This is what those “activists”, the self serving false martyrs, those who spread an ideology of perpetual victimhood don’t want you to see.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the archaic childlike fantasy of “rebels” vs “the empire” because it just isn’t reality.


A police standoff left a black woman dead and her son wounded. Parts of it were captured on social media.

In a country where it is more than allowed, it is a guarantee, that we the citizens have a right to bare arms especially in our homes for self protection. When the police were informed of her having a weapon (that should not have come as a surprise in a nation where there is a weapon for every man woman and child on the streets today) in her possession as you have entered her home they should have backed off and come at “whomever” in a different non-lethal manor. I am no professional but count the steps it would have taken:

  1. Back off - reduces tension - good thing
  2. Block perimeter ensuring public safety and trust - good thing 
  3. Place a phone call (we know you have her number you shut down her live feed) - good thing 
  4. Mother not dead, police not hated even more - good thing

Police staging a mock Tunisia-style ‘marauding gun attack’ on streets of London in the biggest ever counter-terrorism exercise in the United Kingdom. The exercise included 999 services, intelligence agencies, Armed police, the military, SAS special forces and spies who staged extraordinary show of force to test reaction to a terror attack. July 1, 2015.


So you mean to tell me James Holmes, Dylan roof and countless other mass murders were practically in the same situation as this young woman here and for some strange reason they were able to be taken into custody alive and she’s dead? And someone being mentally ill doesn’t equal a death sentence so don’t come on my post saying she deserved this or her son to be injured either. Why do other countries have better interactions with police as well as low instances of police brutality and the US has the highest rates of police brutality as well as death at the hands of officers. This isn’t right.