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Met’s Game

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2237

Author’s Note: An anon has requested this and I thought it was super cute, because I’m a huge sap! Thanks to the lovely @rememberstilinski for proofreading this for me. Enjoy!

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Perfect-Remus Lupin Imagine

Request: based on the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran 

Warnings: none

Hope you all enjoy! xo

“Remus, where are we going?” Y/N giggled, clasping his hand as he practically dragged her outside. He stopped just short of the Black Lake, panting and laughing. 

“We’re going outside,” he replied with a cheeky grin.

“I can see that. But why are we outside at midnight? We don’t even have shoes on!” Y/N said, wiggling her toes in the damp grass.

“I’ve always wanted to dance under the stars. Seeing as it’ll be full moon in a few days, I thought tonight would be best,” Remus muttered, wrapping his arms around Y/N’s waist and pulling her closer.

“You do get a bit grumpy around the full moon,” she teased, slinging her arms around his neck.

“Well it is my time of the month,” Remus reasoned, and Y/N snorted a laugh. Suddenly, soft waltz music began to play, and her eyes widened.

“I love this song! Where’s it coming from?” Y/N wondered, looking around.

“Let’s just say I had a little help,” Remus replied, and the sound of shoes slipping on dewy grass could be heard as his best mates ran back towards the castle.

“Invisibility cloak?” Y/N asked, and he nodded in response. “Very clever.” They swayed in silence for a while, revelling in each other’s warmth. It was rare that they got to spend time alone.

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What Do You Say When Words Are Not Enough? (Part Three)

Read Part Two Here:

Part Three: Tears Are In Your Eyes Tonight

Again this is a very Tony centered chapter but hold tight Bucky will be making a reappearance soon!

The title for this chapter comes from this song and it especially suits the part where Tony and reader are on the balcony, I highly suggest listening to it when you get to that part.   

Summary: Bucky broke your heart completely, and though you never thought you could love someone like that ever again, after Tony confesses he has carried feelings for you for a long time, could you find it in you to take another chance on love? Will Bucky let you?

Warnings: Tony is a little bit down in this part and it made me quite sad to write but push through, it’s worth it.

Words: c. 2,959

You woke up rather dejectedly to an empty bed, and when you stretched your arms you were relieved to find that you were not in the skin-tight dress you had been in last night but a loose fitting t-shirt instead.

Pulling the covers back revealed that you were wearing one of Tony’s Black Sabbath t-shirts and a pair of his cotton red and blue tartan patterned pyjama bottoms, this made you smile fondly as you climbed out from under the sheets and padded across the soft carpet of Tony’s room until and out into his open planned apartment.

He was sitting on a breakfast stool with a half filled glass of orange juice in front of him resting his head in his hand, propped up on the counter.

As soon as he spotted you he smiled weakly.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you woke up,” he sighed “I couldn’t sleep and if I kept tossing and turning I was going to wake you up, and you looked so peaceful.”

“I wouldn’t have minded,” you told him honestly, moving gently towards him and gratefully into his arms as soon as he gestured for you to do so.

He placed a kiss to your forehead and mumbled into your hair “Will you stay for breakfast?” and you nodded in his arms.

As you tucked into the stack of pancakes he had made you were silently glad that Tony had known you for as long as he did because you had eaten in front of him more times than you could remember so you didn’t have to feel self-conscious about wolfing them down in front of him.  

“So last night was fun right? You had fun?” he asked breaking the easy silence that had settled between you.

“I had the most fun I’ve had in ages,” you told him honestly and you didn’t miss the way that made him smile.

“We should maybe do it again soon?” he asked still unsure of himself, and you reached tentatively for his hand across the table, brushing the soft skin of the back of his hand with the pad of your thumb.

“I’d love to!”

“You really do look incredible in my clothes,” he mused as you loaded dishes into the dishwasher and you wiggled your butt at him in response as you leaned over to close up the door.

You smiled as he snaked his arm around your waist, and turned in his arms as he gently swayed with you like you were dancing but with no music.

“I wish you didn’t have to go,” he sighed resting his forehead against yours.

You sighed too, not wanting to leave the sanctuary of his apartment either.

“Nat will be suspicious, if not borderline anxious that I haven’t returned yet, and you have work with Bruce scheduled, which you are going to be late for if I don’t get moving.”

He groaned as you broke apart and headed back into his room to locate your dress and shoes from his room.

“Keep the clothes,” he motioned to what you were wearing “they look better on you.”

After a long kiss goodbye, you made the walk to the elevator alone, dress and shoes grasped unceremoniously in your arms as you hit the down button, hoping against hope that you would make it to your room without being spotted, and thanking your lucky stars to find your floor empty with neither a sign of Natasha, Steve or Wanda you sighed in relief until you opened your door to find Natasha pacing up and down your floor.

You guiltily stepped into your room and pressed yourself up against the door.

“I called your phone at least twenty times,” she sighed refusing to look at you.

“It was on silent,” you offered weakly.

“I had no idea who you were with or if something had happened,” she argued finally turning to look at you, eyeing your attire up before a look of realisation crossed her face.

“Tony?” she asked with a quirk of her head and moved towards you rapidly, you suddenly wished you hadn’t closed the door behind you. “You slept with Tony?” she accused.

“I didn’t!” you huffed “I mean yes he’s the guy I went on the date with and ok I stayed over but we didn’t sleep together Nat.”

She continued to look at you like you were crazy for a second before she plopped down on your bed, “You didn’t sleep with him?”

“No,” you sighed dropping the clothes in your arms, “I wanted to do, but he suggested that we take things slow, you know because of…” you trailed off for a second and then decided that you were going to have to get used to saying his name out loud without feeling pain if you truly were going to be with Tony, “because of Bucky,” you finished and she nodded gently.

“He said that?”

You nodded gently and she eyed you suspiciously again, “How long has this been going on?”

“About a week ago he told me he had feelings for me, but last night was really the first time we acted on it. I wanted to tell you but I was afraid you would try to talk me out of it.”

“He makes you happy I can already tell that,” she deducted and you couldn’t help the smile that crossed your lips as you nodded.

“He does,” you conceded and she rose from the bed to give you a hug.

“I’ve watched you cry, and be miserable for months, if Tony makes you happy then you’ll find no objections here, just promise me one thing. Don’t latch on to him just because he makes you feel this way now, if you’re with him please make sure it’s for the right reasons.”

You nodded wholeheartedly agreeing with her, he was a good man who deserved much better than to simply be your rebound, if you had genuinely thought that for even one second you would never have gone there with him, but it was so much more than that for you.

Nat left promising to keep her newly learned information to herself, she wanted to give you guys a chance without the scrutiny of the rest of the team and for that you were thankful.

“Tony, have you heard a word I just said?” Bruce laughed, snapping his fingers in front of his face and Tony startled.

“Yeah of course I have, something about using thermonuclear fusion to… to… do the thing,”

“I knew you weren’t listening to me,” Bruce laughed in mock disbelief and Tony couldn’t help but smile guiltily, “what’s got you so distracted today?” he questioned watching the smile on Tony’s face grow “So it’s not a what, it’s a who?” he grinned and Tony nodded.

“You are too good big guy, but my lips are officially sealed! Now run that thermonuclear fusion theory by me again!” he changed the subject while Bruce stared after him fondly.

“You’ll find I was talking about kinetic energy Mr. Stark.”

“I absolutely knew that,” he smirked outstretching a packet of blueberries to Bruce and winking as he accepted one.

“I feel like a teenager sneaking up here tonight,” you smiled when Tony kissed your neck, as he held you from behind.

It had been four weeks since your date with Tony and amongst missions and Tony telling you that Bruce was suspicious you had been stealing moments and dates wherever you could usually away from the tower but tonight’s destination was the balcony Tony had first confessed his feelings for you on.

It wasn’t sordid stolen moments, sometimes you would just hold hands or talk, or simply eat a meal, or go see a movie and you found yourself silently living for your moments with him.

Lately he had become almost quiet and reserved and you had been extra gentle with him, trying to tell him with every tender kiss and touch that you were there for him. That he could talk to you about anything, and tonight you had practically begged him to leave his work and to come up here with you.

“Will you stay with me tonight?” he asked gently, “I’d feel happier if you were in my arms.”

You turned in his arms to look him in the eyes and you noticed just how tired he looked, and under the moonlight his eyes were glistening, as he began to sway you in the silence again. You had quickly learned this was comforting for him and whenever he had you in his arms he would sway you gently this way.

“You’re not sleeping again?” you asked him carding your fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck.

“I’m fine,” he tried weakly, but he couldn’t even convince himself, let alone you.

“Tony,” you tried and it came out in a whisper “tears are in your eyes. You’re not fine. Please let me in, are you having those dreams again, remembering everything?”

“Yes,” he rushed “And if it’s not the dreams, it’s the anxiety of having those dreams. I haven’t slept in days. And when I do sleep I wake up feeling more tired than ever.”

“My poor man,” you sighed as you continued brushing your fingers through his hair.

“And I’ve got you here, I know I shouldn’t be feeling like this but I keep worrying I’m going to lose you. Sooner or later I always lose the ones I love.”

You paused briefly, because this was the first time he had admitted being in love with you again since that first outburst over a month ago.

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than right here with you. Tony, I’m not going anywhere.” you told him honestly and you felt his weight sag against you as he stopped swaying you and let his head drop against you.

“I’m just so tired.” He confessed against your collar bone.

“Come on,” you whispered taking him by the hand and leading him up to his apartment.

You filled up the master tub in his bathroom, and you persuaded him to get in, as you moved behind him you gently pulled him back so he was relaxing against the cool porcelain of the tub, as you began to massage soothing patterns on his bare shoulders and neck.

At first the tension he was carrying made your heart ache, but you worked steadily until you felt it slowly melt away and with every appreciative groan you heard you pressed a kiss to his bare skin.

Before he fell asleep completely you helped him step out and into fresh pyjamas, as soon as you climbed under the sheets he pulled you sleepily to him and nestled his head on your chest before his slow and steady breaths evened out to small gentle snores, and you released the breath you were holding as a few stray tears rolled down your cheeks for the pain this man had to endure in his short life.

When you woke up the next morning, you were still gathered in his strong arms, and even if you felt like you were slightly overheating you didn’t want to move a muscle in case you disturbed the first decent night’s sleep this man had had in weeks.

“How can I ever thank you?” he whispered sadly before you had to leave for a mission that evening “I don’t have enough words to thank you.”

“You gently stroked the sides of his mouth with your hands and placed a quick kiss to his lips.

“You don’t have to thank me at all.”

“Come back, okay,” he rushed out, “Come back. Come back to me?” you weren’t quite sure why the last part sounded so much like a question, but it made you a little sad.

“I’ll come back to you, I promise.”

But the heaviness of his statement followed you throughout the whole flight and mission because it always sounded like he never expected you to come back, but where else would you want to go.

It was on the flight home you fully admitted that you were in love with him, and with a small smile you pictured yourself telling him because you knew that if he knew you felt the same way he did it would bring him some comfort.

You walked into what felt like World War III, Sam was struggling to hold Steve back and Tony was stood red-faced and huffing across from him, Nat in front of him with her hands outstretched trying to act as a human peace wall.

“What’s going on?” you demanded causing all eyes to land on you, and looking between Steve and Tony.

“How could you y/n?” Steve spat in such an accusatory tone it made you want to take a step backwards, “how could you do this to Bucky?”

You looked panicked at Tony and Natasha who looked terrified of your reaction but you were forcing yourself to remain calm.

“I’m not doing anything to Bucky. Steve he walked out on me, you do remember that don’t you?”

“But y/n he loves you. He really, really loves you surely you must know that. This will destroy him. He,” he directed at Tony, “he doesn’t love you, he’s doing this to get back at Buck.”

“Steve!” Nat warned and you felt such a fury rise in your chest that for the first time in all your life you felt like you could have went for Steve.

“Bucky broke my heart into a thousand pieces, he upped and left in the middle of the night without a proper explanation like he could just walk away that easily, and somehow I would get over it. Tony has been there for me, more than anyone so don’t you dare speak about him like that to me, because it was Bucky who hurt me more than I’d ever been hurt in my life”

“Y/n,” Steve pleaded “I’m begging you, I’ve already lost him once, this will finish him and I can’t lose him again. I won’t lose him again because of you! Tell me honestly, that you don’t love him, that you feel nothing for him.”

You felt the tears rise and the heat in your cheeks made it feel as though your blood was boiling.

You should have said no, but now you had hesitated and you watched as Tony looked like his heart was breaking, as you shook your head and tried to formulate words, it was supposed to be special, it was something you had been looking forward to telling him, and only him, but now as you stood with a kitchen full of people looking at you, you had to find your voice.

“I’m in love with Tony,” you turned to face him and he looked so pained “I’m in love with you, and I wanted to save it, to tell you when I was ready but it’s true I love you. Part of me will always love Bucky, but I am in love with you. Only you.”

Steve shrugged out of Sam’s arms and stomped away, you vaguely registered the sound of a slamming door but all you could see was Tony, he looked so small before you as Natasha and Sam made their exits and then you were moving towards him in a pace that felt too slow until he threw his arms around you and pulled you flush against him, you heard him gasp in breath like he was a fish out of water and you held him steady repeating the words in his ear.

You loved him and only him.

That night you slept together for the first time and as he came undone, your name rolled off his lips, you knew in your heart that there was not an ounce of doubt about your love for this man.

“I love you,” you told him and his weight shifted from off you to beside you and when he caught his breath he repeated the words, and you pulled him to you, hoping he would sleep the whole night through without a nightmare plaguing his rest.

Steve was gone the next morning when you woke up and it made you horribly sad as your stomach twisted into knots. You refused to be the reason Steve and Tony fell out again and as you sought Sam out he pulled you into the biggest hug.

“You listen to me, Bucky was an idiot for walking away from you, I told him, even Steve told him but there was no getting through to him. Steve may have been too much last night but it was coming from a place of pure frustration. He knows Bucky still loves you. He knows this is going to break his heart, but even more than that he’s going to know it was all his own doing and he’s not sure how Bucky will handle all of that.”

“It’s not my fault, or Tony’s for that matter. I loved Bucky, really loved him and I would have gone to the ends of the world with him if he’d asked me too but he left me. He left without me.”

“And I regretted it every single day since,” a voice from behind interrupted, a voice you would have recognised in a single heartbeat, anywhere in the world and you turned to see an exhausted looking Steve with the last man on earth you wanted to see today, and your heart seemed to speed up just from the sight of him, James Buchanan Barnes.

“Please y/n,” he pleaded dropping his bag on the floor and attempting to take a step towards you, “Please tell me it’s not too late.”

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RFA (+ V and Saeran) reacting to MC having a panic/anxiety attack?

I don’t know what’s wrong with me and why Jumin’s is always so fucking long. I hope you enjoy it though :) Thank you for the request

RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC having a panic attack

Yoosung Kim

  • Yoosung didn’t understand how something as answering questions and emails could be so time consuming and stressful.
  • The bags under your eyes and scattered coffee mugs across the table told him that it was definitely harder than he thought.
  • He actually felt bad that you took on one of the hardest jobs despite not knowing a lot about the RFA. You threw a few parties after the first one but you still had a lot to learn.
  • One evening you slammed your laptop closed and rested your face in the palm of your hands. The startling noise hooked Yoosung’s attention away from his game.
  • You were deathly quiet and still for a good couple of minutes before he made his way over to the table.
  • “____? Are you alright?” He asked before putting his hand on your shoulder. You replied with a heavy sigh before moving your hands away. You started to scratch your hands without much thought and your breathing became more violent.
  • “I don’t know how to talk to a fucking cat or an evil scientist. I don’t know anything about what rich people like to wear or the shoe sizes of the guests! What the fuck am I supposed to actually say? Lie and disappoint? I can’t lie to them! I don’t know what I am doing and no one else coiulddwhcgg…” You words soon jumbled together as tears spilled from your eyes
  • Yoosung grabbed your hands to cease you from digging into your skin and he pulled you close into an embrace. He wasn’t 100% sure what to do in this situation but he figured that if he let you vent to him it would help.
  • So he listened to every word you said. Even if those words didn’t make sense or if they were interrupted by a hiccup, he listened.
  • This went on for about an hour before you finally went limp in his arms. He rubbed circles on your back as your shaking breath returned to full.
  • “I think you should take a break from emails for a bit.” He said quietly as he pushed the closed laptop farther away from you. You nodded and curled up more into him. Yoosung laughed lightly and pulled out his phone.
  • He may not be the best at helping with emails or handling guests but he does have a lot of cute animal vines to distract you from the stress.
  • Later that night you two just cuddled in bed while eating sugary sweets and playing video games.

Jaehee Kang

  • Your tried to regain your breath as you forced yourself against the closet’s wall. Your chest felt like someone kept pushing it back in forcefully whenever you gasped for air. Tears were clouding your vision but refusing to spill while your shaking legs did their best to hold you up straight.
  • Your cheeks were flushed and your heart ached with humiliation and shame. Out of all places to have a panic attack, you just had to have one in front of the RFA in a simple meeting.
  • Jumin was being a little too cold and harsh on you for your first meeting. You didn’t get enough guests for the party as he expected and gave you a lecture in front of everyone. You already felt bad about it since you felt that you let everyone down already but the tension of the room got too much to bare.
  • You could still feel everyone's’ eyes on you from when you ran out of the room before Jumin finished. Humiliation and regret haunted you in the small space.
  • The closet door slowly creaked open and the light seeped through the cracks till it reached your bloodshot eyes. Jaehee’s curious expression moved to one with more motherly features and empathetic eyes.
  • “Hey _____. How’s it hanging?” She kept her voice low with a gentle tone. It didn’t feel degrading like you were a child. She spoke to you with understanding and concern. You would laugh at how you probably looked like a wreck but the pain in your chest dug your mood even deeper into it’s grave.
  • Jaehee obviously didn’t actually seek for an answer. She reached out carefully and held onto your hands to give you support. Your nails digged into her pale skin as you tried to get yourself back together.
  • “You’re doing a good job, just keep taking deep breaths.” She inhaled deeply herself to either regain her strength or to give you an example, you weren’t too sure.
  • It was working though, as you locked eyes with her calm and loving ones. Your rapid breaths calmed as you pulled her closer for a hug.
  • “Mr. Han is very sorry for being too harsh on you. He doesn’t understand that people can’t break their backs to please him all the time.”
  • You sniffles turned into quiet giggles as your hold on her loosened bit. It was a relief to know that no one really blamed you- especially someone who slaved under him for a living.
  • “Now, do you want to go grab something warm to drink? I am pretty sure the boys could handle finishing the meeting themselves.”
  • You were extremely thankful for Jaehee.


  • Zen is too damn good at acting. You couldn’t get enough of his passion from his practices and his constant notes over analyzing his character down to the way they chew their breakfast on a Thursday morning vs a Sunday evening. His hard work was impressive and when he invited you to the upcoming show that Friday night, you said yes in a heartbeat.
  • It wasn’t until intermission where you were feeling overwhelmed. You went to go buy roses for your beloved but everyone else seemed to have the same idea. Many people were pushing and shoving and speaking loudly since they couldn’t hear themselves over others. It was a gross feeling having to step over snacks that were discarded onto the ground and impatient people breathing down your neck hoping they won’t miss the show. There were babies crying to all of the ruckus and honestly? You wanted to as well.
  • You took a deep breath and sat back in your chair. You held out until the end of the performance but right when the lights went back up, you ran backstage where Zen would wait for you.
  • Surely enough, Zen was. His red eyes lit up seeing the roses that matched them clenched around your fingers. He opened his mouth to ask your opinion on how he did until he read your facial expression. All of you just screamed you needed somewhere else to go.
  • He gladly took you back to the green room while all the other actors and actresses are meeting their fans. He didn’t talk or ask what was the matter since he knew that the peace and quiet of the dark room would be just enough.
  • Zen stroked your back gently and rocked you side to side hoping it helped your breathing slow down. He let you grip onto his costume and bury your face into his chest. Hell, you could do anything with him and he would be okay with it. Anything to help his dear Prince/ss
  • He had to stay a little longer to hear from his director but right when he was done, he took you home where you both just rested in silence.

Jumin Han

  • It hasn’t been easy to adjust to Jumin’s lifestyle.
  • Jumin never demanded certain things from you directly so you started off okay
  • But what did make you more insecure was everyone and everything around you. They all had such a high and confident aura about them that made you immediately look at the ground when walking by. Everyone had so much class to them and money to back up their passive words. Hell, even their dogs could pay off college loans.
  • It takes a toll on you after a while. All of the clothes Jumin buys you feels like disguises and your table manners are shaky under the pressuring judgemental stares.
  • Yet you decided to keep quiet about it.  You didn’t want to say anything because you feared it would come off as insulting. Jumin didn’t see the issue since he grew up with these high and demanding expectations practically drilling into his mind. There was no way you could tell him that the world he lived in was too much for you to move into.
  • Despite this underlying war you had with yourself, everything was going fine. You wore the fancy outfits and went to parties that were nothing like the ones in High School.
  • Until you went to a birthday party from a random client that Jumin was eager to get a deal from. He has been trying to convince them for months and this was an opening to seal it. Of course, he never attends a party without you so that pulls you in the horrid situation you are in now
  • You closed your eyes as you were brought back to the present. Your dress and the lady of the evening’s were soaked in red wine. You were lucky to be wearing a darker color while she wore all white. Jumin stood with a straight face as the hostess’s expression turned from shock to anger
  • “God- Jumin. If you are going to get a pet you best give it some manners, right?” 
  • You broke.
  • You blocked out the taunting words as you excused yourself outside. Your cheeks flared up in humiliation while tears poured down your cheeks. Your body refused to let you stand still as you paced and moved around outside along to the buzz that rang in your mind.
  • ‘You ruined his chance to get the business. How could I be so careless?’ you told yourself angrily as your movements became more frantic. At this race you could make yourself sick if you kept it up but that was the last thing you were thinking of. You caused enough trouble already
  • Your movements were forced to stop when a strong hand held you in place. Your glossed over eyes turned to look at your beloved’s worried stare.
  • Jumin pulled you to his chest as your legs shook. You attempted to hide your face in shame but Jumin kept trying to gain your full attention.
  • “I cut the deal off. If she couldn’t handle a situation with a wise mind then I would hate to see how she would run things. I should thank you, my love. I do apologize that I didn’t intercept sooner. Do not worry about her dress. If her money is as grand as she says, then there won’t be a problem.” He smiled trying to lighten the heaviness you gave yourself. It wasn’t the key to solve everything but it was enough to put you at ease.
  • You wrapped your arms around him as he swayed in silence. You wanted to laugh at your worry for perfection, it was clear you were perfect in Jumin’s eyes.

Jihyun Kim ( V )

  • Your eyes were closed tightly as you struggled to regain your breath. Every sense was overstimulated and you felt like you could vomit at any moment. It was a blessing that you were only at your boyfriend’s house and not in public.
  • V’s hand had all your focus. It was soothing to sit in silence with the man who loved you unconditionally, even when your brain feels scrambled.
  • Your grip was tight and didn’t show any sign of letting go. He didn’t have an issue with it however. If you needed to hold onto him for years, he wouldn’t muster a complaint. V just wanted you to feel grounded with a peaceful mind again
  • Once you have regained your breath and the whole room goes silent from your panicked cries, he would whisper words of adoration in your ears while bringing you closer.
  • You felt light headed as he guided you into simple breathing exercises. After all of the crying and yelling, you were willing to drink the Niagara falls.
  • V quietly lifted you up to your wobbly feet. He didn’t let go of your hand even when it went limp in his palm. He just smiled reassuringly and brought you over to the dining room table. V disappeared into the kitchen. You listened carefully to the sound of water being poured into a glass and rested your head into your arms.
  • “How about I make some feel better cookies?” A small smile graced upon your lips as you nodded weakly. He leaned down and kissed the top of your head before leaving again.
  • You were thankful for his calm and loving aura.

Saeyoung Choi ( 707 )

  • Saeyoung was working late yesterday night and while you slept he snacked on everything in the kitchen which was a tragedy for you and Saeran in the morning.  Yoosung offered to make breakfast so Saeran headed to his apartment while you went to the grocery store.
  • Shopping trips are sometimes fun when you go with someone but when you walk the long and high eiles yourself, it wears down on you. The harsh lighting shining on every murky and disgusting part of the store and the sense of time being lost while reading labels tires your eyes. Your feet ache from the aimless walking about and your mind started to feel like you could faint. You weren’t dehydrated, you would know since you kept stopping by the water fountain. Maybe just because it was quieter there? Who knows! All you care for is to quickly buy the cart load of things and just go home.
  • When you arrive to the bunker, Saeyoung was all full of energy since he finally woke up and all the sugar he ate from the night caught up to him once again. You loved him lots but after the hazy feel that was clouding your mind, all you could mutter out was that you needed to lay down somewhere quiet.
  • Saeyoung understood so he saluted you with the promise that he will put away all of the goods you bought while you stumbled into the shared bedroom. He only snacked on a few things you bought but after an hour of putting things away, he went in to check on you.
  • You were just laying on the bed staring at the ceiling with a pillow held to your chest and at that moment he felt bad that he didn’t wake up to help you making the trip a little easier. He didn’t speak though, he just sat on the edge of the bed and played with your hair quietly while you just hummed as a response.
  • He would offer to be someone to squeeze all your stress out instead of strangling the pillow, if you take him up on it is up to your imagination.
  • If you did, he would let you sit on his lap while occasionally whispering cheesy things a Walmart teddy bear would say.
  • Once he sees the storm calms over, he wouldn’t let go of you. 
  • Instead, he would pull out his phone and show you silly memes that would make you laugh until your sides hurt all night
  • After all, laughter is the best medicine. 

Saeran Choi

  • He was at a loss. Everyone goes through panic attacks differently and he was afraid that if he did anything he would break you more.
  • Saeran’s heart would hurt as he watched you curl up in a ball trying to gain comfort and stability. It was something he use to do a lot so he moved closer and slowly wrapped his arms around you.
  • Your body was shaking under his and all he could do was rest his head on top of yours. He tried to relax his tense body so you don’t feel worse. It wasn’t your fault, nothing was.
  • He took deep breathes continuously until he noticed you slowly matching yours with him. He shifted his hold onto you so you could sit up.
  • Saeran leaned over and kisses your tear stained cheeks as you sniffled quietly. No words were spoken but you could feel the admiration and acceptance he held for you. To him, you are one of the strongest people he has ever met. He knows how much it takes to break you and he hoped you knew that you are no longer holding the burden yourself.
  • Saeran got up and grabbed a bunch of blankets off of the bed and awkwardly tried to wrap you in them. Your eyes started to show their spark again as you snuggled deeper into the warmth. The chills that went up your spine finally went to rest as your body felt the emotional hangover took over.
  • He sat in front of you as your eyes tried to force themselves open.
  • “You should sleep.” It sounded more like an order than a suggestion, but you listened as you laid your head on his shoulder.
  • He swears he will do better for you.
Dance With Me?

Request: @akari16 asked ‘Okay, so I came up with teaching Steve how to dance? I don’t know I just remembered that Peggy never taught him, and maybe that could be an x reader thing? I’ll add more if you need me to 😊’

This one’s a little shorter than my usual, I’m just a little tired, plus for some reason writing in 1st person wasn’t working for me! I hope it turned out to your liking :)

I danced around the kitchen, swinging my hips as I wiped down the counter. Humming the tune of the familiar song playing, I found myself more focused on the music than I was on the cleaning, though I welcomed the distraction. 

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A Ryder x Jaal fanfiction

Originally posted by angaran-ryder

: Mass Effect: Andromeda

Pairing: F!Ryder x Jaal

Tags: Depression, cuddling, sadness, spoilers

A/N: I was a little upset that Ryder didn’t experience more emotion or anxiety over the fact that everything she knew was possibly gone back in the Milky Way. That she was among the few that stood between the extinction of multiple species trying to make a home in Andromeda. I know she is a PC, and we’re supposed to control her, but you’d think there would be more opportunity to display the emotion necessary to portray just how heavy that kind of burden is. And considering how many losses a few arks took prior to finding their way to the Nexus, the stress of that fact should have gotten even heavier. So I guess this is my little mini-fic trying to remedy that slight story oversight. Enjoy!

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Back to Basics

Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 2,333

Genre: Smutty Smut

“You’re being so quiet tonight, baby”, my boyfriend whispered against my ear, “is something wrong?” I shook my head and smiled at him as he sat normally again, a pout on his adorable lips. I pat his cheek gently and leaned up, kissing him just as sweetly, “I’m okay. I’m just a little tired”. He nodded slightly, but he clearly didn’t believe it. A few minutes go by and I find myself playing with my food again instead of eating. Ah I just want to sleep. I closed my eyes for not even a second before they shot open and met Taehyung’s hand on my leg. I stared at it then slowly looked up at Namjoon who was sitting across from me, thankful he wasn’t paying attention at all. His hand slowly crept up my leg so I was quick to push it down, glaring at him. “Taehyung, not here”, I sighed as his hand slid back up again, pushing my dress up further on my thigh, “someone could see”. He shrugged and drew an infinity sign over and over dangerously close to where I didn’t want him right now. We got through dessert and he still hadn’t made a move to touch me—sexually. I don’t understand why, but whatever. Everyone started getting up to leave so I did the same, feeling Tae’s hand slide down to my knee then drop as he stood. “Are you two coming back with us? We’re going to have a movie night”, Jimin smiled, taking his girlfriend’s hand, “unless you need some alone time”. Taehyung shook his head, pulling me into his side, “we’ll meet you there”. We said bye to everyone then went outside, requesting an Uber. “Are you really tired?”, Tae asked softly, rubbing a pattern on my lower back. I curled into his side and nodded, wrapping my arms around his torso, “I could sleep for days”. He was quiet after that and then the Uber pulled up and he opened the door, letting me get in first. I slid all the way to the window on the far side and he got in after me, thanking the woman for picking us up.

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could do some Oisuga heacannons?


- A peace sign a day keeps the doctor away

- Lots and lots and lots of cuddling when in bed, while watching movies, or just standing and talking about their days

- Good morning kisses and goodnight kisses; their lips are always soft. Suga makes it short and sweet, but Oikawa gets caught along with it and sticks his tongue in

- HUGS! Especially when Oikawa comes home from work. They both like to embrace each other for a few minutes in silence, swaying in each other’s arms

- Dinner is always made for the other person when one of them returns. It quickens up the evening, and it is a nice gift for a long day. Suga even has an apron for cooking that sends Oikawa over the edge

- When watching movies, they usually start having popcorn fights and end up in a heavy make-out session, but they both are always in tears at the sappy, romantic movie they chose

- Sleeping next to each other is usually okay; they’re both warm and cuddly and reasonable with space for the other person, but there is always a silent fight over who gets the blanket… there’s so much pulling and fighting over the covers

- They both text each other throughout the day. Suga sends lots of hearts and smiley faces, and Oikawa sends cute relationship puns and asks if Suga is okay a lot; they’re both really quick at responding too

- Suga LIVES for when he sees Oikawa in glasses, especially when Oikawa’s getting excited over a new alien sighting he heard about

- Suga also nosebleeds when he sees Oikawa propped against the doorframe in his underwear


- Oikawa loves to tease Suga; he’ll play jokes on him or laugh at the innocent things he does, and in bed, Oikawa sends Suga over the edge with all the light touching he does on Suga’s body

- Suga likes to ride Oikawa, but occasionally he’ll let Oikawa pound into him in a face-to-face style (since Oikawa likes to see Suga’s face while he cums)

- “Kawa-chan~”

- Oikawa loves to spoil Suga with a lot of affection and cute gifts

- Hair ruffling and blowing each others’ hair dry

- They both do the cleaning around the house (which is always surprisingly clean)


- If Suga falls alseep while doing chores, Oikawa will pick him up and gently place him in the bed to tuck him in

- Did someone mention pillow forts?

- Oikawa doesn’t call Suga “Mr. Refreshing” for nothing; Oikawa feels so recharged the next day, and Suga does a really good job at sucking him dry

- When they’re in the middle of kissing and they pause, they cup each other’s faces and stare into the other’s eyes. It’s something really comforting to both of them, and they feel safe

- Suga’s his lil’ alien

- OIKAWA IS GOING TO GET SO JEALOUS. Nobody better be eyeing Suga while Oikawa’s around. To ‘protect his territory,’ Oikawa will grab onto Suga’s hand or hug him tightly. He’ll put on a little pout to warn anybody off, but he is really so scared that someone will take Suga away

- Public sex all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy

- VOLLEYBALL BUDDIES OMG. Suga likes to help out all the little kids who are just learning. He’ll teach them to bump and keep the ball up, and Oikawa will show off his serves to inspire the younger kids to reach for greatness.

- There’s so much hand holding, and leaning their heads against each other. So many cute kisses and smiley faces, AND FUCK OIKAWA LOVES TO WINK AT SUGA BECAUSE IT GETS HIM GOING

- I’m serious they fuck nearly every night after not doing it for about a week. It’s really intense and passionate, and they never let each other go

- Oikawa loves to rub his hands all over Suga’s body and grab his ass, and Suga really likes to tug on Oikawa’s hair while he’s kissing him


- Overall, they’re really cuddly (and horny), and they like to joke around sometimes and take trips together a lot, but they both are completely in love with each other and would overcome any obstacle to keep this bond

C'mon Puppy | Nyx Ulric x Fem!Reader

RATING: Teen | GENRE: Fluff
AUTHOR’S COMMENT: The first thing I want to do is thank to EVERYONE who encouraged me to do this; to @ladyscientia, you where with me from the start thank you for all your love, compression and help, without you this fic will probably still hide in some dark place of my pc; to @chocobropuffs @thebulletsofmusicblues @alcyone2305, for telling me no matter what I should post if coz I enjoy writing it! and that should be what matters~ thank you *hugs* and finally to @kantonliu, believe me or not I was the scared annon who need a little push to do this, your words were the last impulse to do this.
I been holding this for like 6 to 7 months, I was (actually I’m still really scared) of posting it, English is not my native language and we can say I learn it by my self, so I know it’s far from perfect and I’m really uhmm… frightened? of others, so this is a HUGE thing for me.
To get this, the final version of the fic was a battle but again thanks to everyone who help me.
I hope you like and ejoy it.

It’s a quiet summer night in Insomnia. The wind is warmer than the usual, stopping you from falling asleep.

“Whaaa… sooo HOT…” You roll out of your bed and look out the window. The night looks tauntingly beautiful and cooler outside then in. “I guess going for a walk wouldn’t harm anyone.”

You drift contentedly through the streets, admiring the little things. Being a member of the Kingsglaive left little time for this sort of thing. You breathe in, expunging the toxins from the day, and stare up past the dizzying skyline of the city to the horizon. The stars wink at you from above.

  The beauty of inky blue twilight is overwhelming. You stare whole-heartedly, as if the sky is transferring some of its energy to you. The feeling of life coming and going overflows in your head. You wish you could have the ability to enjoy this life without all the complications of stress and duty. You exhale through your nose, feeling inspired. Perhaps a good start is telling him about how you’ve felt all these years.

“If I could just say something,” You say to yourself. The familiar frustration of this thought tears you from your inspired gaze at the stars.

Insomnia is blazing bright with big-city vigor. The street before you is pulsing with the verve of a nearby bar, encouraging you to continue your stroll for a bit longer.

Drunk in your own thought, you can’t dodge daydreaming about the bastard; the one that unknowingly makes your days happier. His smile, his look, sometimes so kind and sometimes so cocky. His awful jokes. How he always tries to be the tough guy. The “Hero” of everyone. A chuckle escapes from your lips, “That idiot is going to get himself kill one of this days…

In this exact moment, you feel the fear of losing him taking control. Just the idea of not seeing him again is something you can’t stand. The dread leads your thoughts once more to the never-ending song of every day; “If I could just say something.”

You know it’s getting late. But the anxiety of a thousand haunting thoughts combined with the heat of your apartment aren’t going to let you sleep even if you try.

Your feet keep the walk like they know where they’re going. Step by step they lead you to the place you never thought you’ll go. When you realize exactly where you are, your first reaction is to run away. But a few seconds of debating with your own shadow make you change your mind.

“Should I knock?”

Your heart beats faster, pounding against your chest like a wild animal longing to be set free. Your body acts suddenly on impulse, without the permission of your overtaxed brain. You reach your hand out and knock on the door to Nyx Ulric’s apartment.

You grit your teeth with disbelief. You take a deep breath in a failed attempt to calm down.  “He’s not going to open the door anyways. It’s really really late and we have to wake up early for training. So there’s NO chance that door is going to open. I should just go back to my place and sleep, Yup, yup, yup… that’s what I should do.”

You stare down at your feet, immersed in your own burdens. Before you can run away though, the door swings open and you’re left standing in front of a sleepy and slightly concerned Nyx.

“What the hell are you doing here y/n… it’s 5 a.m.! Are you ok?” his eyes are barely open.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come… I- I- I couldn’t sleep… So I decide to take a walk… I’m sorry I better go…” Blood rushes quickly to your cheeks and ears. Your face is burning hot. Nervousness overcomes you not just because you’re here at 5 o'clock in the morning with nothing to say, but because he’s standing there before you, shirtless, sleepy and adorable.

“C'mon. You’re here already,” he says, haphazardly grabbing your arm. He tugs you gently in to his apartment. “Are you sure you are ok?”

“Yes. I’m fine… I – I - I just…” you look down, embarrassed for the whole situation.

He looks at you with anticipation. “You?…”

“I…. should go back home because … like you just say, it’s 5 a.m. and I need some sleep otherwise I will fall sleep at our morning training and then Drautos will kill me… Sooo ‘night ‘night! See ya tomorrow!” you say quickly and turn on your heel to rush for the door.

Even in his half-sleep state of mind, Nyx is quicker than you. He stands in the doorway. Your exit is blocked.

“Hey! Why are you doing this? Let me go, please.”

“Nope… Not until you tell me why you’re here at my place of ALL places at 5-friking-a.m. I’m not going to let you go… so make yourself comfortable or talk. It’s up to you honey.”

“But… but… training tomorrow morning… sleeps…” You brush aside the nervousness to muster the most innocent look. “PLE-EASE?”

Nyx eyes you imperviously. He smirks. “You can make all the puppy faces you want sweetheart, but I ain’t moving from here until that pretty little mouth of yours says why you decided to  have a walk through here and wake me up… So if we both fall asleep during training it’s not going to be my fault.”

That little grin that only Nyx is capable of producing is melting you from the inside out and it leads to tell one gut-wrenching fact; he KNOWS why you’re here. He KNOWS why you’re standing awkwardly before him, twiddling your fingers and avoiding eye contact. You look up for an instant. His eyes are more awake, eager even, as if to encourage you. It’s almost as if he’s been WAITING for this moment.

You dart your gaze away, resigned, and contemplate what the hell you’re going to say. You’ve rehearsed it so many times. Now that the moment’s come so unceremoniously on a hot and damn early summer morning, the words have fled. You want to burst the confession that’s been riled up from the center of your being; to let it LOOSE. But you just CAN’T. How are you going to escape this one?

Nyx yawns impatiently. “Are we going to say something or not? We have a few hours. So PLEASE, take your time.” His voice is oozing with irony.

“Well the thing is… that… eeh…you will see… I was…” You look up.

“Huh? You are saying? Keep going. You got this… I trust you…” He says with an ever-present grin.

Your entire body radiates with nervous heat. “Is it me … or is it getting hotter here?” you snatch a random piece of paper from a nearby surface and start throwing air to your face.

“Ok. I might have to help you a little on this one. We are running out of night…” Nyx slides one bare foot closer towards you, invading your heat wave. His eyes graze slowly from the pounding of your chest up to meet you. He gingerly grabs your waist with one hand, his other hand brushing into your hair.

“C’mon, puppy”, he whispers, bringing his lips to sweep against yours. The tips of your noses press against one another. Foreheads meet. “Don’t run.”

You give in fully as his lips push in for a soft kiss. The back of your head falls into his hand and the kiss blooms into a flower that’s been waiting SO LONG for the sun. Every second of lips retracting and retouching becomes more intense than the last; deeper and powerful. You toss your arms around his neck and store this moment somewhere deep in your soul so that you can live in it over and over again.

The two of you take a step back finally for air. You find yourself feeling a little hesitant. You reach for the door. “I think I should go…”

“REALLY!” Nyx laughs. “You are unbelievable… Come here.” He pulls you once more against him and steals for himself another tasty kiss.

You chuckle a little shyly and say, “Well… this wasn’t a bad idea after all… If we skip the fact that we have to be at headquarters in two and a half hours.”

“Well hun, it wasn’t ME who took ages to break the ice and finally kiss the other one.”

“You are so mean sometimes!” You tease him with a pouty face. “You know, if you feel the same way, then you’re just as much at fault as I am.”

Nyx pauses thoughtfully. He averts his gaze to the ceiling, nodding his head. “That’s … you know what? That’s true. The truth, thought, is that I’ve been eager to finally hear you say how you feel about me. As if I couldn’t tell by the way you act around me.” He laughs.

He continues somewhat ruefully, “If I didn’t say anything through all these years it wasn’t because I was afraid of rejection or anything like that. It was because I … get so damn scared of losing you. Or … that I won’t be strong enough to protect you.”

You let the truth of his statement settle and take hold of both of his hands. You lean forward and against him. The two of you sway in content, mutual silence; finding solace in the agreement of one another’s words.

“Ok!” Nyx breaks the silence with sudden verve. “Why don’t you just stay here with me for a nap before we have to get up … AGAIN.” He roll his eyes mockingly, releasing a small laugh. He grasps you from your waist and carries you toward his messy bed.

“Hey! I can walk to the bed by myself thanks!”

You feel a soft spank on your ass. You can almost HEAR the smirk in his voice, “But this way is more fun, Puppy.”

“I’m not a puppy, sir!”

“And I’m not a sir, Puppy. But you should definitely see yourself making that face one day! Maybe you should try it in a few hours when the Captain kicks our asses during training!”

Once in bed, you cuddle against his chest, snuggling close to him to hide your blushing cheeks.

Nyx takes gentle hold of your chin, resting into a more relaxed state. “Look at me, puppy.” He gifts you with a string of sweet, subtle kisses.

“I love you” you hear the words finally release from your heart. Relief overcomes your entire body. You breathe deeply.

“I love you too, silly Puppy… You should know that already. After all this time. I’m sorry I couldn’t say it either.” He kisses all over your forehead.

The night was over. Finally. The moment your eyes close, before falling into a deep, liberated sleep, you imagine Drautos making your morning and most likely your day a living hell. But it was well worth every single second.

The More-Than-A-Friend Way - *Request*

Request by @simplywdw-fp! Sorry it’s so late love!


You grinned to yourself as you ran your hands down the delicate, satin fabric of your midnight-blue prom dress. You’d waited for this moment for what felt like forever, and now it was finally here, you could hope for the sound of your doorbell to see Jack.

You’d had a crush on your best friend since fourth grade, and when you two decided to go to prom together, your hope raised just a bit. Of course, you didn’t hope too much - if something was going to happen, it probably would’ve happened already. Since you were a senior, and Jack just came down from LA to go to prom. You sighed and touched up your makeup just as the sound of high-pitched bells filled your ears, and you checked yourself in the mirror one more time before running down the stairs to answer the door. Both of your parents were working the night shift at the hospital, so you were the only one home.

“Hey, Y/N.” You stared at Jack as he ran a hand through his hair. He looked good usually, but in a suit? Geez..

“Hi, Jack,” you said a bit nervously as his jaw dropped slightly.

“You look gorgeous,” he said bluntly, his cheeks going slightly red.

Your cheeks heated up too. “Thanks. You don’t look too bad yourself.”

Jack just laughed and excreted you to his car, which took you two to the local diner and then to the dance. You had a wonderful night with Jack, savoring every moment and knowing that soon - all too soon - he’d be back in LA, surrounded by beautiful girls and you’d be stuck here, sending in scholarship applications from your day bed. You pushed that thought out of your mind, however, as he took you out on the dance floor for the second-to-last song.

“This has been really fun, Jack, thank you,” you told him as you slow-danced.

Jack smiled. “Thank you for taking me out of the craziness for a bit. Living in LA is fun, but it’s really tiring.”

You just giggled as you played with the fabric of his suit coat, rubbing it in between your index finger and thumb. He smiled down at you, and you looked back up at him for a few moments before he sighed.

“What’s wrong, Noodles?” You’d developed the nickname when he’d first gotten a perm, and it stuck. However, it seemed to stick with him even when he went to Los Angeles.

“I just…” he looked down at his shoes. “I just don’t want to leave. I mean, I kind of miss it here - you- you especially, Y/N.”

You bit your lip. You never wanted him to leave, but you knew - you knew it was his dream and that he had to pursue it, not matter the cost.

“Jack, sweetie, you have to go back. I would feel really guilty if you didn’t,” you replied softly. “And I could come visit - I’m trying to get into UCLA, remember?”

Jack nodded, still not looking up. You sighed and took on hand off of his shoulders, tilting his chin up so he would face you. Your heart hurt to see him like this, but you knew he had to go back. You rubbed his cheek with your thumb, and he leaned into your soft hand. Maybe this was why you two were commonly mistaken for a couple.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, closing his eyes. “I always remember, Y/N/N.”

You leaned on his shoulder, and Jack put his head into the crook of your neck. His grip around you tightened, and you two swayed in silence for a few minutes.

“I love you, Y/N,” he whispered, making your heart rate pick up.

You looked up at Jack, pulling away since you did. His cheeks were flushed, but he looked extremely relieved.

“And… in a more-than-a-friend way,” he mumbled and blinked slowly before looking you straight in the eye.

“I… I love you too,” you whispered as you looked into his brown eyes. “And… definitely in that way.” You giggled.

Jack let out a breath. “Good, because this would’ve been really awkward if not.”

You just let out a laugh that made Jack smile wider, and you wrapped your arms around his neck before leaning up to give him a quick peck on the cheek.


Here you go! I really like this one, and I literally felt so much as I wrote it… GAHH.

anonymous asked:

Fic Request: Deckerstar slow dance in LUX

This is another popular one! I’ve written a version of the 2x09 dance here. It’s not slow, but it is a cute lil’ swing dance piece. This was written to the song All About Us by He Is We ft. Owl City.

Lux was empty after four in the morning. The music that once kept the dancers alive smoldered into hazy tunes from the back catalogue of a private playlist.

The patrons had come and gone, found themselves safe at home in beds that weren’t theirs. The salaries had been paid, checks signed, and workers packed up. Piano keys lay cold and polished, alcohol accounted for and back in order.

Lucifer spiraled around the center of the club, half-dancing half-pacing, a drink in his hand and waiting for Chloe to finish her paperwork.

She sighed, drawing him away from the phantom melodies that played through his head. He set his tumbler down on the piano top and extended a hand towards her.

“Take my hand, I’ll teach you to dance, Detective.”

She glanced up from her work, a smile curling up the corners of her mouth.

With weary eyes, she grasped his hand in hers.

Lucifer pulled her along, a hand falling to her waist. She sidled in close, the tips of her boots toying with his feet, as if they couldn’t decide whether or not they wanted to step on them.

“So what’s the occasion?”

He shared a private smile with himself, knowing he’d never tell her the entire truth.

“None, unless you count post-two poor decisions.”

Chloe shifted so she could peer up at him. “Post-two poor decisions?”

Lucifer chuckled and let go of her waist to lead her into a spin. To his surprise, she went willingly, twirling back into him with a grace she shouldn’t have.

“Haven’t you ever heard the saying: “Nothing good happens after two AM?””

She smirked. “Why say it now, though?”

He led her into another spin, this time bringing her back flat against his chest.

“Is this not a bad decision?” he whispered in her ear.

Chloe titled her head up until their lips almost touched. “Probably,” she leaned in closer, “but I don’t care.”

They swayed with the silence for a few moments, both drinking in the other.

There was something mystical about decisions made after two AM, Lucifer thought. It was as if the night dulled his senses, the exhaustion distorting his bad ideas into good ones. Desires seemed to bubble to the surface quicker while the consequences seemed to slip away for morning’s safekeeping.

In the morning he would regret this, he knew, but couldn’t seem to stop himself from pulling her closer.

He knew when he would later wake to an empty bed and return to the precinct, all traces of this dance would be washed away. He knew she wouldn’t forget the feeling of his fingers slotted in hers just as well as she knew he wouldn’t forget her toes brushing against his.

Leaning down, Lucifer tentatively brushed his lips against hers.

Chloe returned the kiss wholeheartedly, their dance seemingly forgotten.

When they finally broke the kiss, she smiled.

“What a bad decision indeed,” she said before tugging him up to the penthouse.

Justlex With Justin Taking Alex On A Date With Borrowed Cash

Request: Bryce (pretend he’s not an asshole) giving Justin $500 to use to stay in a motel if Seth got too bad but instead he uses it to take Alex out on a date            


A/N: I changed it up a little to be more Zach than Bryce, I hope that’s okay. I also wasn’t sure how to end it, but I hope it turned out good. Enjoy :)


Warnings: Homelessness.


Justlex With Justin Taking Alex On A Date With Borrowed Cash…

  • Zach’s Mum is strict as hell, so there is strictly no sleepovers on a school night. As it is she thinks her son is at basketball practice every time he goes out

  • So when Justin needs a place to stay Zach can’t give him that
  • So instead he decides to give Justin cash. It came from Bryce anyway, and Zach had no use for it

  • Justin was super great grateful for the money at first, that was a couple less nights that he had to spend on the streets
  • He spent a night at the motel with the money, but still had a heap of cash left over, which he kept for hopefully another few nights and some food

  • That all changed when he walked into school and saw Alex though
  • The boys had been fooling around for a while, and Justin really wanted to take him on a proper date, but he never asked because he never had the cash

  • Now though he had money, and everything about not being homeless slipped his mind completely, and all he wanted was to take Alex on an amazing night out somewhere
  • He greeted the boy with a tap on the shoulder and simple smile, which grew two times bigger when Alex smiled back at him

  • Justin wasn’t sure when it happened, but he’d own day just suddenly thought Alex was flawlessly perfect, and there was nothing the blonde could do to change his mind
  • Alex knew a little of Justin’s home life, from when he’d stayed that one time, but Alex didn’t really know just how bad it was, or that he’d been kicked out for good this time

  • Justin decided not to mention to cash or how he got it, he just straight up asked Alex if he’d like to go on an official date, rather than just their secret cuddles and Eskimo kisses on Alex’s couch when his parents were at work
  • Alex of course agreed instantly, blushing like crazy when Justin wouldn’t take his eyes off him

  • Justin decided to take Alex to a proper restaurant on the date. Thanks to Monty, Justin actually had nice clothes to wear that fit him, and they looked like they belonged there
  • Justin knew that it was worth it just five minutes through the date, when Alex looked at him with those beautiful eyes, just in pure awe over what Justin had planned for the night

  • It felt good to finally be admitting the feelings they had for each other, and not hiding themselves behind closed doors pretending that their connection wasn’t anything more than friends, when they both knew they were head over heels
  • After the dinner Justin took Alex to his favourite place to get ice-cream. Nothing had ever made Justin feel as happy as the first time he ever saw Alex run for that ice-cream store. He knew all the flavours off by heart, and kept taking Justin back until Justin had tried every single thing

  • Whenever they walked anywhere Justin had an arm around Alex, and Alex would lean into him slightly. It was actually Alex who gave Justin a jacket when it got cold, and Justin wanted nothing more than to kiss him right then and there, but he held off just a little bit longer
  • Justin ended up completely forgetting about the money and how much he was spending. He just threw money at whatever Alex wanted to do. He didn’t care what he spent, he just wanted to treat Alex right on their first ever date. He’d figure the rest out later

  • When the night was drawing to an end Justin didn’t want to leave Alex. He clung to him like a child, digging his head in the side of Alex’s neck as they enjoyed one of their comforting hugs they’d shared 100 times, gently swaying in the silence of the night
  • Alex would always gently tickle Justin’s back, and the brunette loved it. He could just melt in Alex’s arms, and tell him anything he wanted to know. He’d give anything for those moments with Alex to last forever, and he was so grateful to Zach for giving Justin the opportunity to finally ask Alex on an actual date

  • It was while they were snuggled up at the lookout when Justin finally decided to kiss Alex was the first time. It was passionate and intimate, but there was so much innocence in it. They both just needed each other in that moment, and they just sat there slowly making out for ages
  • When it hit midnight Alex realised he was late and had to get home. He had driven since he was the one with the car, and Justin completely forgot that it’d come to a time when Alex would offer to take him home. He spluttered for a moment, not sure of what to say to Alex before he admitted that he was actually staying at the motel

  • It didn’t take Alex long to piece together how Justin got the money for their night, and Alex instantly felt guilty. Justin tried to reason with the boy, and tell him why he spent so much on Alex that night. Alex was flattered, but he couldn’t believe that he hadn’t questioned earlier where Justin suddenly got all the money, and why after months he wanted to make them official
  • Alex absolutely would not let Justin spend another night in the motel, even though Justin still had enough money for the night or two. Alex’s parents wouldn’t let Justin stay a school night for no reason, so he convinced the boy to climb up to his window while Alex distracted his parents and made his way to bed. Alex scolded Justin once more as he locked them away in his room, angrily ranting to him while he sweetly tucked the boy up in the bed. Alex crawled in after him, and though he was trying to be angry with Justin, they still cuddled all night, and Alex was planning how he could help Justin the next day

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Cold Feet ~ George Weasley imagine

(A/N: (Y/BF/N) = your best friend’s name)


The Yule Ball was on everyone’s lips. It was all anybody talked about during the whole Triwizard Tournament. All the girls were getting their dresses and waiting for their special someone to ask them to the ball.

Including you.

Your parents had sent you the most beautiful dress in the mail. It was floor length and in your favorite color with shiny silver heels. The only thing you were missing was a date. And there was only one person you wanted to ask you:

George Weasley.

You were in love with him ever since your first year at Hogwarts. But there were a few issues:

You were a year younger than him and in Slytherin.

You knew he would never ask you, but you had a little bit of hope. Sometimes, you’d catch him staring at you during class and in the Great Hall.

While you were lost in thought, your best friend took a seat next to you at the Slytherin table.

“(Y/N)!” She shouted in your ear. Startled, you let out a squeal and dropped your fork while she laughed.

“(Y/BF/N)! Don’t do that! You know I hate that!” You retaliated, picking your up your fork. “Sorry! But, I got asked to the ball!” She said ecstatically.

“That’s great!” You smiled. But your smile quickly faded. “What’s wrong?” Your friend asked. You turned your gaze over to the Gryffindor table and sighed.

“I really want George to ask me”

“Maybe he will”

“Oh, please. I’m a Slytherin, and no matter what, we will always be put under the stereotype that we are evil and care about nobody but ourselves”

Your friend gave you a sympathetic look and put her hand on your shoulder.

But, what you didn’t know was that George did want to ask you. He just didn’t know how to


The week was up, and tonight was the ball. You sat on your bed, looking at your dress, debating whether you should go or not.

“(Y/N)! Why aren’t you getting ready? The ball is in an hour!” (Y/BF/N) said, taking a seat next to you.

“I don’t know if I should go” you sighed.

“(Y/N), just because George didn’t ask you does not mean you shouldn’t go at all! You have a beautiful dress and it would suck to let it go to waste. So, I want you to get up, put on that dress, let me do your makeup, and come to the ball!”

You smiled at her and began to get ready.


You were glad (Y/BF/N) had gotten you to go. You felt and looked amazing. The that shined above you made your dress light up like a star. Many people complimented you as you entered the Great Hall.

Suddenly, you felt someone tap your shoulder. You turned around and your cheeks immediately became red when you saw him.

“H-Hi, (Y/N)” George stuttered.

“Hello, George” you smiled.

An awkward silence began to linger. But then, a slow song came on, and George gave you a smirk.

“May I have this dance, (Y/N)?” He asked, holding out his hand. You giggled and nodded, taking his hand.

He led you out onto the dance floor and placed one hand on your waist while the other held your hand. You put your hand on his shoulder and you two began to sway to the music.

Silence was falling again, but it was a comfortable silence. You were dancing with George, and you felt happy.

“I’m sorry” he said, breaking the silence.

“For what, George?”

“I wanted to ask you to come to the ball"

“Really? But, I’m in Slytherin. I thought Gryffindors hated us.”

“Ah, well, most of them do. But, you’re different. I know I don’t talk to you much, and when I do, I’m a stuttering mess, but you are the most kind and beautiful girl I’ve ever met.”

Heat began to climb up your cheeks. 
“You think I’m beautiful?” You asked, gazing up at him.

“Of course I do”

“No one’s ever called me beautiful, before…”

“Well then, everyone is blind.”

You felt as if you were about to cry. Before you knew what you were doing, you grabbed George’s face and kissed him.

You pulled away and looked at him. 
“S-sorry” you said, turning away from him. He smirked and kissed the top of your head.

“I wish I had asked you here" he said, turning you to face him.

“Why didn’t you? You’re the only person I wanted to come here with, George.”

“Like I said, I’m a bloody mess when I try to talk to you. I got cold feet and I didn’t know how to ask you.”

A small smile began to grow on your face. “It’s not too late to ask me”

George chuckled. “I have something better.”

You raised your eyebrow at him. “What are you playing at, Georgie?”

“(Y/N), will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?”

Your heart leapt as he said those words, and you found your lips against his once more.

“I thought you would never ask”

~The End~

Thank you for requesting!


Requests: “Can you do Kai x reader imagine where they are friends w/ benefits but then y/n suddenly becomes distant n it’s because she doesn’t want to tell him that she’s pregnant cos she wants to figure it out on her own but then Kai finds out.”

‘Positive’ well it certainly was a positive start to your day. Or a negative one. Either way there wasn’t any part of you that was excited. You were scared and you were shocked. You were pregnant, you were actually pregnant. What hurt the most was that the father either wouldn’t claim the child or wouldn’t want to be in its life. Maybe you were over reacting, Kai wasn’t so bad. But he had told you so many times how he didn’t want children of his own.

Kai said if his children were anything like him then he didn’t want children. That’s what you get for slipping up, you warned him the last time you had sex that you had to play it safe. Being fuck buddies had to be played safe. But the warlock did things his way. Normally he would always want a condom or have some sort of method to use, like pulling out. But he didn’t, he said he wanted to feel closer to you. Well now you’d either never see each other again or you would continue to see each other as you normally do.

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Baby, it's cold outside

Based on “Imagine slow dancing in the moonlight with Kili” from ImaginexHobbit

Part one: A friend in need
Part two: Happy accident
Part three: Baby, it’s cold outside
Part four: Happy surprise


The Great Hall of Erebor was ablaze with the light of torches and the scent of fresh evergreen boughs filled the air. Tables were laden with everything good to eat, and a smile tugged at your lips as you sipped your wine and watched the whirl of dancers circling the floor in pairs, tapping your own toes to the musicians’ lively tune.

Warm breath suddenly ghosted over your neck, and Kili’s lips brushed your ear as he draped your fur-lined cloak over your shoulders and murmured, “come with me.” He took your hand in his, giving you a wink and a smile, and led you from the noisy hall.

He paused in the vast, empty entrance hall to pull you close for a kiss, sharing your mischievous giggle before guiding you out of the Front Gate and into the frosty night. The valley was blanketed in fresh snow that sparkled in the light of a full moon, the windows of the city of Dale twinkled yellow across the river, and the stark, quiet beauty of the scene was a peaceful contrast to the boisterous merriment within the mountain. The two of you stood hand in hand, gazing up at an inky black sky scattered with stars, your breath curling upward in fragile wisps.

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A lovely gift

This is for @shadows-of-1832 !! I know you’ve been a bit stressed lately so I thought some fluff would cheer you up! Honestly, this was hard and I had no clue how to end it and it’s kinda ooc but I suck at fluff. I tried I really did! I hope you like it :)

He had surprised her with a gift. It was left unwrapped, sitting on her bed–the bed he had made up for her each time she left–waiting for whenever she chose to return. There was no note, no letter by her bed, nothing, just the gift, white contrasting against the dark, thick blanket. She approached the bed, hesitant, wondering if she should even dare to touch something so lovely. What if they turned to ash at her touch?

Ridiculous, she scoffed. She bit her lip and rubbed her fingers. She then lifted her hand, and her fingers grazed the soft, white silk. Gloves. Silk gloves. Laced, silk gloves. Her lips parted in surprise, in excitement at the smooth fabric. She took them in her hands, a small smile pulling at the corners of her lips, feeling the gloves between her fingertips. Such a beautiful gift.

She turned, glancing back to the door, half expecting to see him standing there, staring at her. But it was only sunset, she remembered, and Enjolras would not be home for an hour or so. Looking back at the silk like snow in her hands, she could not contain herself. She placed them aside and quickly washed her hands in the kitchen before returning to her room. Éponine, with all delicateness, put on the gloves, her long fingers sliding in, the cool fabric like something foreign, something forbidden.

She grinned, admiring the gloves, how perfect a fit they were; they were tailored just for her, by Enjolras’ specifications, in a way that he knew she would love. And she did. She had always a fondness for lace and silk.

Her smile faded. And she turned to look at the door. She left her room and walked slowly into the small living room, eyeing the door that led out of his flat. She scratched her thumb. She shifted, glancing down at herself, her dirty feet, her velvet dress dusted with soot. Perhaps she should be grateful he wasn’t home yet.

So she cleaned herself up in the washroom and went to her wardrobe in her room, and after glancing over her dresses, nothing pleased her; nothing would match the gloves. She stood there, naked shivering slightly from the cold, a finger hooked over her upper lip, her ebony hair sticking to her damp shoulders. But the longer she stared, the less interested she became. So she left her room to raid Enjolras’. She snatched his favorite red coat and put it on, immediately feeling warm, comfortable. She sniffed it, enjoying the scent of him.

When Enjolras returned, night had fallen. His flat was lit with spare candles, an orange glow throughout his flat. And as Éponine walked into the living room–she was dressed in only her undergarments save for his coat that was generous enough to cover her front–she fiddled with the wrist of the gloves on her hands. She then noticed him and smiled lightly, blushing.

Enjolras smiled back at her, amused at her incredibly odd choice of clothing. “Those gloves aren’t for ever-day use, you know.”

“Oh,” she said. “I know that.”

No, she didn’t. But he didn’t have to know. She moved to him anyway, welcoming him home with a warm embrace and a kiss to his cheek. “Thank you, Enjolras. They’re perfectly lovely.”

He kissed her nose and proceeded to remove the coat he wore before placing it on the sofa. “They’re for formal occasions.”

“And you plan to take me to them?” Her eyebrows rose, skeptical but still smiling.

“I do.”

Her grin went from ear to ear, the smile reaching her eyes. “Oh Enjolras!” She squealed, giddy, excited, struggling to contain herself. “I have never been to any fancy parties! I’ve never been given anything like this.” She went to kiss him, “You’re so awfully good to me!” And she peppered him with kisses.

He chuckled, giving into her, kissing her back as he wrapped his arms about her. He knew of course poverty allotted for few worry-free moments and all that included. Social occasions of course, were definitely not on that list.

“I know how much you love to dance.”

“I do love to dance,” she said. “Although I’m not too good.”

“I can teach you,” he offered. “And besides, I’m sure Marius and the others won’t mind.”

“They’re all going? To where?”

“Marius and Cosette are getting married in a few weeks.” He reminded her. “All of the Amis are going.”

“Ah, yes,” Éponine smiled. “The wedding, I shouldn’t have forgotten.” She looked down at her gloves, staring at the design. “I certainly don’t hope to outshine the bride with these.”

He chuckled, “No, of course not.”

Enjolras kissed her cheek and then her lips, soft and slow and tender, before pulling away to press his forehead to hers. “But to me, you’ll always outshine any woman.”

She blushed, and Enjolras led her to dance, slow, swaying to silence as Éponine laid her head on his shoulder. He kissed the side of her head. The two stayed like that for a while, slowly dancing as the moon rose, whispering sweet nothings and tender I love yous, promises of forever into the night.


Non dovremmo essere qui, con tutta questa gente intorno a noi, tutta questa luce bianca e fredda come la pelle di un morto, in questo centro commerciale dove il brusio meccanico ed invadente del mondo mastica i nostri pensieri e ogni sogno è un altro fiore mai nato.  Dovremmo essere sulle nostre spiagge, confusi tra l’azzurro del cielo e quello intenso delle onde, santificare il fuoco del sole assorbendolo nella nostra pelle perché accenda le nostre anime spente. Dovremmo essere nell’immenso blu del mare ad osservare sciami di pesci ondeggiare nel silenzio tra le rocce, o le stelle marine scivolare in amore tra i sassi; come Ulisse vorrei approdare su spiagge rosa stanco, felice e qui scoprire la tua pelle brillare al sole come una perla appena raccolta, vedere il tuo sorriso bianco come la schiuma, cercare i tuoi occhi socchiusi per la troppa luce che il nostro amore ha. Dovresti esserci solo tu abbracciata a me ed io abbracciato a te qui sulla sabbia, diventare un unico scoglio avere due cuori nella nostra unica essenza silenziosa, dimenticare tutto quello che non vale un abbraccio, tutto quello che non è un bacio, o una notte stretti nel buio, la luce della luna nei tuoi occhi, gli abissi del mare sulle tue labbra, il profumo della primavera nascosto nel tuo seno, tutto il resto non dovrebbe contare o riguardarci o coinvolgerci ed essere solo un ricordo di una vita lontana e non nostra, cosi da fuggire per sempre da questo vocio incessante, da queste ombre frettolose che ci circondano in questo inutilmente enorme, inumano ed anonimo, centro commerciale.

We should not be here, with all these people around us, all this white and cold light like the skin of a dead man in this mall where the mechanical and invasive brusque of the world mastics our thoughts and every dream is another flower never born. We should be on our beaches, confused in the blue sky and the intense waves, sanctifying the fire of the sun absorbing it into our skin to light our souls. We should be in the immense blue of the sea to observe swarms of fish sway in the silence between the rocks, or the starfish slip into love among the rocks; As Ulysses I would like to land tired on pink beaches, happy and here to find your skin shining in the sun like a freshly pearly pearl, see your white smile as the foam, look your eyes sunken for the too much light that our love has. You should only be hugged to me and I hugged to you here on the sand, becoming a single rock to have two hearts in our only silent essence, to forget everything that is not worth a hug, all that is not a kiss, or a tight night In the dark, the moonlight in your eyes, the depths of the sea on your lips, the scent of spring hidden in your bosom, everything else should not count or concern or involve and be merely a reminder of a distant life and not ours , to escape forever from this incessant void, from these hasty shadows that surround us in this uselessly huge, inhuman and anonymous, mall.

8: Soul Mate

I could tell you of placement
In painting, creating a story;
However you would like to define.

I would speak to you
In tune and rhythm
To synchronize
A harmony with time.

Perhaps say
What it takes
To make words
Run freely
And flowing through.

I Wish to,
Believe me,
I do.
Of signs I see,
With your name
mixed with mine.
Both ending in 9.

And when laid
Side by side,
Eternity widens.
That’s why
I look to the moon
And sway in silence.

Our Dance Before War. [Thorin x Reader.]

Originally posted by adiosassholes

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Requested by: Anon.

Based Oncould I request an imagine where you’re dancing with Thorin in Erebor before BOFTA? (it would also be pretty cool if Fili/Kili walked in and promptly asked for dancing lessons, but i don’t mind). Also i wanted to say your lovely blog inspired me to write my first (short) piece of fanfiction, and it was super fun to write; so thanks :)

A/N: Of course you can, sweetie. I really do hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with, and may it fulfill all of your expectations and more. Thank you for requesting and i’m so happy to have inspired you to write your own faniction! I’d definitely love to give it a read, i you don’t mind sending me a link to it? c: Please enjoy, anon! - Kat

Pairing’s: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader.

Word Count: 837.

Warning’s: Fluffy Thorin, sweet Thorin, sappy as hell Thorin. Fili and Kili interrupting your dance with Thorin, Fili and Kili bickering over who get’s to dance with you. Lot’s of fluff and sweetness! (Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything.)

Disclaimer: Thorin Oakenshield, Fili and Kili DO NOT belong to me, but they do indeed belong to Tolkien!

amrâlimê = love of me.

‘ibin abnâmul = beautiful gem.

Erebor’s Great Hall was laced in ruin and wreckage after the colossal dragon had plowed through it. “May I have this dance? Even if it may be my last…” a deep rumbling tenor shimmied into your eardrums, causing a tremor to tear through your spine. You spun to face Thorin, the King Under the Mountain, and were astounded when you saw the sad glimmer within his adoring sapphire orbs. With his hand outstretched, fingertips brushing the rear of your hand, you nodded, obliging to his wish to dance with you.

The deep richness of the inferno fire pits that lit this Great Hall up, cascaded distorted and obscure shadows across the ghostly stony walls. Thorin twirled you around, your skirts flaring out like a ballgown; before he promptly brought you flush against his chest. He was content in swaying in timid silence, basking within your glorious company. “I am sorry for my foolish behavior. I have not treated you in the way in which you deserved, in the way in which I had promised you the moment that I plaited that courting braid into your hair.” he breathed out true heartache, that strummed miserably at your heart strings.

“You are definitely not to blame, my love. You were ill!” the exclamation echoes throughout the kingdom, scattering and scrambling back into your ears several hundred times before all falls silent.

A sweet smile spreads across your lovers face, though it is meek and brittle, it still warms your heart. “You are too kind to me, amrâlimê.” he sighs contently, his worn calloused hands holding your hips with a tender delicacy. “My ‘ibin abnâmul…” he exhales, forehead pressed to yours, whilst his nose skims yours with attentiveness. “You are my entire world and worth more to me than the gold stored away within this kingdom. You are the elegant silver moon that lights my dark path. You are my silver lining, amrâlimê.” and to that he spun you about again.

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Captain Rex - Glitches

A few unconnected scenes set during Malfunction and Shutdown from Rex’s point of view, with one set after both. Basically just fluff with a touch of sass.

Warnings: Injuries happen? Maybe some swearing + kissing. (Also - I know nobody says the F-word in space, but come on! You just try to find an equally versatile alternative to it!)

Wordcount: 1000

Notes: I made the reader gender female because it comes more naturally to me (being female) and it’s hella hard to describe someone from someone else’s point of view without mentioning gender. I hope that’s ok with everyone! :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Are all Jedi this fidgety? Rex doesn’t think so; he’s worked with many over the course of the war, and they’re normally level-headed and wise like General Kenobi. Either that, or they’re dangerous and reckless like General Skywalker. But not Y/N.

Sure, she’s trying to be calm and focused, but Rex knows how to notice details some might miss; the slight hitch of her breathing, the rapid blinking, the way her hand keeps going to where her lightsaber should be (no chance they’re getting anywhere on a Separatist world if she’s got one of those.) She’s nervous, and trying not to show it; and even as he’s watching her she backs up closer to him. Rex swallows and tries to hide a smile; she’s strangely endearing, for a deadly warrior. 

Somewhere across the hold, there’s a clanking noise, and she jumps. Her hand, again, goes to her hip, and Rex can’t help lauging a little when her eyes go wide. He sets both hands on her shoulders, giving them a comforting squeeze. 

“Relax, darling,” he says. The words feel strange and foreign on his tongue - he calls people by their names or their titles. But even though it’s strange, it’s not unpleasant. He decides he rather likes it. “We’ll be there soon.”

Y/N smiles, distracted. “I hate this,” she mutters, as if it wasn’t obvious to the whole ship. 

“Am I that hard to be around?” he finds himself joking; he’s rewarded with a snort of laughter from her.

“Yes,” she says, rolling her eyes. “That’s why we’re married.”

Rex blinks; for some reason those words, coming from her, make his stomach clench. What the hell’s that about? He clears his throat and tries not to think about it.

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