swatch girls


By accident, zitahawthorne introduced me to this lipstick and I am in looooooove. I got every color they have cause I have no willpower and it’s incredibly cheap. Each one goes for around 3 bucks, but I snagged the whole set for 30 bucks on ebay right here! They’re super pigmented, NOT STICKY, have a minty tingle thing goin on, you can mix em, you get a ton in a little tube, the list goes on and on! SERIOUSLY. IN. LOVE. 10/10. TREAT YO SELF.

alt fashion is like such a big part of my life that its just so strange and foreign to me when i hear people talk about like “evening” makeup, “unwearable” lipstick, summer/winter/whatever colors.

like… i don’t get this mentality! at all!

wear that sequined cocktail dress at 10 in the morning!! put on neons even when the temperature drops! you’re waiting for an “occassion” to wear those shoes? fuck it!!!!! life is an occasion!!! weekdays are worth celebrating and life is short and you are fucking gorgeous so who cares!

why would anyone limit themselves like this?!

Urban Decay lipsticks in Rush and Fiend 

I have never tried an Urban Decay lip product before, but I love the formula of these lipsticks! They’re very moisturizing. Now, I don’t think you can tell the color difference from this photo. Even though I didn’t mess with the colors in an editor. To me, Fiend looks more pink. In real life, you can tell the difference. It’s just so hard to capture! 

I LOVE when girls swatch stuff on their hands or hold up the product and do that thing they see other vloggers do where they cup their hand behind it, which is meant to force their camera’s auto focus to re-focus/re-expose for the product but these girls are doing it with their shitty webcams that don’t adjust and they’re just doing it because they see other girls do it I LIVE FOR IT