swarovski crystal rhinestones


Dazzle ✨


My keychain parts finally came in the mail today after a month long wait + customs *__* The swarovski crystal heart rhinestones also came in for the wedding charms! I’ll be getting samples some time next week to make sure everything looks ok together and decide on the acrylic type (between an opal and a white frosted). Other than that, I plan on doing another run of the winter charms with additional characters, including JJ, Otabek, Phichit, Minami and Chris

Queen Charlotte of England Pearl Tiara

With clear faceted Swarovski crystals, ivory freshwater pearls, and rhinestones gathered into floral clusters, this lovely bridal diadem is elegant and gorgeous

Silver plated ribbons of seed beads and rhinestones loop into a beautiful backdrop which would be perfect for the classic bride, and the the head-piece ends in two loops that allow you to fasten it in your hair with hair-pins


All the above are current works in progress- for my charity auction print series this year, I’m making prints of each of the mane six in their Rainbow Power designs. Each print will be embellished with Swarovski crystal rhinestones and signed by their respective voice actress. <3 Twilight will be auctioned first at BABSCon, with the other characters TBD.