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Hi! I wanted to ask if you know all or any comics with mostly deadpool and spider man? I only found two (the new recent ones) but I know there's more out there (either old or few years back), I think. It'll be very helpful!

Let’s see here–– In order of publication? I wonder if I can list them all...

Deadpool (1997) #11, Deadpool finds himself timewarped into a young Peter Parker’s shoes. The two don’t meet, it’s mainly body-swap antics. 
Cable and Deadpool (2004) #24, their first official meeting. Deadpool flings an unassuming Peter Parker right off of a bridge, and finds himself facing up against a very bitter Spider-man. They also team-up to take down venomsaurs in Cable and Deadpool #50
Amazing Spider-man (1963) #611, Spider-man and Deadpool fire yo mama jokes at each other, and there’s really nothing more to say. 
Deadpool (2008) #19-22, Deadpool and Spider-man team up to take down a monkey hit-man, appropriately named hit-monkey. 
Deadpool: Suicide Kings (2011), easily my least favourite Deadpool story, but I’m obligated to mention it anyway. The origins of the famed Red Team, Deadpool is aided by Daredevil and Spider-man to clear his name and stop the Punisher from chasing him down. 
Identity Wars (2011): Amazing Spider-man Annual #38, Deadpool Annual #1, Incredible Hulk Annual #1, this crossover event takes Spidey, Deadpool and Hulk to a parallel universe, where Peter Parker is the most powerful hero on Earth, Wade Wilson is the most powerful crime boss on Earth, and Bruce Banner is not only serene, but sorcerer supreme. One of my favourites. 
Avenging Spider-man (2011) #12-13, another one of my personal favourites, Deadpool infiltrates Spider-man’s dreams and tricks him into breaking one of his lesser-known foes out of prison. 
Deadpool (2012) #7, a flashback issue where Deadpool has a brief run-in with a young Peter Parker.  
Deadpool (2012) #10, Deadpool and Superior Spider-man team up. 
Deadpool Annual #2 (2014), Spider-man is having troubles with the chameleon, so Deadpool helps out by donning the web-slinger’s tights. 
Uncanny Avengers (2015) #1, not exactly a team-up issue for the boys, but one that is well worth reading to keep informed. Spider-man throws a diva tantrum and quits the Avengers after Deadpool’s reckless behaviour. 

And that brings us up to Spider-man/Deadpool (2016). Marvel is being courteous enough to publish a Spider-man and Deadpool team-up collective, Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 0: Don’t Call It a Team-Up, to get you set for the new series. If you’ve got the cash, it’s probably a worthwhile investment.