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official ranking of every dog emoji on emojipedia 🐕

A beautiful shibe. A good boy who wants to shake a paw. 10/10 would shake

A cute little pupper. Possibly wearing some sort of doggy earmuffs because it’s winter and his ears get cold. You do you lil pupper! Stay warm out there! 10/10 would cuddle to warm up

A handsome doggo going for a walk. Don’t know what happened to his other front leg, but he seems happy. 10/10 would give belly rubs.

Looks like a plastic dog toy, except the head was swapped with a different larger plastic dog toy and just popped on. 10/10 would still play with.

Looks like a fridge magnet. I like the tail floof though. 10/10 would put on my fridge

Cave painting doggo. 15000BCE/10

Somebody just told this dog that he’s a good boy. And they’d be right, he is. 10/10

Simple, not really realistic, but gets the point across. Looks like it was designed by a child. 10/10 would draw in elementary school.

A cute little fella doing his thing. 10/10

Adorable! 10/10 blep, would give many head pats and ear scratches

Ready for anything. 10/10 would go hiking/camping in the mountains with.


  1. Emoji One 3.0
  2. Facebook 2.0

Look who came in the mail today! It’s the Lord-Commander of the Imperium, the Sleeping Giant, the Ayatollah of Rock-and-Rollah, Grandpa Smurf himself, Rooooobooooooute Gullllllimaaaaaaannnn!!!!!!!1one

I’m a call him Bobby for short.

Gonna have to see about giving him a plasticard pteruges-style loincloth and a plasticard and greenstuff cape. Have left him in sub-assemblies as shown in the 4th pic for ease of painting. Gonna be bouncing back and forth between him and Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’s weird but nice to be excited about more than one thing at a time!

things to consider that i hadn’t thought about before w/ the greek!jason/roman!percy exchange: annabeth/jason reuniting and jason hugging her real hard bc he’s missed his pseudo-sister, annabeth letting this giant dork pick her up off her feet in a hug while resisting the urge to smack him upside the head for scaring her so bad. meanwhile, piper has tackled percy to the ground/has him in a headlock, w/ no warning but a “WELCOME BACK, SHITHEAD” while she’s laughing and blinking hard so she doesn’t start crying. (/percy is smiling but kind of gasping for air “pIPES I CAN BREATHE UNDER WATER, NOT UNDER YOUR FUCKIN SNAKE GRIP, LET GO”)

expression. they’ve mastered it.

Female space marine scouts

Because the idea that there can be no female space marines seems utterly absurd, naturally I’m going to have to make some just to troll all the neck beards.

I’m almost certainly going to purchase Shadow War so I’ll probably convert the scouts. Any idea where I can purchase suitable head swaps?

Poor Kimi arrived at the Fan Forum earlier than everyone else, to David Coulthard’s glee, so he had to do a lot more talking than he was expecting :P 

Also it was really cute when Seb arrived, he came up behind Kimi’s chair to tell him it was time to swap and Kimi could head off now. 

But then the rest of the drivers were also called away, leaving Seb to entertain the crowd this time ;)

SHSL confectioner Komaeda / SHSL prince Hinata / SHSL decora girl Chiaki headcanons!

• Komaeda would legit all the time make sweets and deserts for Hinata, mainly to impress him, and I can assure you Hinata didn’t mind, lmao. 

• One time when Komaeda and Hinata felt sorta? Down, Chiaki let them try on some of the bows, hair pins, clothes, accessories, etc, she had. (And she had a he cking lot) She even did makeup for them. And, uh, they went around like that the w h o le entire day, and everyone laughed at them, seeing as they were only used to Chiaki wearing those type clothes. (Okay, but I will pay someone to draw that)

• You’d sorta expect Hinata to act more elegantly? But he’s actually the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, tbh. He’s the biggest cinnamonroll ever, and he’s always super duper happy! He really enjoys hanging out with Komaedea and Chiaki, seeing as they’re all good friends!

• A lot of the time Komaeda would ask Hinata if he wanted to take a walk together, Hinata didn’t think much of it at the start but? He sorta started thinking that something was up. Sometimes Chiaki would secretly tag along, too! (one time she forced them to hold hands since she knew what was going on👀👀👀)

• Once Chiaki let Hinata and Komaeda to come over to watch some shows, with reaally comfy blankets since they were all pretty bored, and she made Hinata and Komaeda sit as close as possible together, and oh boy was the awkward tension high. Chiaki was the only one paying attention, (while sneaking glances at them sometimes) and Komaeda just blushed the w hole entire time, and Hinata had legit no clue what was going on.

• Komaeda would always go to Chiaki’s house and just spill out all his feelings for Hinata for hours, and Chiaki would always listen, to be honest, she actually doesn’t mind at all, and sometimes gives pretty helpful advice.

Hopefully?? These are okay?? I’m really sorry for taking so long to do them, I’ve been sorta sick lately, and I haven’t really had any inspiration, either– If you want anything changed, just let me know!

- Mod Chiaki


Levi’s lips tasted like strawberries when Eren kissed him, the sweet flavour contrasting with the words that came out of his mouth as soon as they parted.

“You little shit,” Levi said with groan, pushing Eren’s face away from his before proding at his chest with his finger. “I’m helping you study so get your head straight.”

“But I’m gay,” Eren replied with a cheeky wink, already shuffling back to his spot. Levi’s annoyed swap at his head just barely missed its mark.

They settled back into studying, shoulders brushing and arms bumping against one another. The scratching of pens and the rustle of paper were the only things heard for a while. 

“Do you understand this now?” Levi turned his head towards Eren, his breath fanning over Eren’s face. Eren closed his eyes.

“Yeah, sure.”

Levi squinted at him. “Not very convincing.”

Eren cracked his eyes open and slowly inched closer in response, his hand reaching for the buzz of Levi’s haircut before sliding down to his nape. His fingers ghosted teasingly over Levi’s neck, his thumb sliding over his pulse point.

Levi sighed. “What’s with you today?”

“Nothing much,” Eren hummed, leaning in to place a peck on the corner of Levi’s mouth. “It’s just…”

Levi put his pen down and faced him fully, eyes searching Eren’s. “Just what?” 

“You ate strawberries today.”


Eren’s pulled him closer, bumping their noses together lightly. He licked at Levi’s bottom lip while staring at him, a very familiar glint in his eyes. “I’ve been craving strawberries.”

The kiss that followed rendered all thoughts of studying completely useless and void - all that was left in their minds were the slow brushes of their mouths, the exhales tickling their cheeks, and the lingering taste of sweetness on their tongues.

Eren found that he didn’t feel the need for strawberries anymore that day.

Did somebody say “Green Leader’s Insignia”? No? Too bad. Here’s his official one for my AU. 

it is my duty as the creator of the au to provide u with any resources you may need for this dumb trashhell AU i made, tag me in this au shit btw