Skin tone swatches, for use as a resource. 

Spudfuzz on Deviantart made the original resource, which I modified to be a bit more realistic. She gave me permission to post this.

These swatches, like all art resources, should be used as a “jumping off point!” All colours are relative, and change with lighting conditions. As they are now, these swatches work best for adoptables, character lineups, and other art where local colour is important.



I’ve been asked quite a few times about swatches I use in my notes and in my journal. As you can see my favorite is probably the grey Mildliner 😂 I use my Muji gel ink pen in 0.38 with all of these. Pictured: Zebra Mildliners. Stabilo point 88 pens. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner nature pack. My new Pentel brush pen.

PS - sorry the lines aren’t very straight, I have a hard time drawing straight lines on unlined paper 😂

Whack At It Wednesday || 02.03.2016

Don’t take that perversely. I know some of you did. On Wednesdays, not only do we wear pink, but I also would like to use these 24 hours to try something new. Take a whack at it!

Today, I tried some studyblr swatches. I saw the lovely @studytildawn post some and I fell absolutely in love. Not very risque, I know, but it was still something new.

What new thing might you try today?


LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bars: Review, Swatches, Demo, and Tips!

Dual-color lipsticks meant to create a 3D/Ombre lip aren’t new (I think Hard Candy or some other brand did these before), but the formulas and the 10 duos available from Laneige are gorgeous.

I’ve got all 10 swatches here, but if you’re afraid ombre lips don’t look good on you, I’ve also got my tips and tricks on how to get a more seamless and flattering ombre effect on the link below.


been putting some of the pics on my reference tag thru the colorviewfinder app to generate pallets. Lotsa fun, highly recommend it, great for using later when you’re trying to pick colors for a piece. Generally, I just pull up all my saved swatches (of which I have a bazillion) and plop down any of them that may fit the theme or feeling I want for the painting. what usually ends up happening is I create an entirely new pallet from this kind of piecemeal of four or more other pallets. its good fun! enjoy the colors! 


By accident, zitahawthorne introduced me to this lipstick and I am in looooooove. I got every color they have cause I have no willpower and it’s incredibly cheap. Each one goes for around 3 bucks, but I snagged the whole set for 30 bucks on ebay right here! They’re super pigmented, NOT STICKY, have a minty tingle thing goin on, you can mix em, you get a ton in a little tube, the list goes on and on! SERIOUSLY. IN. LOVE. 10/10. TREAT YO SELF.


Too Faced Cosmetics La Belle Carousel Review and Swatches

Every year or two, there is a holiday gift set that is so jaw-droppingly good that you just HAVE to buy it. 

This year, my pick is Too Faced La Belle Carousel, an uber-cute kit shaped like one of those cardboard candy-boxes, filled with 6 detachable panels containing:

3 eyeshadow quads

2 blush and bronzer duos, and

a small tube of Better Than Sex mascara

First off, it’s fantastic value. It’s USD49 at Sephora. You get 12 full-size shadows (I say full size but at 1.6g each, you’re getting MORE in each pan than a full-size MAC shadow), 2 x 8g of blush and 2 x 4g of bronzer. 

That’s incredible value in most cases, but when you consider the fact that Too Faced has some of the best pressed powder cosmetics in the business (ultra smooth, pigmented shadows and silky bronzers and blushes), it’s downright mind-boggling. 

But I’ll just let the swatches speak for themselves. 

There were only a couple of shades which were so-so. Santa’s Boots is a glittery black but the glitters don’t show up or stay well even though the matte black is smooth enough. And Sugar Plum Fairy is quite crumbly and needs a good base to stay on nicely even though it’s beautiful once on.

The best thing? It’s an impressive gift for someone special (or yourself), OR you can split it into 6 little gifts for 6 of your gal pals. Versatile!

OpenToonz Swatch Tutorial

Complaints aside, I’m not giving up on this program. 

So here we go:

Turns out OpenToonz has a function similar to Adobe Animate CC’s “Tag Swatches”.

You can simply open that by clicking on Windows > Other Windows > Pallette to get this thing here: 

“Tag Swatches” give the users the ability to change the color used with the swatch into another. Such as:



To add another swatch, simply right click inside the box and press “New Style”.

It will create a new swatch for you to draw/color with.

EDIT: “New Page” allows you to have another tab of swatches. So you can make one for each character/object/etc.

To change the icons in the palette, select the drop-down shown in the picture and choose whatever you’d like. For me, I’d rather have the List View.

That’s it for now. Will this satisfy anyone? Sorry if I’m not very good at tutorials X/