swarm of the dead

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"This is impossible." Shakarian!

“This is impossible,” Garrus murmured. A map of Menae sprawled in front of him, the dull red of Reaper-controlled regions pressing against the silver borders of the remaining Turian outposts.

Palaven hung heavily in the sky. Even though his back was turned, he could still feel the stares of the dead swarming across space and lodging themselves in his shoulders.

“I need someone,” said a voice in the distance, and Garrus felt as though his heart was bursting and compressing at the same time. He cautioned himself that it might not be her, even though he had no doubt that it was. “I don’t care who, as long as they can get us the Turian resources we need.”

Garrus’s eyes turned from his map to his sniper rifle. He took a slow breath. Maybe impossible was too strong a word.

It’s been a while since I’ve dreamed of anything, but this time around my mind cooked up the ending to Attack On Titan.

They make it to a field of sunflowers with an “entrance” outside to another beach area. (I saw it being a panel which was coloured on my dash)

Floch is the first one to make it, but… a bullet one-shots him. Ships are spotted on the horizon, but everyone is one-shotted similarly to Floch.

Men swarm the area, looking for more survivors.

Shot of the dead bodies.

The story ends with another boy named Eren waking up with another girl named Mikasa asking him why he is crying.

That’s a Mist ending, alright. I ended up laughing when waking up because it was so bluntly cruel.

The Disney Princess Approach

Context: Trying to leave a keep via a long disused door. It’s our first session, and for about half of us our first time playing at all. We found barrels of dead fish, 3 of us filled our pockets with 2 lbs of the stuff.

DM: “Suddenly a swarm of Rats, attracted by the dead fish you insisted on bringing with you, begins drawing all over the party.”
Halfling Ranger: “…I have animal handling, and a pet mouse -”
DM: “Pet mouse?”
Halfling Ranger (ooc): “Urchin background!”
Halfling Ranger: “Okay so I pet the shit out of the rats, trying to calm them down.”
Gnome Cleric: “I can speak to small animals! I tell them there are more barrels of fish down the hall so they’ll leave us alone. I also give them a fish.”

Both attempts fail horribly at soothing the rats, really they just start chanting “fish! fish! fish!” demanding more.

DM: “Okay roll for initiative.” Clearly expecting us to fight the rats.
Gnome Cleric: “ I cast an illusion, a pile of fish just down the hall, and once again tell them that there are so many fish back there that they don’t need ours.”
*Nat 20*

DM: “…Okay…The rats see the illusion and run off towards the smell of fish. They are thoroughly convinced and very thankful for your gift. You can hear them still chanting for fish, which to everyone else just sounds like rhythmic squeaking.”

Now we all got to pass through, keep our fish, and the keep may now have a problem with highly organized rats.


No Justice, No Peace (9/21/16, Part 2): Another night has turned rebellious in Charlotte. Protesters took the streets in downtown Charlotte, specifically around the EpiCentre, expressing outrage at the murder of Keith Lamont Scott, a fixture in the local community. Reports vary between the police and witnesses–police claim that Scott was brandishing a gun (in an open carry state), witnesses say he was carrying a book. Protests began peacefully, but escalated throughout the night, particularly after riot police swarmed the scene. One protester was shot dead and remains in critical condition (the police claim it was by a civilian, witnesses on the frontline claim it was by police), while several other protesters were injured. The night is still early, and protesters are in the street. Pray for safety for everyone out there.

UPDATE: A state of emergency has been declared in North Carolina, and the National Guard is being deployed to Charlotte. (Part 1)

Monitor Theory

I dreamed of the oldest sound
silver static on dead TV channels,
a swarm of blue white light
crackling all around me,
fragments of my puzzle piece
at night and asking,
“Why can’t you sleep?”

I went to bed with high hopes
and woke up empty handed.

I dreamed of the oldest sound
the long, low creek of the firmament
bowing under the weight
of your beauty
and all the dreams that reigned
down upon the earth
stole my sleep in the night
and replaced it with a
knowing smile.

I went to your temple in secret
and maybe you saw me there last night
and took pity upon your supplicant
and that is why I dream of
old sounds,
the way you smelled,
the longing that feeds the fire
that burns bridges inside the beams
across the wine house
of my heart.

Yesterday was a long time ago
but every night I see tomorrow
as a chance to hone today’s love,
and that is the oldest sound
even when I’m turned off
and collecting dust.

Lay me on the road. Next to the other dead carcasses.
Watch the murder, swarm above. Rip me limb to limb.
Took everything and left me. Only eyes to see what they’ve done.
You don’t know what it feels like to have it all rest on something important.
Pressures pushing in from both sides. I’ll break soon.
I would try to scream, but I don’t have a voice anymore.
Been at it for weeks, there’s no end. Feeling stretched across the table,
I’m next to nothing. All the eyes on me, watch me fail.
Always left broke, no where is home. I see the edge but I pretend that I don’t.
Go on ahead, make sure to say hello cause I won’t be there.

Please consider the following for your Role Playing Game:

Undead Law Enforcement. 

Zombies shamble through the busy city streets, magically compelled to detain wrong doers. They won’t eat your brains, but if you resist arrest they might nibble a little. 

A botched bank robbery turns into a scene out of the walking dead as Police Zombies swarm the building and the robbers desperately barricade the windows and doors. 

A string of unsolved ritualistic murders, you say? Vampire Detective is on the case!

Unfortunately, local circuit court and DMV are all ghosts with no concept of time vis a vis mortality now, so the gears of justice have never ground slower or finer, but hey, at least your murder hobos can go on a crime spree and fight the local city guards with little to no provocation without feeling all bad about killing humans with families!

The Wild Card (Extended Tiva Ending OneShot)

A/N: This explains why Ziva didn’t tell Tony about Tali and how she survived the bombing. It is long but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Description: Tony and Tali go to Israel and Paris and find Ziva and live happily ever after


Faces fade in and out; they swirl around his head like a swarm of flies that won’t leave.

She’s dead. The farmhouse burned. She’s gone, DiNozzo. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m-

He jolted awake from the same nightmare he’s been having for days. The same nightmare in which the love of his life has died and his friends try futilely to console him. The same nightmare that he refuses to accept is his new reality. He is the wildcard, after all.

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Haven by miss_grey
Rating: M/light NC-17 (for violence)
Word Count: 59,900
Summary: The world is ending again.  It’s nothing new.  What IS new, though, is its weapon of choice.  The dead walk, swarming the earth in their endless, mindless pursuit of living flesh.  Unable to stop the catastrophe before it starts, Team Free Will does their best to minimize damages.  During their mission, they encounter a ragged group of survivors led by a man named Rick Grimes. Together, they may be humanity’s last hope for survival, but there are other pressing needs as well.  Like safety, and shelter.  And figuring out how to do more than just survive in this new, crazy world.
SPN/Walking Dead Crossover.

Given what we know about the Croatoan virus, I am really surprised it took this long to see an epic length story that brings together the characters of the Walking Dead and Supernatural. I am a late comer to the Walking Dead and have only seen the first season. That said, these characters were made for each other! The themes of found family and responsibility that course through both narratives blended perfectly. Yet at its heart, this is a Dean/Cas story.

The relationship between Dean and Cas is everything I could have wanted. The author has created alternate timelines that mix the glory days season 4/5 with elements of season 8 and 9 to create a story with Team Free Will facing the End of Days. One of my favorite things was Cas. Castiel is an Angel of the Lord, a cunning tactician and a BAMF. Stories like this bring those elements front and center:

Cas moved through them like water, every single movement intentional, graceful. His trench coat fanned out behind him, and to the sides when he spun to lay hands on more of the walking dead. He was a force of nature. Unstoppable. Epic.

It may be the end of the world, the dead are walking the earth, Heaven and Hell have closed up shop, but the author still ended the story in a way I really enjoyed.  And ya know…those fuckers gonna cuddle!

The Terror that Flaps in the Night

The Makuta sets we got during the G1 years were all pretty interesting, but I feel a little robbed that we never got a moth themed Phantoka set. Don’t get me wrong, basing the light-hungry Makuta on bats was a good idea.

What we could have gotten though were light-hungry Makuta with giant creepy wings that dripped shadow, terrifying eye-spot patterns that shifted and mesmerized enemies. A Makuta with the flight capacity of a hawk moth would make for a fast and deadly enemy. Considering some moths are known to suck blood or feed on the remains of the dead, and that large swarms are a blight on crops, they would be an excellent animal to base a Makuta on.

And I totally want a pretty moth princess Makuta action figure.


the game is finally out! PLOT TWIST, ANOTHER freakin zombie game! embrace it! Swarm of the Dead, currently available for iOS users, but there’s an android version coming out (hopefully soooon??) If you like clash of clans, this is probably gonna be fun and familiar territory. i did the splash, character design and animation, and the comic panels. BOOYAH! go download it for free, and ENJOY THE MAYHEM. 

Deep into the canyon
that is my mind
you’ll find
the jagged rocks
that tear and slice.
The edges aren’t smooth,
the corners aren’t folded nicely.
You’ll notice how thoughts
swarm like flies over dead carcasses. How day turns to night faster
than the speed of light.

Down here
In no mans land
You’ll see the division.
The bridge between light and dark,
good and evil,
and right and wrong,
is never tranquil.
No the walk across isn’t soothing.
The bridge itself is rickety,
Swaying without touch from the wind.

Be careful as you cross!
The wooden planks give away easily.
I’d hate for you to fall
As I have many times.
Caught between what you want and what you need,
stuck between what you feel and what you think,
Trapped by walls and unsure which cliff to climb.

No, I can’t have you crossing from the lands
dotted with bright wild flowers
with only enough rain to dance in.
Land washed in laughter
and drenched in pure intentions.
I couldn’t ask you to leave that for the 3 am mind.
The side flooded with tears and confusion.
The half that doesn’t control my gasping for breath
because it thinks I don’t need air to live,
Or to live at all.
The same half that will rip off my mask, that is so cleverly placed
and cower in the very act.

No, I can’t let you see that.
While you may love
The me basking in the sunlight
You’ll never adore
The me hiding in the underbrush.

For all its smooth rocks,
There are jagged ones.
For all its light,
There are still shadows.
For all its peaceful streams,
There are still wild waves.
I could never ask you to sail those rough waters.

I’m at war with myself.
This canyon of mine
Is behind enemy lines.
It’s a dangerous mission.
So don’t fall in love
With the side that isn’t ugly.
Because I’d hate for you
To think I made you breathe,
Only for me to drown you
With my tears.

this is Mike’s (”dead”) hive!!! 

Mike is my beekeeping mentor. His queen died this spring and he decided to take the summer off (after losing a couple of hives over the last two winters). But he left his two hive bodies and some old honey reserves out so the dying hive could pass on natural and slow. In the meantime, about mid-July, he started to see activity. He put it down to robber bees. But the level of comings and goings has been consistent since then. 

I was actually fretting about my hive some, because as the summer progresses, the activity at my hive has reduced considerably – so that Mike’s “robbers” were looking at least as active as my hive. So I’ve been worried. 

Today, Mike opened his hive bodies to find he caught a swarm!!! He has an active working hive with a laying queen! 

He is, as you can hear, pretty psyched about it. So am I. We are planning to treat my hive for mites in the next couple of weeks (Mike said he’ll help) and I need to get my honey extracted. But wooo-hooo! This is great news. 

Change of Company || riotsdownbelow, nervousnocturnal, & rainbowpinions

Gunfire exploded in his ears, making his nerves shatter to pieces. The shrapnel of those broken nerves struck him right in the heart, jumpstarting him into movement. Brady stumbled forward, adrenaline pumping through his veins and roaring in his ears. Wide lilac swiveled to take in the man who had just fired the gun so very close to him. A grin of malice spread across those lips he’d previously considered to be friendly, and fear struck him hard and fast.

Sound filled in on every side of him, people in a panic over the pirates now swarming the street all around them. A man, innocent as could be lay dead in the street. Because of the captain Brady had been catching a ride with. 

“Aww, don’t look so startled, rookie.”

The taunting words came with a rough hand on his shoulder before another crew member he’d thought was nice was moving on past him. To terrorize people and hurt them… leave them dead in the streets. Brady’s stomach flipped over and he curled down in on himself, trying to suck in air.

He… he had to get out of here. Horrible chaos was spreading out around him, screams mixing with laughter and making him feel dizzy and close to tears. Standing up on legs full of nerves and the inability to properly support, he stumbled away from the bulk of the chaos. Or at least the c a t a l y s t.

Away from the crew he’d trusted he moved, heart frantic and eyes brimming with tears. A strong man, clear muscles from fighting, was roaming nearby and he all but latched on to his shirt. 

“I… I’m sorry. I’m just going to… hide behind you for a moment.”

With that said, behind the larger man he moved, sucking in a few deep breaths and trying to gain his composure back.