I started a custom clothing company in January. In my 6 years working for other companies there was always a client who would grab the fabric and look at it really close like they were trying to find Waldo.

So, when I wanted to open my own shop I found a brass cartography loop to be able to get a close up shot of my swatches.

Then it turned into a weekly Instagram post a la #swatchoftheweek

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Swatch of the Week • we’ll call this an inverted Glenurquhart check. A sharp, grey scale shadow plaid that will be killer made up with a peaked lapel. Notice the hidden “zipper?” #swatchoftheweek (at BLVDier)

Swatch of the Week • this grey on grey graph check, also known as a dice check, is a great homage to suits from the 60’s with its large scale pattern in a slightly irregular hue. Made up as a sport coat, it best pairs with dark grey or black trousers. #swatchoftheweek #ariston #dicecheck (at BLVDier)

Swatch of the Week • a potato colored base yields a neutral background for a tan single window and grainy grey double window pane pattern. And incredible jacket with grey trousers and brown accessories. #swatchoftheweek #gladson (at BLVDier)

Swatch of the Week • this heathered herringbone is comprised of 85% wool and 15% silk, with the latter lending a smoother and more rigid hand to the fabric. While named for the chevron look of a herring’s skeleton, Loro Piana's® skilled millworkers make a lovely textured fabric that’s on a level of its own. #wool #swatchoftheweek #herringbone

Swatch of the Week • reminiscent of a tattersall, this English plaid works great as a jacket paired with jeans or charcoal trousers. This is a sturdy fabric at 12oz, so a half lined, soft shouldered construction will keep you from overheating and allow the fabric to show itself off. #swatchoftheweek #fabric #plaid