swarovski crystal colors

<p>The Pink Posey</p> <p>Couture adult size pacifier, handmade using over 200 Swarovski colored crystals. </p> <p>$24.99. </p> <p>To order message on tumblr or email lspacelabel@gmail.com with your email address for a PayPal invoice. </p> <p>Think Classy! Think Cute! Think Little!


The 7th headdress to be offered this Sat. at 6am PST, is the Green Earth Fairy Headdress with Ellette Fairy Wings. Green and metallic bronze flowers sit at the base of the miniature Ellette wings on either side. Both are speckled with Swarovski crystals, and an emerald colored jewel sits in the center of the celtic embroidered ribbon. Beaded strands with crystal drops hang under the flowers, and it attaches with hidden clips.I hope to squeeze in one or two more by tomorrow night :)

#earthfairy #celtic #greenfairy