🌺 Autumn Mornings Socks 🌺

I’m in such denial about this impending winter that I’m pretending it’s still autumn, just disregarding that snow outside of my window. 
I wanted some cute high autumn inspired socks for a dress I have so I edited a pair of already existing socks and recolored them!


  • Custom thumbnail
  • Standalone
  • 30 Swatches
  • BGC
  • Unisex
  • All ages




The After Dark Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay!

10 shimmery eye shadows


Limited Edition

Will be Available Online at Sephora December 20th/Online at Urban Decay Cosmetics January 14th / in stores January 27th.

Tiffany Blue is the colloquial name for the light medium robin egg blue color associated with Tiffany & Co., the New York City jewelry company. The color was used on the cover of Tiffany’s Blue Book, first published in 1845. Since then Tiffany & Co. has used the color extensively on promotional materials, including boxes and bags.

The Tiffany Blue color is protected as a color trademark by Tiffany & Co. in some jurisdictions including the U.S.

The color is produced as a private custom color by Pantone, with PMS number 1837, the number deriving from the year of Tiffany’s foundation. As a trademarked color, it is not publicly available and is not printed in the Pantone Matching System swatch books.


Sharing my City Living Long Jacket Hoodies since I’ve gotten requests to share them. Thank you so much for the support, this is encouraging for me to continue sharing things I create for my game. *HUGS* Love ya!   💕


  • 10 stand-a-lone swatches
  • Must have City Living
  • Males only
  • Created using Sims4Studios-Jackpot latest version
  • My game is updated as of 12/07/16
  • Google Free Images



Thank you to all the CC creators! I love how my game looks because of your work.


Skysims hair retexture - Sims 4

2nd attempt to use mm textures on alpha hair (they’re not clayified) Hope you enjoy :)

Standalone, 15 swatches, Custom Thumbnail

You NEED the mesh converted by @hallowsimsbackup for my version to show up! Find it HERE

Download retexture (no ad*ly) :

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Don’t have any idea why I haven’t recolored these vintage, poofy hats because I love the size and shape of it and it goes great with @savage-sims latest collection. I am a fan of the newsboy hats, I wore them in middle and high school, so I thought it would be nice to have more choices in my game.

22 Recolors of Savage-Sims Vintage, Poofy Hat


Thanks to all CC creators which I used for this preview!




On the seventh day of Christmas, PatronusxCharms gave to me… a tiny new set of succulents! ✿

So in case it wasn’t obvious already, I am fond of succulents. Imagine my delight when I realized I had one last folder of illustrations to share with you when I started planning out my gifts for this event! This is a very small set, but it should go nicely with Succulents Collections 1 + 2 that I released earlier this season. This set hsa 7 swatches, all on a BGC painting which coasts just 50 simoleons. Enjoy!

✿  DOWNLOAD [simfileshare]

PS: To find my CC in-game more easily, just search for “patronusxcharms”!

Skin tone swatches, for use as a resource. 

Spudfuzz on Deviantart made the original resource, which I modified to be a bit more realistic. She gave me permission to post this.

These swatches, like all art resources, should be used as a “jumping off point!” All colours are relative, and change with lighting conditions. As they are now, these swatches work best for adoptables, character lineups, and other art where local colour is important.