This is what those “activists”, the self serving false martyrs, those who spread an ideology of perpetual victimhood don’t want you to see.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the archaic childlike fantasy of “rebels” vs “the empire” because it just isn’t reality.


The parents of a toddler who was severely injured when a SWAT team’s grenade exploded in his face may be on the hook for all of his medical expenses.

Georgia will not pick up the tab for the more than $500,000 worth of medical treatment Bounkham Phonesavanh received after he was injured during a botched drug raid in May.

“It leaves me heartbroken to know that they really don’t have any compassion or remorse for what they’ve done to my family,” Phonesavanh’s mom, Alecia, told The Huffington Post. “

I read all these articles about how bad they feel and how traumatized they are, but I don’t see it. I don’t see it in their words or their actions at all.”

A SWAT officer threw a flash grenade that landed in the toddler’s crib, badly burning him. The blast left holes in Phonesavanh’s face and tore away at his chest, exposing his ribs.

He was put into a medically induced coma for days and, at one point, had only a 50 percent chance of survival, his family said.

Authorities said that they previously purchased drugs from the house and that there was no evidence to indicate a child would be present.

The suspect, wanted on federal drug charges, was not there. The American Civil Liberties Union has challenged the assertion that there was no sign a child could be present, saying that there were toys in the front lawn.

Phonesavanh said there were no drugs found in the house and that it was “not a drug house.” Now, the county says it’s not legally allowed to pay the child’s medical bills.

“The question before the board was whether it is legally permitted to pay these expenses,” the county said in a statement sent to the station. “

After consideration of this question following advice of counsel, the board of commissioners has concluded that it would be in violation of the law for it to do so.



A police standoff left a black woman dead and her son wounded. Parts of it were captured on social media.

In a country where it is more than allowed, it is a guarantee, that we the citizens have a right to bare arms especially in our homes for self protection. When the police were informed of her having a weapon (that should not have come as a surprise in a nation where there is a weapon for every man woman and child on the streets today) in her possession as you have entered her home they should have backed off and come at “whomever” in a different non-lethal manor. I am no professional but count the steps it would have taken:

  1. Back off - reduces tension - good thing
  2. Block perimeter ensuring public safety and trust - good thing 
  3. Place a phone call (we know you have her number you shut down her live feed) - good thing 
  4. Mother not dead, police not hated even more - good thing

Fair warning: This story is sickening.

The man pictured above is Chad Chadwick of Fort Bend, Texas. He had no criminal record as of September 27, 2011, when, feeling distraught, he had a little too much to drink and fell asleep in his bathtub. Maybe not the greatest decision (my neck hurts just thinking about it) but certainly he was not breaking any laws.

Unfortunately for Chadwick, a friend was concerned about him and—rather than just checking up on him in person as would be the normal thing for friends to do—he called the police.

That call resulted in a full SWAT team heading to Chadwick’s apartment. Seriously, look at this photo from that night:

That cop is pretty much ready to go into battle, but he’s on a call to do…what? Make sure a guy is feeling ok and not self-harming? This is absurd.

So the police storm Chadwick’s apartment where he’s sleeping in the bathtub. I’ll let his narrative take over from here:

They told a judge I had hostages. They lied to a judge and told him I had hostages in my apartment and they needed to enter,” said Chadwick.

Chadwick did own a single shotgun, but had threatened no one, not even himself. Chadwick’s firearm possession apparently prompted SWAT to kick in his door, launch a stun grenade into the bathroom and storm in, according to Chadwick, without announcing their identity.

While I had my hands up naked in the shower they shot me with a 40 millimeter non-lethal round,” said Chadwick.

A second stun grenade soon followed.

“I turned away, the explosion went off, I opened my eyes the lights are out and here comes a shield with four or five guys behind it. They pinned me against the wall and proceeded to beat the crap out of me,” said Chadwick.

That’s when officers shot the unarmed Chadwick in the back of the head with a Taser at point blank range. "They claimed I drew down with a shampoo bottle and a body wash bottle,“ said Chadwick. And it wasn’t over.

"They grabbed me by my the one hand that was out of the shower and grabbed me by my testicles, slammed me on my face on the floor and proceeded to beat me more,” said Chadwick.

Chadwick, who hadn’t broken a single law when SWAT burst through his door, was taken to the Ft. Bend County Jail with a fractured nose, bruised ribs and what’s proven to be permanent hearing loss.

So this SWAT team completely fabricates a story to a judge to get a warrant to enter Chadwick’s house, finds him asleep and unarmed, brutally attacks him, deafens him permanently, and then what? Well, then they arrest him, charge him with six crimes—including felonies—and throw him into solitary for two days.

Needless to say, calling the police did not make Chad Chadwick less distraught.

But this story has a better ending than most tales of police brutality. Over the course of the last three years, Chadwick succeeded in getting all felony and misdemeanor charges against himself dropped. He was able to keep his job and build his relationship with his daughter.

Yet the officers on the SWAT team have yet to face any consequences for their actions, so Chadwick is still working to hold them accountable for their abuse. “They came in did what they did, figured out that they messed up and now they are doing everything they can to cover it up,” he says. “They treated a normal American citizen like an animal. It’s not right.”


Police staging a mock Tunisia-style ‘marauding gun attack’ on streets of London in the biggest ever counter-terrorism exercise in the United Kingdom. The exercise included 999 services, intelligence agencies, Armed police, the military, SAS special forces and spies who staged extraordinary show of force to test reaction to a terror attack. July 1, 2015.


Young Thug and His Crew Were Surrounded by a SWAT Team in Pittsburgh

Local police and a SWAT team rushed them with guns in hand. The incident went down following Young Thug’s performance at Summer Jam at the Southside Event Center.

Authorities were initially called in because a member of security reported seeing a member of Thug’s crew “swinging” a gun. The members of Young Thug’s crew that were armed provided valid paperwork for their firearms, and the incident was later diffused.

The police went completely too far in their actions. Everyone who was strapped, had legit conceal papers. Was it because it was bunch of young, black men talking loud and a little wreckless after a rap show? Clearly a case of profiling. #Hate it!