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W I N T E R • T E L E V I S I O N
What we use as our bedroom is actually a tiny room off the side of the house that is basically all windows, including this picture window that looks out at the backyard. It is great for weather watching and a bit of stargazing. I’m especially loving watching the wind whirl the snow around, the trees dancing and swaying and the the bar harbor bell that my sister gave me chime. It’s nice to sit in relative silence and do nothing other than just observe observe what is going on outside these cozy walls…
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What's the latest on your XJ?

Well my leaf springs look like mustaches. They were getting bad, but I drove 1200 miles with damn near everything I own in that Jeep and it wasn’t great for the ailing suspension. It’s time to just say fuck it and get a lift kit. Oh and my struts are going too. And I think my driver’s side sway bar bushing.

Home sweet home…..

Anyways, prob gonna either post this car up for sale all together or part it out piece by piece so if anyone living in Cali (or more specifically in the Sacramento area) is interested, definitely hit me up and we can discuss prices for either ✌🏽

• 2006 base package manual 350z

• HID headlights

• LED tail lights

• 35th anniversary rims on

• Nismo sway bars (front n rear)

• CD009 transmission

• rev-up engine

• immaculate interior (message for pictures)

• runs and drives

• smogged n registered until March ‘18

• etc..

More details/pics available if ya message me 😊

And yes, we’re on eBay and Craigslist

Brad imagine - a drunk guy hits on you

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The loud music of the club vibrates through the soles of your feet and your chest. The hazy air smells of alcohol, sweat, cologne, perfume, and people. It’s very crowded in the club, but you don’t mind. You’re there with your boyfriend having a blast.

“Want another drink?” Brad shouts over the music.

You nod to him and grin. After having a few drinks already, your mind is fuzzy and any words you say are slurred and/or hiccupped.

Brad smirks softly, pecks your lips, and leaves to the bar.

You sway your hips to the music and scan the scene around you. Many couples are dancing together – grinding on one another, touching each other, and kissing. Normally, you’d make a face at all of the PDA, but in your drunken state you simply giggle.

“Heyy,” a deep voice says behind you. “Yourass iss more hot thann thesun.”

You furrow your eyebrows and turn. His slurred words have to process in your mind before you can respond. “Uhh, thanks, I guess.”

The man grins at you, showing his yellow and crooked teeth. He reeks of weed mixed with alcohol, and you cough.

“Y’know,” he continues, going closer to you. “A pretty thing like you shouldn’t be allll alone here.”

“I’m not alone,” you say quickly, sobering up a little. “I’m here with my boyfriend.”

The man raises his eyebrows and looks behind you. “Where is he?”

You bite your lip and point to the bar. “Getting drinks.”

“Hm.” He smiles and looks you up and down. “Wellll, why don’t we go find a niccce bathroom and have somefun, yeah?”

Appalled, you shake your head. “No.”

He frowns. “Why not?”

You open your mouth to respond, but get cut off when he grabs your arm. “Don’t you want me?” he breathes into your face, making you wrinkle your nose.

“No. And you’re hurting me.” You struggle in his grip, but it stays tight.

“Hey!” a familiar voice shouts. “Let go of her!”

You look over your shoulder and see Brad storming over towards you.

The man laughs. “You her boyfriend?”

“Yes.” Brad grits his teeth and clenches his fists at his sides. “And I said let her go.”

“Or else what?” The man tightens his grip on your arm and you whimper, trying again to struggle out of his hold.

“Or else this.” Brad swings his right fist forward and it collides with the man’s jaw. You hear a sickening crack and the man yells, letting you go. You quickly cower to Brad and hear the man swearing.

“You broke my tooth!” he exclaims with bloody spit and a piece of a tooth in the palm of his hand.

Brad sneers at him. “And I’ll break something else if you don’t get out of here.”

The man grumbles under his breath and glares at the two of you before shoving his way through the crowd.

Once he’s out of site, you throw your arms around Brad’s neck. “You saved me.”

He holds you close to him and rubs your back. “I’ll always save you, you know that, right? Especially from cunts like him.”

With a faint smile, you nod and rest your head onto his chest. “You’re my hero, Brad.”


Finally installed the GReddy x KW coilovers with Eibach Sway bars on Saturday 11 MAR 2017. Took a minute to try and figure out optimal height, but pre-alignment, she ain’t so bad. Now to dial everything in and get a real alignment done.

Right now, the car sits at 25.5" in the rear fr the ground, and 25" I’m the front. The car has been roughly dropped 1.5" front and rear, which to be frank, is a bit excessive with the 245/40r18 wheels. They don’t rub, they don’t seem to bottom out so far, but I am concern about not having enough stroke, or the tires rubbing on the fenders in a tight turn.

I’ll likely go to a 1.25" drop in the front, and a 1" drop in the rear. If I can’t see the very top of the tire, I don’t feel comfortable having the car that low.

I’m also considering fender flares still, but I want to wait until after the car has had a solid alignment. At the end of the day, rule of thumb seems to be “have the car as low as possible to drop the center of gravity as low as possible, without having any form of rubbing or scraping.” After that, it’s about fine tuning.

The suspension is 1-way adjustable. While I can adjust the ride height, I can also adjust the rebound. It is 20-way adjustable, and currently set at 10. The car is bouncy on public roads, so I’ll likely drop to a 5 on all four corners and see how the car fairs.

This is a brave new world for me. I don’t know much about all this, but I hope I learn and can dial in this car finely. I can’t tlwait to try her on the open road… This is exciting 😁

Club Stay || Easton & Adrian

Even by himself, Easton was making a conscious effort to enjoy club Stay.  He’d never here before, but he’d heard good things.  It hosted a plethora of different people; straight, gay, black, white, tall, short.  The atmosphere was friendly without being overt, which made it easy for the cellist to blend in and get lost in the crowd.  He smiled politely whenever someone made eye contact, but mostly, he stuck to swaying near the bar.  

Easton was working on his fourth or fifth whisky sour when Adrian messaged that he was on his way.  Knowing he had a good position to see the door, he hopped onto a stool at the bar to wait.


(Summer night out) (open rp) (possible nsfw) (Equestria girls) *ahhh finals week. Finally over. Sadly, twilight’s parents, velvet and nightlight have denied her going out for the first night of summer. So, in an act of rebellion. She switched up her hair, and threw on some very revealing clothes. Twilight decided to sneak out and go into the city anyways. She walks into a local night club, she hasn’t reached legal drinking age just yet, but a very well connected rainbow dash was able to get her an ID that said otherwise. You also happen to walk into the bar, you see the crazy haired, girl, she already had a drink, not much of one though, and was on the main floor dancing. An older friend of hers, vinyl who graduated a year ago from canterlot high. Became a local DJ and was performing at the club. Twilight looks over and sees you, winking before walling back to the bar, swaying her hips side to side. Awaiting you to follow, if you choose to of course*