each other, metallic eyeshadow, mini skirts, reapplying lip gloss in fancy bathrooms, feeling your heart race, colourful cocktails, low lit clubs, eyelashes fluttering against cheeks, sighs of pleasure, sheer black dresses, tongues tracing lips, hands against bare thighs, feeding a lover chocolate with your fingers

one bad night: fingers caressing pulse points, lace-up thigh high boots, lips against necks, fingernails down backs, bodies pressed up against each other, the bite of cold air as you walk into the night, ballroom style dancing with a lover under street-lamps, kisses up against walls, stockings and suspenders, sheets tugged free from the corners of mattresses, moans in pitch black rooms, fingertips grazing every curve of your body

palace: wilting roses in a vase next to your bed, all the light fading from a room, your head hitting the pillow at the end of the day, their reassuring embrace, small sighs, a single tear, moonlight sneaking in through a gap in the curtains, cautious smiles, dreams of the one you loved and lost, doors slamming, memories of days spent laughing in grassy fields under the sun, cold hands held in warm ones, letting out a breath you’ve been holding, picking wildflowers

Pairing: Reader x Scarecrow Author: Alana Word Count: I dunno count it yourself Warnings: None that I can think of, enjoy! “Hey! (Y/n), wake up!” You jumped awake, a book flying off your chest and onto the floor. You had fallen asleep on the couch while you were reading and now there’s a Scarecrow in your face. “Ugh! Jonathan! I was sleeping!” “I need to borrow something from you and didn’t know where to find it.” He replied, standing back up and looking around your apartment. “Ugh.” You muttered, rubbing your eyes. You looked at the analogue clock tacked to the wall. “Damn, what could you need at this hour?” “Chloroform.” He said nonchalantly, still looking about your place. “Why exactly do you need chloroform at two am?” You asked, swinging your feet to land on the floor and holding your head in your hands, still trying to wake up. Jonathan was silent. You glanced up at him after you yawned. “And what makes you think I have some?” “I don’t know, I just thought you would.” Jonathan replied. “Okay,” You stood from the couch and jutted your jaw in slight annoyance. “So that justifies you breaking into my apartment and waking me so you could get the-chloroform-that-I-might-not-have and use it for God knows what? That was your plan?” “Do you have any or do I have to break into another laboratory?” Jonathan rolled his eyes impatiently. “I have some, just-just wait here.” You sighed and walked into the other room, digging through the hidden alcove in your closet that had all of your villain stuff in it. You returned to find Jonathan reading the book that fell on the floor and sitting on your couch. “Got it.” You announced and held the clear bottle out to your fellow evildoer. He looked up at you and snapped the book shut, standing to take the bottle. “One more thing, I need your help with something.” You gave him a tired glare. “Really. It’s two am, Jonathan. Go ask Joker, I’m sure he’d be thrilled to comply.” You turned to go lay down on your bed, but stopped and spun back around when Jonathan called out to you. “Look, (Y/n), I’m not asking you to do anything immoral.” You blinked a few times, now curious, you asked, “And what is it you need me to do?” “I need you to test something-” “If it’s your Fear Toxin, no.” You shook you head, still glaring. He sighed. “It’s not that.” “Enlighten me, then.” You crossed your arms. He adjusted his stance and stepped towards you. You held your ground, swaying from tiredness. “My test is simple. A small experiment that involves two variables. An A and a B.” He stated simply. “What are the trials?” You continued to ask. “I think you’ll be able to find out for yourself.” “Oh? And how will I know when the trials start?” “Now.” He took the final step and pressed his lips onto your’s. You pulled back, suddenly more awake. “Did I do something wrong?” Jonathan asked, reverting back to his closed self. “N-No. I just-” You sighed, rubbing the back of your neck. “Just variable A reacting against variable B.” You smiled, looking at the floor than back to him. “Time for Trail Two, then.” You muttered and kissed him, longer this time. “I think I like this experiment.” You finally said, smiling, your forehead still leaning against his. “I really didn’t need the chloroform.” He admitted. “I’d hope not.” You commented. “I would never hurt you.” “Nor I, you.”