We use our AI car, BB8, to develop and test our DriveWorks software. The make and model of the vehicle doesn’t matter; we’ve used cars from Lincoln and Audi so far, and will use others in the future. What makes BB8 an AI car, and showcases the power of deep learning, is the deep neural network that translates images from a forward-facing camera into steering commands. 

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This chrome extension fakes your search history to troll the hell out of your ISP

  • In a blow to consumer privacy, Congress voted to officially repeal Obama-era Federal Communications Commission guidelines that prevented internet service providers — such as AT&T, Verizon and Comcast — from collecting and selling your sensitive information to third parties without your consent. 
  • Assuming President Donald Trump will sign the bill, there are a handful of preventative measures you can take to protect your data, such as using a trustworthy virtual private network service (known as a VPN) or a Tor browser. Or you can just try and confuse the hell out of your ISP. Read more. (3/30/2017 2:05 PM)

“Happiness is for stupid, ignorant people.” She huffed quietly. “Educated people feel happiness too, I’m sure.” Clarke grinned, looking at the giggling couple infront of the swing set.

“I never said uneducated, do not mistake education for intelligence.

Intelligence is knowing you cannot know everything. Education is believing you can know everything.

Besides happiness is contentness, and intellectuals are never content.

Intelligent people never dull their feelings down to just one anyways. They feel blissful, exhilarated, joyful, uncontainable, infinite. Intelligent people feel infinite.”

—  An excerpt from a book I hope to write.

I put a bird feeder in my backyard.  Within hours, the squirrels had torn it down, chewed it open, and eaten all the seeds.

I put up a metal bird feeder. The squirrels knocked it down and rolled it around until all the seeds fell out.

I put up a Squirrel Buster bird feeder with a special mechanism to block the seed trays if a squirrel stands on it.  The squirrels shook the top of the feeder without standing on it, making all the seeds fall out.

I put a big conical squirrel blocker device on the bird feeder pole, and today I looked out the window and saw this.

I’ve now greased the squirrel blocker.  I’m not even angry.  I’m just curious what their next move will be.

So I was just sitting outside and all of a sudden a huge swarm of black birds (I don’t know what kind they are) just came down and landed in the trees and on the ground. They just kept coming!
If this isn’t a sign/omen of something idk what is…
Anyone think this is a sign? Or just birds flying north? Lol

This is some @sixpenceee shit