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✨ 🌸 mildliner inspired study playlists🌸 ✨

blue pack (cool)

  • mostly instrumental music for improved concentration
  • best for “chill” study sessions i.e. re-reading lessons, rewriting notes, making annotations, flashcards etc
  • of cool breeze floating gently into the room, causing the edges of curtains to flutter. you look up from your notebook and notice how quiet the world is, how clean your desk is. books are neatly stacked in a corner; the vase has fresh daisies in it. you can hear your soft breathing in the silence.
  • everything is so calm, and yet you’re crying.

pink pack (neon)

  • for when you have something due at 7am and it’s already 4am but you’re just 50% done RIP
  • no really why did you procrastinate???!
  • gotta have some power POP instead of power NAP
  • “I swear I will never do this again!!!”

yellow (warm)

  • nothing really matters in life anymore; you’re just numb™
  • but you still have to study because people expect so much of you; you expect so much of you
  • this is sitting in a room feeling tired and lonely, pale sunset light surrounding you. this is thinking you’re too old for your body; that everything good has already happened.
  • this is flipping absentmindedly through textbook pages, re-reading every sentence twice because your mind is elsewhere.
  • and maybe this is about remembering something to live for, even if it’s that one friend, that one tv show

I know I’m late posting about Kat Von D’s new Everlasting Liquid lipsticks. But I saw the swatch video on Facebook and then I started thinking about them.

The shades that appeal to me are: Lovecraft, Haze, Ludwig, Hawkwind, XO and Woolf. The downside is that they all have different launch dates, so they’ll come out in dribs and drabs. Hopefully I can get some of the shades I like when they are released.


A quick and easy tutorial for those wanting to update mirrors that aren’t working after the toddler patch. Simply, the problem is just like the lighting patch of 2016; tuningID names have been simplified and the ones no longer used have been removed from the game files. Because of this the game throws a script error because that tuning file cannot be found and objects cannot be placed. So what can we do? Replace the old tuning names with the new ones. 

For mirrors, the new generic tuning IDs are:

Floor Mirror:

Tuning Name: object_mirror

Tuning ID: 14948

Wall Mirror:

Tuning Name: object_mirror_wall

Tuning ID: 36584

Simply follow the steps above to change out the tuning names and values then your mirror should work (but check all swatches ingame to make sure you didn’t miss any). Be sure to keep a backup copy if you make a mistake! You must change all tuning names and IDs in all the object definition resources. Just doing one object definition resource will not be enough as each swatch has its own unique one. This is a little tedious, but gets the job done. Hopefully this will help those not sure what to do. 

Happy fixing!

Edit: Batch fix now available! Go download S4S for it!

Kinda shook rn, cause I made my palette 37 (+3) swatches!! So, like, I am happy :3 And a lot of the colors look really nice, they are transitions between the original colors…but, some are p cool :33

anonymous asked:

Hi, a shy annon over there. I'm trying to use gimp to made some clothes, but I don't know how to do a patern without erasing the "shadow" of the clothes. Any advice?

Heya! I made a short tutorial about it.

1. Open the texture you want to recolour. Preferably a white swatch of it. If it doesn’t have one, pick the lightest colour swatch.

2. Make sure it’s grayscale. To do so, go to Colors -> Desaturate…

3. Now go to Colors -> Brightness-Contrast. Experiment until you see very light white and quite dark black together. The point is to make it very contrasting.

4. Now duplicate the layer, and make the duplicated layer plain white. (To do so go to Colors -> Colorize… and set everything to 100. Make sure this layer is below the original texture.

5. Now open the pattern you want to use and move it between these two layers, and set the Mode to Multiply. (Where is Mode?)

6. Now with the first, over-contrasted layer selected, go to Colors -> Color to Alpha. Originally the white colour is selected, so you just have to click OK. Now all the white pixels changed to transparent.

7. You can start experimenting with the opacity and the mode of this layer. If the shading is not visible enough, duplicate the layer. 


My favorite lip looks that I did this week so far.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in “Anna”

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in “Speak Louder” with Miley Cyrus Lipglass on top.