swap instruments

fall out boy... let me write your setlist

• novocaine and phoenix mashup
• bang the doldrums 72 times
• the entire folie à deux album
• the kids aren’t alright while joe and andy crowd surf
• soul punk patrick making a return
• instrument swap: joe singing, andy on guitar, patrick on bass, pete on drums
• live reenactment of the young blood chronicles (with random crowd members as the other characters)
• covers of each of the boys’ favorite song
• twin skeleton’s (hotel in nyc) for nine hours straight
• dance party on stage while uma thurman is played


I might be completely delusional but, is bottom!Magnus canon now?

“And then you took me in-” can be interpreted in many ways, BUT it could mean that ALEC TOOK HIM ???!?

I mean, I don’t care either way, but it’s the thought that Magnus could possibly reveal something that intimate about their relationship.

Someone tell me I’m not crazy.

Boyf riends Marching Band Headcanons


  • plays the mellophone
  • “Michael, are you high?”
  • “No, I’m low brass.”
  • “Mello is high brass.”
  • “fine, Middle Brass™ then.”
  • is the Mom Friend™
  • plays last years show at inappropriate times
  • hugs everyone
  • *from across the field* “JEREMY I LOVE YOU!!!”
  • *on the front side line for a solo* “HI MOM!!”
  • showed up to practice high once
  • never again
  • brings lots of snacks to band camp
  • the only time he got his solo right was at states and nationals
  • he’s actually a really good player, he just sucks under pressure
  • accidentally switched his second and third valve and wondered why his mello wouldn’t do the doot doots
  • when he empties his spit valve its like Niagara Falls up in here
  • gets hit by at least one flag every year
  • he doesn’t react when it happens
  • he just gives them a look like “really?”
  • screams through his instrument
  • “jeremy lets become roommates and get a pet squirrel
  • he made up the wackiest salute imaginable as a joke but they actually use it before getting their award
  • he’s never allowed to run warmups anymore because before a football game, he didn’t wanna play the fight song so he had the band play it at 230 BPM while the band director watched on in pure horror


  • plays the baritone
  • there’s so many pictures in the band room of him making weird faces during his color guard days (thanks to michael)
  • they’re all a mixture of horrified smiles, scared faces, and very confused looks.
  • “oh my god jeremy look at your face”
  • “why are you like this”
  • the director regretted putting michael and jeremy next to each other in the drill
  • one time they swapped instruments and spots for the entire practice
  • the director finally noticed after they went inside
  • “jeremy, let me hear you at measure 71- wait a second”
  • they both had to run a lap when they went outside later
  • so they held hands and skipped around the track
  • one year the band danced as a visual and jeremy l o v e d it
  • but their guard isn’t very big, so he got to salsa dance with michael
  • the director hated it.
  • he’s amazing at playing but gets kinda scared at competitions
  • he cracked a note really badly and saw a nearby judge look at him in disgust
  • he once full on screamed when a guard member dropped their flag inches away from his head
  • it was a long day.
  • but michael never let him live it down
  • hes actually a savage
  • “i swear to god if you don’t put your instrument in the right place, i will pick you up by your hair and slam you down where your instrument should be”
  • at band camp, he reapplies sunscreen every 15 minutes yet his pasty white self still ends up looking like a lobster

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How would the Allies react to an s/o who's a musician? (Maybe like,, a multi-instrumentalist rlly) sorry if you've answered something like this already!!

Aw!! I love this ask!! Admin Sarah has played in orchestra and done concerts her entire life!! This makes me so happy to do <3!!~ Admin Sarah and Admin Jay (who is not as much of a music nerd)

America: “So you are your own band? That’s cool!”
Alfred would love to watch them play and to see how their brain works as they swap instruments. Though he would laugh and call them their own band as he offers to record them playing each part and putting it together to make them a song. He would love to try to play with them, but more often than not he would just find songs and ask them to do their covers of it.

England: “My…that is impressive…the amount of skill…”
Arthur would sit there in amazement as he watches his s/o play. He would be able to appreciate the work and time they put into their skills. Arthur would applaud them whenever they finished a piece and would love to play with them sometime, though most of the time he would listen to them play and relax.

France: “Can you play for me, mon cher?”
Francis would love having an s/o who’s a musician. He loves music himself, and would likely play an instrument or two himself, like the violin or piano. He would always listen to his s/o, whether they’re working or just practicing, and every once in a while he would beg his s/o to let him play with them.

Canada: “Wow..that’s really good..”
Matthew wouldn’t be able to play anything, but he would appreciate the music his s/o can play, and he would find it beautiful. Whenever he was nervous or was having a bad day, he’d ask them if they were willing to play a song or two for him, just to make him feel better.

Russia: “How are you doing that?”
Ivan would love his s/o playing for him, though he would be a bit confused sometimes. Ivan would have a very hard time trying to understand music notes and how people are so good at reading notes…but that would make him appreciate his s/o’s music even more. 

China: “Oh wow…”
Yao would just sit there in amazement as he watches his s/o play. He would be mesmerized many times and would just zone out as he listens to them. Yao’s favorite thing would be showing them new instruments to learn…mainly traditional Chinese instruments.

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the day my life was completed

so like i got to the venue at 12pm because they were selling signed albums (you get either an album signed by all 5 or a random photocard signed by a specific member by lottery) and there were supposedly a limited number of them, so obviously i got there hella early. in the meantime though, i was panicking just a little since i hadn’t finished my fan letters the night before, so the entire time i was texting @jyplovesday6​ and getting her to help me buy paper and stuff (bless her heart). i was maybe a little too early, there were only like 10 people there when i arrived, but. there’s a but. i had no idea that being that early would be a good thing because i saw day6 arrive at the venue. i didn’t even know they would be arriving through that entrance until i saw all the cameras and i was like…fansites? what are they doing here so early? i died right then and there

somehow when the staff lined us up outside i ended up being third in line for the signed albums. nothing really happened after that, 3pm came along and i got my two albums (because my stupid buyer had flaked on me so i used both my own ticket and the spare to get an album each). i ended up with two sungjin photocards at first, but then swapped with chien to get a sungjin and a dowoon (BLESS)

we picked up a bunch of merch from a couple of fansites like the taiwan main site and day886, then we went to have very late lunch with a couple of chien’s friends. i had to rush back to the venue at like 5pm though, because i had to pick up my everymoment slogan (which is so gorgeous by the way) from the master and bandmaster slogan from pandoradaydream on twt, who saves everyone’s lives on a monthly basis through mixlr. after that, i handed in my fan letters, and went back downstairs to get into the line

there were soooooo many people waiting to go up, i got lost in the crowd. but at around 7pm?? we went into the venue, i thought i got a pretty good spot then i realised my view was blocked by two very very tall people, which sucked since i couldn’t see dowoon sungjin and wonpil all that well. i could see jae and youngk though, for the most part.  then i realised that everymoment masternim was actually standing behind me (those cameras tho), and pandora was standing right next to her, which basically meant that a) everymoment’s previews and HDs are my line of sight, and b) pandora’s mixlr feed is what i was hearing. talk about reliving the moment.

my phone kept running out of storage the entire time and i kept deleting old photos and apps through the con to make room for videos and photos, not that they’re very good because well it’s the 5S its old.

a lot of what i remember is a little blurry pls bear with me i was too excited, i can barely remember the setlist so i’m just gonna share little snippets of what happened 

fanchants on point. i’ve never yelled that much in my life. the i’m serious fanchant and i smile fanchant is literally goals

there was a game section, the first game was to express a taiwanese food using music, and finally i got to see a stage where they all swapped instruments. dowoonie played guitar, jae played keyboard, sungjin played bass (but he did the be lazy bass line so that doesnt reeaaaaally count), wonpil also played guitar, and brian played drums. sungjin was so adorable in the whole thing, cuz he was just staring at the food the entire time there are videos everywhere it was soooo cute

the second game was a foot keyboard, like those mats that you step on and it makes sounds like a keyboard. so wonpil and jae got put into the same team, and they were both like yep we’ve lost we’re done for. their first song was edelweiss, but neither of them knew it so they literally played whatever and sang edelweiss to it (they won, because we’re like that). then they played against brian who was on his own, and they had twinkle twinkle little star aND IT WENT PERFECTLY AND JAE LITERALLY PICKED WONPIL UP AND SPUN HIM AROUND i died right then and there #jaepil you can’t fool us anymore

they did confession balloon by jay chou, i gotta be honest i don’t know the song, but it sounded so amazing. wonpil started a little early when the others were changing guitars, so sungjin was like we have to do it again. but their pronunciation is so on point, especially jae

we had a bit of a problem with the fan support, since we had a double sided slogan that was meant to be raised at different times. they said we had to put up the green side when YWB came on, but they didn’t tell us the fan vid also used YWB so we put up the green, then someone (i think the support managers) started yelling PINK PINK so we swapped real quick, it was kinda funny

congratulations chinese version was after, and my god jae’s chinese is sooooo good??? i didn’t know all the words (shame on me) but of course i had to do the WHOAAAAAA in the chorus, i’ve never been happier

we yelled so loud for encore my voice is gone

youngk smiled so big and took out his in-ears when we actually did YWB n the encore and put up the slogan at the chorus, he even got a little teary and wiped the corners of his eyes with the heels of his hands (idk what they’re called). he was shaking his head at us almost like he was in disbelief, i nearly cried too

i finally achieved my goal of watching a freely stage live. it was everything that i imagined, and better. jae ran off the stage to the side (i was in the middle) so i couldn’t see what was going on, but you can bet it was the best thing ever. i cried at freely because i was just so so so so happy that i got to see them at last



this is the fun part

the standing a ticket comes with a hi touch

i didn’t go on until nearer the end, because i was standing near the front next to a bunch of fansites just looking at them, since once i went up there i’d have to leave immediately and i didn’t want to do that

i had to stare at those faces for a little longer

brian is so damn handsome. jae is so damn handsome. DOWOON. sungjin was really cute, he was like flailing around. wonpil’s smile can light up the whole world.

and all around me were fansites. like brian and everyone recognize them, so in between batches of hi touches they would wave at their cameras and i was like, wow the masternims are really something special. they work so hard, we know it, the boys know it, and like, they’re just wow. i said thanks to everymoment for all her hard work, because it’s really a thankless job, all a labour of love

i was panicking so hard before i went up cuz i didn’t know what to say to them, i’m probably only going to see them this once so i wanted it to be perfect. so instead of doing a high five like everyone else, i was like, screw this, fistbump. 

when i went up there, brian was like oh? and he tilted his head in that really really cute way, jae was like eyyyy but he fistbumped me with his thumb at the top of his fist and not at the side so it was like lol, dowoonie just smiled, sungjin was like ???? cuz he wasn’t expecting it, and wonpil just smiled 

my hands were shaking when i got off the stage

they’re still shaking

so yeah i’m going home tomorrow (today?) morning

it’s been amazing

so amazing

time to trawl twitter for all the HDs and stuff i need it

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What are your favorite Metallica funny moments?

Ohh man. I have so many!
I love any of the backstage segments they did from the black album tour; Like this one & This one. Always cracks me up.

Then you have this video here; seeing James reaction to the thunderstorm makes me smile like a dang fool.

Of course the classic video of Metallica doing impressions of other bands

Any time Lars and James are doing a drum off, always has me laughing.

This video from cunning stunts.

Them swapping instruments for Am I evil

Asking for help and trying to play slayers song


When they went on Craig ferguson

Lars and Rob messing around with James stuff

Just so many!

Sherlock Weekly Fic Recs #4

Ladies, guys, lovely persons, I got this – very simple, actually – idea in my head. As I read many – way too much, in truth – fics over a week, why not share the love and make a few weekly recs over here?
Of course, I do not pretend to do the same amazing work as @alexxphoenix42 and @swissmissficrecs with their thematic lists. I just want to give back a little share of the love/passion/enthusiasm this whole community is giving me on a daily basis!
Please note that as my main interest is Johnlock, it’ll probably be the major theme in these recs, but it doesn’t mean I won’t ever rec some other pairing/fandom.
So, without further ado, let’s start!

Be prepared this week for an AU lovefest! I had the pleasure of discovering some true gems in this regard – nicely developed universe, gorgeous writing and great characterisations. And sadly some of them are still underrated, so let’s show them some love!

The first one is Queen’s Philharmonic  (M, WIP) by Holmesianscholar

There is a vacancy at Queen’s Philharmonic Orchestra for Principal Clarinet. John Watson, a modest but talented clarinetist, returns to London to apply to the orchestra to pursue happiness and purpose in life. Sherlock Holmes, violinist and concertmaster at the QPO, is in constant search of a musician who can fulfil his need to create the most colourful music together. Join their rehearsals to be a part of this slow, sweet, lyrical journey that they embark, one note at a time :-)

Speaking of nicely developed universe… For someone who doesn’t know the first thing about classical music or how an orchestra works, this fic really immerses you in the heart of this group of musicians. I especially love the way the author describes Sherlock’s synaesthesia. Add to this a lovely building relationship and you get a very promising WIP!

The second AU is captivating as well – let’s just swap musical instruments for brushes and canvases!

At Eternity’s Gate (E, WIP) by johnandsherlocks

Sherlock Holmes is an artist who has lost all his inspiration.
John Watson used to be a recognized artist who got bored and decided to turn his whole life around. It didn’t work.
They’re both broken. And there’s nothing left to their lives but white canvas.
Until the day they meet. And life shapes itself around the contours and traces and colors.
Artists! AU.

With its lush prose and the author’s obvious love for art, I directly fell under the spell of this story. I love how the author describes the growing relationship between our two artists, falling in love with each other through the mutual discovery of their artistic universes. It’s beautiful, romantic in the purest sense. This fic is just a balm for the soul of every shipper – and writer.
Give yourself a treat and read it. You won’t be disappointed.

The third (and final!) one is very intriguing – I certainly never thought that I’d ever read a Sherlock/Hans Andersen’s fairytales crossover but I’m happy to have discovered this one!

The Old Town (T, 3,778 words, Johnlock & Mystrade) by @a-different-equation

Once upon a time there were two boys. This is the story how once upon December, they found the missing Christmas Spirit, love and new beginnings.
A Queer fairytale for all seasons. (Museum!AU)

However, time changes and with them, the boys. Who turned out to be smart man but not particular wise ones: the older picked the work over everything, the younger one buried all emotions. The only thing in common these days is that both work at ‘The Old Town’.

You don’t know The Old Town? Or Denmark? Say no more and read this lovely fic! Besides, if you’re currently suffering from summer heat like myself, this story evoking Christmas spirit and revelry will leave you feeling pleasantly refreshed :-) 

As I announced it in my last post, I decided to add to this weekly fic rec a new category – the Older Fic of the Week! Because all stories, regardless of their publication date, deserve your attention. Let’s give it then to…

Context (T, 3,620 words, Mystrade/Johnlock) by @green-violin-bow

Sometimes, the only way you can shut someone up is by kissing them.

Or how a first kiss leads to some misunderstandings… and much needed discussions!

And you, which fic(s) would you recommend – regardless of the fandoms, pairings, themes… ? Let’s hear it!

Haikyuu Idol Au!

So Aoba Josai is a band, a super popular band that all the ladies love and fawn over and scream at and it’s hella annoying for most people but once you hear their music it’s like a religious expirience.

Oikawa is their singer, and he’s pretty and popular and everyone likes him because he seems so sweet and cool. But he’s actually just an over dramatic loser that stays up too late practicing his dances until he literally falls over and worries everyone.

Iwaizumi is his drummer who is gruff and kind of scowly but people love him because dear gOD this greek adonis is some kind heaven sent for the eyes. But he is also that person that would, if given the chance, punch Oikakwa(or fuck him because hey, he’s not picky)

Mattsun and Makki play guitar/base. Both of them. They will swap instruments on stage for no real reason other than to fuck with Oikawa. Makki is also trained classically in piano and clarinet, while Mattsun can play the violin and cello. They are both sick ass air guitar players.

Kunimi is their keyboardist/pianist who is just so done with these idiots and their sexual tension. Kindaichi is their pack mule that packs up their stuff and sets it up and is just the best crew monkey ever. Kunimi just wants him to grow a pair and screw around with Iwaizumi before the puppy eyes drive him crazy.

Kyoutani is their body guard that ony gets along with Iwaizumi. Yahaba is the tech guy that bosses him around with no regard for his own personal safety. Literally he does not care that this mutt can snap his neck, he needs some muscle to move that sound gear into place.

A crazy fan once broke into Oikawa’s house and he was so shaken by it they had to cancel a show and everyone was fucking pissed and over protective and tried to get the star to move in with them and not live alone( Iwaizumi won that battle)

Iwaizumi once punched a paparazzi in the face and was arrested for it.

Mattsun and Makki have become a meme and they have never been more proud of themselves.

hey some music aus?

- u play guitar and i play ukulele. let’s swap our instruments for a week and see how it goes (why are these strings so small??)

- i’m just not good at sight-reading and you’re in my choir class could u help tutor me?

- singing solfege scales together !!

- no offense but that’s really not how you hold a drum stick do u need me to demonstrate

- in a music store and wow my instrument’s really out of tune. hey, you on the piano, could u hit a c for me please

- stand partners in orchestra. you’re much quicker than me could u turn the pages for us?

- you’re much bigger than me and play the violin. i’m a lot smaller and i play the cello

- at the piano recital and what the heck the program says you’re playing the same song as me. u better not be better bc you sure are cuter

- teach me how to play the flute? (u look ethereal playing it)



Pluto has some characteristics less like that of a comet and more like much larger planets, according to the first analysis of Pluto’s unique interaction with the solar wind, scientists say.

Using data that an instrument aboard the New Horizons spacecraft gathered on its Pluto flyby in July 2015, scientists have for the first time observed the material coming off of Pluto and seen how it interacts with the solar wind, and found it completely new – and unexpected.

“This is a type of interaction we’ve never seen before anywhere in our solar system,” said David J. McComas, lead author of the study. McComas, professor in Princeton University’s Department of Astrophysical Sciences and university vice president for the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, leads the Solar Wind Around Pluto (SWAP) instrument aboard New Horizons; he also led development of SWAP when he was at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in Texas. McComas started as Princeton University’s Vice President for the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and Professor of Astrophysics Science in April after a long stint of leadership in space physics at the Southwest Research Institute. The New Horizons program is one of his ongoing astrophysics projects. The study was published today in the Journal of Geophysical Research - Space Physics by the American Geophysical Union (AGU). The research was funded as a part of the New Horizons project by NASA.

Space physicists say that they now have, for the first time, a treasure trove of information about how Pluto’s atmosphere interacts with the solar wind. Solar wind is the plasma, or charged particles, that spews off from the Sun into the solar system at a supersonic 1 million mph, bathing planets, asteroids, comets and interplanetary space in a soup of mostly electrons and protons.

“The results are astonishing. We were fascinated and surprised” by the findings, McComas said. Previously, most researchers thought that Pluto was characterized more like a comet, which has a large region of gentle slowing of the solar wind, as opposed to the abrupt diversion solar wind encounters at a planet like Mars or Venus. Instead, like a car that’s part gas- and part battery-powered, Pluto is a hybrid, the researchers say.

“This is an intermediate interaction, a completely new type. It’s not comet-like, and it’s not planet-like. It’s in-between,” McComas said. “We’ve now visited all nine of the classical planets and examined all their solar wind interactions, and we’ve never seen anything like this.”

“These results speak to the power of exploration. Once again we’ve gone to a new kind of place and found ourselves discovering entirely new kinds of expressions in nature,” said Alan Stern, New Horizons principal investigator at the Southwest Research Institute. “Many people were surprised by Pluto’s complex geology and atmosphere. This paper shows there’s even more that’s surprising there, including its atmosphere-solar wind interaction.”

Pluto continues to confound. Since it’s so far from the Sun – an average of about 3.7 billion miles – and because it’s so small, scientists thought Pluto’s gravity would not be strong enough to hold heavy ions in its extended atmosphere. But, “Pluto’s gravity clearly is enough to keep material sufficiently confined,” McComas said.

Further, the scientists found that very little of Pluto’s atmosphere is comprised of neutral particles converted to electrically charged ions and swept out into space.

“This is backwards for many other planets, where the neutral particles stay relatively close to the planet,” said Michael Liemohn, a University of Michigan astrophysicist not involved with the research but who helped edit the paper for JGR Space Physics. “An ion particle becomes influenced by the electric and magnetic forces present in the solar system, which can be a very efficient acceleration processes. But at Pluto, McComas et al found that only a wisp of atmosphere leaves the planet as ions.”

The researchers were able to separate the heavy ions of methane, the main gas escaping from Pluto’s atmosphere, from the light ions of hydrogen that come from the Sun using the SWAP instrument.

Among their Pluto findings:

* Like Earth, Pluto has a long ion tail, that extends downwind at least a distance of about 100 Pluto radii (73,800 miles, almost three times the circumference of Earth), loaded with heavy ions from the atmosphere and with “considerable structure;”

* Pluto’s obstruction of the solar wind upwind of the planet is smaller than had been thought. The solar wind isn’t blocked until about the distance of a couple planetary radii (1,844 miles, about the distance between Chicago and Los Angeles); * Pluto has a very thin “Plutopause” – or boundary of Pluto’s tail of heavy ions and the sheath of the shocked solar wind that presents an obstacle to its flow.

The scientists write: “Pluto interaction with the solar wind appears to be a hybrid with the bow shock generated by mass-loading like at a comet, but the obstacle to the solar wind flow – the Plutopause – sustained by atmospheric thermal pressure as at Venus and Mars.”

Heather Elliott, astrophysicist at Southwest Research Institute and co-author on the paper, said that the study provides interesting comparisons. “Comparing the solar wind-Pluto interaction to the solar wind-interaction for other planets and bodies is interesting because the physical conditions are different for each, and the dominant physical processes depend on those conditions,” Elliott said.

What is significant, McComas said, is the range of diversity that bodies in the solar system have with the solar wind. Further, the findings offer clues to the magnetized plasmas that one might find around other stars. “The range of interaction with the solar wind is quite diverse, and this gives some comparison to help us better understand the connections in and beyond our solar system,” McComas said.

The scientists conclude: “The SWAP data will…be reanalyzed…for many years to come as the community collectively grapples with Pluto’s unique solar wind interaction – one that is unlike that at any other body in the solar system.”