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A Little Slow On Love (pt. 2)

title : A Little Slow On Love

with : Hyungwon (Monsta X)

summary : Seeing as you’re failing your classes, your Mother hires you a private tutor. (fluff) 

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Five books you should read to learn more about creativity

What five books should you read if you want to learn more about creativity but have no idea where to start?

I’ve read a lot of books centralized around the concept of creative thinking over the last ten years. Everything from the psychology or creativity to how some of histories greatest artists utilized it in their work and lives.

When I first started learning about creativity I had no idea what the word meant, but that’s changed quite a lot over the last few years of reading and researching and writing on the subject.

I’ve come to learn that creativity is our capacity to generate novel and useful ideas, and that it ultimately comes down to our perspective and what we do with it. To adjust our perspectives—and to expose ourselves to new ones—in ways that spur and inspire creativity, we must be open to new experiences, willing to take on new challenges and look outside of constraints, have grit and be motivated, and remain ever curious.

Within these five books I believe you can get everything you need to know about creativity at some primary level. In no particular order, here are the five books I’d recommend for anyone just starting out in the realm of creativity.

Creative Confidence by David M. Kelley and Tom Kelley.

The Kelley brothers have struggled for many years to learn what it takes to encourage people to think differently about the world and the work each of us do within it. In their book, the brothers emphasize a few key lessons about creativity that drive home the importance of play, curiosity, and confidence.

Ingenius by Tina Seelig

Described as “a crash course on creativity,” Stanford University’s Tina Seelig demystifies much of what creativity has been known for over the past few decades. She not only uses clear language to define creativity, but gives examples and actionable take-sways that make this book a must-have for creative thinkers.

Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

Johnson’s book is a bit more technical than the others, but with the additional benefit of going into more of the science of ideas and creativity than other books.

Creative Intelligence by Bruce Nussbaum

Nussbaum takes a more scientific approach to what we know about the mind and how creativity bridges the gap between imagination and intelligence. The book is a bit more technically daunting, but is highly rewarding in that it will energize you to think creatively while giving you details on how to move forward.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Undoubtedly one of the best books I’ve ever read on the topic of the creative act, Pressfield doesn’t get into much science or philosophy but does focus on some of the more magical and emotional aspects of getting creativity to work for you.

And that’s it! Five books I’d recommend to anyone just beginning to show an interest in creativity.

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"Make me"

Hermione Granger x Pansy Parkinson

“Make me. Make me do it, Granger,” Pansy threatens, as she holds one of Hermione’s books dangerously over the toilet bowl, pinched between two of her fingers.

“Pansy,” Hermione retorts, clenching her fist against the bathroom’s doorframe and staring at her book. “Don’t.”

Pansy responds by standing up straighter, a slight grin curving at the corner of her lips. “Then apologize.”

A deep sigh escapes Hermione’s mouth, as she realizes this is another one of Pansy’s ruthless efforts to get what she wants. “I’m sorry.”

Pansy tilts her head to the right. “For?” The hardcover book sways back and forth between her fingers.

Hermione shoots her girlfriend a sarcastic smile. “For calling you aggressive.”

A triumphant smile lays across Pansy’s dark red-painted lips. “Thank you.” She reels the book back into the crook of her arm and quickly walks over to Hermione, who still stands in the doorway. “Now was that so hard?” she asks, handing the book back to Hermione, who snatches it dramatically from Pansy’s fingers.

“This whole situation is a bit ironic, don’t you think?” Hermione replies, smile growing across her face.

“Oh, shut up,” Pansy says, leaning forward and planting a firm kiss on Hermione’s cheek - which definitely leaves a vibrant red stain.

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Nightcrawler x Reader One Shot

Summary: One of Kurt’s favorite hobbies (aside from being a total show-off) is being super needy for your attention irritating you just for the fun of it

Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader

You sit curled up on the library couch, immersed in your reading, when the silence is disrupted by a familiar blue mutant.

 “I’m bored.” Kurt peers at you over the book in your hands.

 With a sigh, you moving the book over his face. “Then go bother Peter or someone.”

 “I don’t want to bother Peter, though.” his head pops up between your arms, grinning. “I want to bother you.”

 “I’m busy.” you complain, trying hard not to smile. “You’ll just have to make do.”

 Groaning, he lays his head on your lap. “How could that book be more interesting than me? I can juggle.”

 Despite yourself, you giggle, pushing him away. “Seriously, Kurt. The professor’s been helping me with my telepathy, and I will give you a serious migraine if you don’t leave me alone.”

 “That’s not a very ethical way to use - Ow! My head!”

 “I warned you,” you laugh, ignoring his pout. He sits, unbudging, in front of you with puppy dog eyes.

 Giving in, you groan. “Alright. Just wait twenty minutes, okay?”

 “I can’t wait twenty minutes!”

 “Well, too bad.” you twist yourself around so you can’t see him.

 Finally, you hear a familiar bamf! sound, and you think he’s given up. Smirking smugly, you curl up more into the couch, refocusing on George Orwell’s words - when a long blue tail dangles in front of your nose.

 Looking upwards, you find Kurt hanging from the ceiling, a cheeky grin on his face. “Sorry, Fräulein!” he shouts, before suddenly grabbing your book with his tail, and disappearing.

 “Hey!” you cry, spinning around. He sits perched right behind you now, swaying your book teasingly from side to side.

 “Now can we go to the mall?” he pleads, dodging your desperate hands.

 Sighing, you loop your arms around his neck. He looks at you in confusion, brows furrowed. Was this some sort of diversion? Maybe - suddenly, you press your lips hard against his, and he gasps.

 Pulling backwards, you laugh at the shock frozen across his face. With ease, you pluck the book from his now unmoving tail, settling back in your position. “Just for that, you have to wait thirty minutes.”

 Before you even manage to open the book, however, his face is inches from yours, smiling dumbly. “Now I really can’t wait.”

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YA/Teens - Week of September. 15, 2014

My 4 Star Review of Made For You by Melissa Marr

Unpopular Opinion (Maybe??)

I don’t want Dorian to end up being with Manon. I don’t want Lorcan to end up with Elide. 

Maybe Manon and Dorian go on the quest and mess around or whatever, but I don’t want them to be the end game. I want them both to be happy so if this happens, I won’t be upset. The same goes for Lorcan and Elide, but I just don’t feel the connection between them as much as I did with Manon and Elide. 

My main problem with it is that Manon and Elide had such a good chemistry when they were first introduced, and I thought that Sarah was going to build on that, and I was super hyped to have a lesbian couple in the series. Especially since they’re both such strong and independent characters, and they hit it off (in my opinion) when they met and their friendship made me so happy throughout Queen of Shadows.

But who knows, maybe I’ll be swayed in the upcoming books, and I’m not saying that I’m not happy with the way that Sarah is writing it, don’t get it twisted. I adore her writing and the characters, and I’m looking forward to what she has to offer. I’m not going to stop loving her writing or stop supporting her just cause she the author chose what to do with her characters.  

Please feel free to leave your opinion and thoughts, but I will not tolerate hate towards her just because your canon ship didn’t end up happening, she’s still human and an amazing author.


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CONVAIR Suzanne House

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Cookies - Caboose x Reader

I love Caboose, ‘nuff said. 

WC: 889
SUMMARY: Baking is always fun, even more so when you’re accompanied by your loving helper. 

Each time he smiles, you can feel your heart leap, the butterflies dancing in your stomach whenever he pulls you into a tight hug. There’s just something amazingly innocent about him, like a small patch of earth that remains untouched by the harshness and cruelty of man.

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pairing; doll/mannequin!jihoon x creator!reader

summary; No man has ever caught your eye. You saw them as stuck up, annoying, disgusting and arrogant… That is, until Jihoon began to function without strings and fingers to pull them.

word count; 1,421

a/n; wowie! haven’t posted any of my works for weeks! my biggest apologies everyone, im v busy w school and work. im currently in bed w the flu so ive been writing a butt ton all day! im tagging @fairyjeons​ bc she’s beyond excited to see this! <3

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Drarry x Reader

Plot:  You catch Harry and Draco together and promise not to tell anyone unless they help you get rid of a stalker (Cormac McLaggen).

Writer: badassurie

“Ugh,” you grumble as you try to carry a stack of books that sway precariously in your arms. “First that tosser McLaggen and then Snape. Who can write twenty inches on the uses of lacewing flies?”
You push through throngs of students and make your way to the Slytherin common room, where hopefully Blaise was waiting.
“Blaise?” You call out. “Has anyone seen him?”
Pansy cocks an eyebrow at you. “Blaise went out with that Ravenclaw girl, didn’t you hear?”
“But… But we were supposed to do our Potions homework together!”
Pansy smirks. “Good luck Y/N, he’d been trying to score a date with her for two weeks. He’s not coming back here to study.”
You nod and trudge back up to the dormitory. The common room was too loud.
Blaise was your best friend but sometimes he was very irresponsible. He was the biggest player in the Slytherin house.
The girls dorm was full of giggles, which meant that there would be no studying there too. You sigh and go up the boys dormitory. You’d rather wait for Blaise.
On your way to his four poster, you hear some noises.
You frown, thinking it’s your imagination.
The noises get louder, and you suddenly see Draco in a lip lock… With another boy.
With Harry Potter.
“Oh my god!” You screech horrifically.
Draco breaks apart and stares at you in horror. “Y/N, this is not what it looks like, I-”
“Oh my god.” You repeat. “You two are dating?”
Harry stares dumbfounded at you. “No, no-”
“And you let him in the common room?!”
“Y/N,” Draco pleads. “He doesn’t know the password.”
“How did he even get in here without anyone noticing?!” You yell.
“Let me explain!” Draco says.
You sit on the edge of a bed and motion him to continue.
“Yes, we have been meeting behind everyone else’s back. Harry used a Disillusionment Charm-” he looks at Harry cautiously. “To get in the dorm. He doesn’t know the password. Does that answer your questions?”
“No. And… Why should I not tell the others about this? You do realise you’re betraying all of us, Draco?”
“Y/N, please don’t tell anyone.” Harry says. “Please. I’ll do anything.”
Despite the situation, you find your mouth twisting in a smirk. It’s not everyday you find the Boy Who Lived begging you not to spill the beans.
And certainly not promising you he’d do anything to save his hide.
“Well, boys, I want you to get rid of a stalker for me.” You say.
“Who?” Draco’s eyebrows go up. “I thought you were capable of getting rid of the annoying ones yourself, Y/N.”
“Well, yes. But this one cannot take a hint to save his life.”
“Who’s he?”
“Cormac McLaggen.”
Harry groans.
“And uh, another thing.” You say.
“What?” Malfoy asks tersely.
“Finish my Potions homework.”

The Thing about ARCs

If you follow a lot of book people (publishers, authors, librarians) on Twitter, you probably already know what’s going on, but I want to talk about this ARC issue here because 1) I want to express myself in more than 140 characters and 2) I have yet to see the conversation anywhere on tumblr (or very far beyond Twitter). Because I know there are lots of non-librarians who follow this blog, I’m going to break this down as simply as I can and try to explain some of our jargon along the way.

Cutting for length, but basically, I’ll explain what an ARC is, who they’re intended for, the controversy over who gets ARCs, the controversy over people selling ARCs, and proper ARC etiquette. This is important not just for librarians and booksellers, but bloggers and readers, too.

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anonymous asked:

Well...i dont think I'm being judgmental when I am stating facts. Those two killed a bunch of kids aaaannddd you support them. You have a blog about them. So, was just wondering why you would do such a thing?

Well…your choice of words ‘support them’ is rather poor and inaccurate because it has not a thing to do with facts, it’s simply your presumption of how it is. First off, this blog isn’t about a ‘them’. If you had bothered to look around (based on your responses, I think it’s safe to say you didn’t much, if at all) you would’ve noticed that this blog is specifically about one of the two Columbine shooters. Secondly, blogging about Dylan Klebold is not synonymous with ‘supporting’ his last actions taken in the last 49 minutes of his life. That’s like assuming that someone with a blog about Charles Manson is a Manson Family follower or that someone blogging about Lee Harvey Oswald is A ok that he shot JFK or that a multitude of authors that write about Hitler aren’t just interested in his personality facets but are loyal, faithful supporter of the Nazi ideology. It’s a mistake to pass such knee jerk judgments and then to believe your own assumption to be fact. To add insult to injury, you believe yourself to only be merely ‘curious’ or ‘just wondering’ as to why it is that I’m doing what you’ve already decided of me as doing. You’re not really asking me out of open, forthright curiosity; you’re simply pretending to ask and then telling me that it’s bad or pathetic. Not really a true question nor a fair one, now is it? Thirdly, this blog is unconventional and probably, yes, too taboo for many to (still) handle. If I wanted a traditional, safe and ‘political correct’ blog, I could be one of many Columbine blogs out there that only discusses Rachel Scott ad nauseaum or the other twelve victims. Of course, we’d never really learn anything about why Columbine actually happened in the first place because the boys themselves are the key; they are ground zero. Columbine does not start with the victims, it starts with these two boys dumping their pain onto others and by extent, the entire world and now decades later, and we’re still dealing with the fall out. My blog is an exploration of Dylan specifically in an attempt to dig deeper beyond society’s ‘monster’ label and to fully understand and appreciate, yes appreciate, who Dylan was as an individual human being. A person with good, bad and shades of gray just like the rest of us. Yet, a personality forever linked with Eric Harris so much so that they could be Siamese twins - but the fact of the matter is, Dylan was a contrasting opposite to Eric in personality, unfortunately, a complimenting contrast too. I chose Dylan specifically because when I began my research, I found aspects of my own personality gravitating and resonating with his own in a very intense, deep manner. This blog is about honing the magnifying glass lens on one individual, one teenage boy, that ended life horrifically and tragically, so that we may bridge the gap between who he initially was - a brilliant boy that wanted to be happy and a good person and to have good things in his life - and what he tragically became in his struggles and silent suffering – and to then understand how and why he chose to make such a choice out of desperation. People that frequent this blog often feel compelled to walk in Dylan’s shoes or to walk beside him in their own pain to fully understand, to gain a more well rounded perspective of why Columbine occurred. If you don’t get, don’t worry, others do. And so this blog is for those people. Doesn’ make it ‘pathetic’ or wrong if it’s beneficial to other people that find enlightenment and peace from it.

It’s important for society to not just focus on what is considered ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’ subjects to entertain on Tumblr or elsewhere because ultimately we never really learn anything of intrinsic value from the banal ‘safe’ subjects - there’s nothing to inspire people to think differently or to wake them up to systemic issues going on this world today as a result of a historical event such as Columbine. We need to have the courage to look at these 'boogie men’ society shares a part in creating. It is not a crime nor by default, a show of 'support ’ of their actions taken to look at these instigators that made bad choices out of personal pain and mental illness. Hurt people hurt people. Looking at Dylan is not supporting him but understanding him more fully. For many that visit here regularly, Dylan is that familiar mirror image of themselves in silent suffering. The simple fact is, any one of us in the midst of trying times that would spiral us deeper into a state of mental illness could have us just a hair’s breathe away from doing what he did. We should recognize him within ourselves and embrace it together instead of looking away and suppressing pain. This is the key. To embrace the shooter as the troubled, disconnected, unhealed parts of our own selves, to work through it and to find healing through our relating to him.

If we continue to ignore these mass shooting perpetrators and brush them under the carpet than history is doomed to repeat itself as it is happening right now, over and over and over again. This phenomenon is a wake up call to the world, really. Part of the problem begins, and ends, with the ignorance, exclusivity and close-mindedness in this world. People such as yourself, that come to my blog and automatically assume I support something that you deem incorrect or 'pathetic’, is part of the very same Ouroboros circle of intolerance and judgement that motivated Eric and Dylan to do what they did to make a point to the world and to end their suffering and pain. And if you believe that bullying didn’t factor in at all whatsoever in regards to these two boys killing others and themselves, then you’re in denial by either your own making or in part due to being swayed by Dave Cullen’s book of lies. The Columbine killers were made not born and society contributed to misshaping them. Own responsibility; respect others differing view points, embrace the ugly until the shadow’s recede. You can either fear and hate or be open, loving and tolerant. It’s as simple as that. Only through empathy and attempting to fully understanding will we ever gain wisdom and make positive world changes. Yes, here on this particular blog, we can give ourselves permission to explore the life and times of Dylan Klebold, and in so doing, we can be in support of a better world by breaking the cycle of intolerance and pain through our understanding and compassion. This blog is not for everyone and that’s only because some people are just aren’t there yet in getting the full picture, to see the forest through the trees. If you still can’t comprehend than there’s simply no way for me to convince you - nor is it my desire to. You’re free to visit a multitude of other blogs and not come back to mine. If you decide to stay, then respect is all I ask, otherwise, this is the last time I’m expounding on this for you.

anonymous asked:

Hun. The whole Chaolena is dead post was terrible. You just jinxed yourself. As someone who's said "I know exactly what's going to happen in the next book" and then it crashes and burns I suggest not doing that. Rowaelin can end up in the grave. I'm not saying this to be a bitch. I don't even have any ships in that series. Chaolena can come out of the grave and Doraelin is not dead so..... In books there's infinite possibilities :)

first of all, hun, it was a joke. based on this post I saw ages ago and found hilarious.
obviously you do have ships specifically Chaolaena or you would not be so butthurt by my post.
I would like to point out that I am entitled to my own opinion and ship (and posts because it’s my blog?)
I didn’t tag Chaolaena unlike other ships because I don’t want to spam their tags. tbh I find it inconsiderate when people tag their anti ship in hate posts. don’t do that, people.
I tagged Rowaelin only because it was meant for fellow Rowaelin shippers. I have nothing against other people and their ships because like I said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion which includes their own ship. including you who is so offended by a silly 30 second edit I made.
my post was terrible you say? please. I didn’t write up a whole post bashing Chaol (and why are you dragging my cinnamon roll, Dorian, into this????)
I didn’t even say a thing about Chaol. OR DORIAN. I didn’t trash talk anyone. so I don’t really see what’s so terrible about it. 
I am sure the only people who are as offended by it as you are… are anti Rowaelin shippers. 
I simply made an edit to entertain myself and my friends and almost 200 other people so far.
and then you say I jinxed it? if my dumb edit of a tombstone has that much sway over the next book, I WILL MAKE 9000000 more.

“i’m not saying this to be a bitch” but have a nice day, anon.