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1. Otp’s? 
- zankie of big brother 16 lol
2. Favorite movie? 
- ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the graduate
3. How long have you been on tumblr? - 2 years, 4 months

4. If you could date a character who would it be?
 - karen from spongebob squarepants, i would be like theodore twombly from Her
5. Smut or fluff?
- i don’t read smut srry bbs

6. How do you take your coffee? 
- I don’t drink coffee :0

7. Do you speak any languages besides english?
- un poco español

8. What country are you from?
- United States

9. What is your favorite season?
 the summerrrrrrrr

10. Where do you like to shop? 
- h&m, macys, target

11. movies or books?

12. What the #1 most played song on your iPod? 
- “Wide Eyes” by Local Natives

13. Favourite body part ? - my hurrrrrr

14. Do you have/want any tattoos ? - i want one maybe; i don’t know what i would get

15. Your eye colour ?
 - so dark brown that it’s almost BLACK

16. One if your favourite quotes?
 - i don’t memorize quotes idk :0

17. Your dream job?
 - stare at google maps all day

18. Hardest thing you’ve ever done? - tried to answer this question

19. Last movie, book and TV show that made you cry or tear? - i teared up at silver linings playbook :PPPP

20. Do you have any scars ?
 - one on my eyebrow (toddlerhood injury), one on my lip (another toddlerhood injury), probably one developing on my knee from when i scraped it 3 weeks ago

21. Describe yourself in 5 words ? - derp loud chill squirrelly observant
22. Favourite TV show ?
 - BIG BROTHEr, lol that’s it

23. What’s your middle name? Steven

24. Where would you travel if you could go anywhere in the world? bikini bottom

25. Favorite restaurant? Angelo and Vinci’s, fullerton calif

26. How many posters are on your wall? 
27. Any piercings? through my aching heart none

28. Worst bad habit? sometimes i tune out from people/stop listening 

29. Have any siblings? 1! my wee little sister

30. Height? 

31. What’s the background of your phone? a picture i took while camping a few weeks ago. its a view of the valley below the palomar mountains

32. Mexican food or Chinese food? Mexican food!

33. Favorite music genre(s)- “indie”, “alternative rock”, “ambient post-indie punk wave”, “chillpostcore

34. Most used app - snapchat maybe?

35. You’re about to die and you have time to make a phone call to a loved one, do you make the call if so who do you call and what do you say? my mom, tell her i love her and to tell the family i love them too

36. You discover something mythical, do you tell the world of your discovery or keep it to yourself? depends on what it is. if its an individual thing, id make the judgement to either keep it for myself of give it to someone who i thought needed it most. if its a renewable/infinite thing, then yes i’d tell about it BUT then again that could be dangerous

37. Any unusual thing you put on certain foods? nope, nothing too strange. 

38. If your significant other told you they were a robot how would you react? I would ask how many others there were (like in Her)

39. If you only have 3 days left to live what do you do? go on a hike with people i like

40. If you could live in a movie/tv show universe which one would you choose? SPONGEBOB

41. What do you sleep in? my b o x e r s

42. Most sexual dream you’ve had? "i don’t remember” might have involved a classmate… or a dog

43. Would you be a super hero or a super villain? Why? a super villain, because they get cooler color schemes

44. What would be your Super power? the power to not have to sleep ever

45. You have to option to date a super hero or super villain which do you date? a super villain! we’d be BAD ASS MOFOS

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46. Where were you the last time you had a milkshake?

47. Describe how you feel about insects:

48. Do you use the fireplace in your house?

49. What’s one thing someone can tell you that’ll just set you off into a flying mad rage?

50. What’s one thing someone can tell you that’ll make you super happy?

51. What’s the longest time you’ve gone without a shower?

52. what’s the best dish you can cook?

53. describe your style in 3 words:

54. favorite meme:

55. most hated meme:

56. paper or plastic?