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Complete WIP List

@olivesawl and I have seen a couple people posting WIP tallies (most recently @cassiesinsanity) and thought we’d take a crack at it. There’s… a lot.

Currently Posting:

ETA and Closer to Fine

Completed and Editing:

Breaks. Sam & Lani in the Reconstruction Universe. There’s an even more awesome hoverchair, and someone finally calls Steve on his shit.

Halcyon Days. Brace yourselves, we wrote another Tales fic. Even though we said we were done. The long, winding story of Tony & Pepper and parenthood. The secondary pairing is Tony’s bromance with Amanda.

Moriarity. (working title)(Nyx solo) The long-awaited Amanda The Villain story is finally done. [Note from Olives: It’s awesome]

In Progress:

That Would Be Enough. Third story in our Gender Swap universe, raiding Civil War and a little bit of Ultron for loose plot points and/or characters. Steve/Sharon. Sharon goes in search of Nat, with the gang in tow.

Speed (working title). The next Tales: New Avengers edition. The worlds fastest woman meets the worlds oldest man. Romance ensues. Kamala/OMC

Close of Day (Nyx solo) Bucky/Amanda Soulmate AU

Hollywood (working title). Sequel to Keep Right On To the End of the Road and Happy Days and Lonely Nights, using the second season of Agent Carter. Steve/Peggy and Bucky/Amanda. The third pairing is Howard’s bromance with Amanda.

The Hawk & the Spider. Clint & Nat in the Wrong Number Universe. We had it in those stories that a lot of the beginning of The Winter Soldier was the two of them instead of Nat and Steve. That then became a story that begged to be written.

The Soldier & the Doctor. (Nyx solo) Bucky and Amanda in the Wrong Number Universe. Which also begged to be written.

The Western, Part 3 (working title). Though it actually takes place between Once Upon a Time in the West and El Dorado. Bruce and Violet. It is really adorable, and has been an interesting exploration of disabilities in a much harsher time period. (Lani makes an appearance, too, because this universe has EVERYONE, damnit)

Witches (working title). An AU world in which witches are common, Pierce is still evil and everyone really should communicate a little more. Steve/Sharon, Bucky/Amanda, Clint/Nat.

A Ghost in Marble of a Girl You Knew. (Nyx solo) Sequel to The Rain is Full of Ghosts Tonight. The triad figures out they have room for one more. Steve/Bucky/Sharon/Amanda.

The Lost Generation… is why we have a hard rule about not starting posting until a story is finished. Our Muse is a fickle mistress. But we love it, so maybe someday.

When the Days Are Cold (Nyx solo). Ditto.

Not started but planned:

More stories in the Tales: New Avengers Series. There are at least four more.

More stories in the Hospital Universe

Wanda/Zev in the Reconstruction Series. Possibly a Steve/Sharon sequel as well.

We think, at some point, a Clint/Nat in the Gender Swap Universe.

New AUs we’ve been poking at:

Napoleonic Wars. Because we love historicals, and sprawling universes involving a ton of research because we’re masochists.

High School. Specifically a musical. Because we were drama nerds and this is our wheelhouse. But we were also in high school like 20 years ago so this is harder than it looks. 

We love feedback and are susceptible to praise and cajoling, so feel free to call out any you’re particularly excited about and who knows, it might inspire us.

anonymous asked:

do you happen to know any genderbend viktuuri fanfics? I've been desperstely looking for them but haven't find any (゜´Д`゜)

Okay, so these fics are awesome. I haven’t found many, but there are a few! Let me know if you’ve seen some more that I should add on. Enjoy!

(This AMAZING genderbend artwork is by @frosty-haddock! Check out their blog!)

Genderbend Fics

Welcome Home by boysblush, Explicit, 6.1k
It’s been years since they moved in together, since their last Grand Prix, since they retired, since the wedding . All of this time has passed and Yuri still fangirls over her wife— the most beautiful and celebrated professional skater, Viktoria Nikiforov. LOVE OMG WOWOWOW

Words and Intention by euseevius, Teen, 3.7k
Katsuki Yuuri’s life, from the first time she sees Viktoriya Nikiforova on ice, to the first night in their shared apartment in St. Petersburg. Great fic!

Our Garden of Delights by boysblush, Explicit, 3.5k
Her and Viktoria have the whole day off, finally having the time they want to themselves. For Viky that was to go do some light shopping, but for Yuri, she just wants some quiet to catch up on reading. For a little while at least.

Hard out Here by Cornflower, Teen, 4.1k (WIP)
“Who are you working for? Russia, the Mafia?” Yuuri blurted, pulling out her gun and pointing it in the criminal’s direction in one smooth motion. “Oh Yuuri,” Viktoriya giggled, eyes dark and pupils blown wide, “if I told you that I’d have to kill you.” LESBIAN SPIES AU DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING

Frustrated Yuuri and naughty Viktoria by Blaubeere, Explicit, 3.2k
Viktoria can’t keep her hands off Yuuri even during an interview, and now Yuuri has had enough of the teasing. Fluff and smut!

[we] are unstoppable by DiAnna44, Mature, 6.7k (WIP)
Vik and Yuuri make history. As the first ever female w/female pairing to enter the pairs skating competition. Things happen. Thumbs up!

Self Indulgence by Shahrazaade, Explicit, 2.8k
It is a fact universally acknowledged that Katsuki Yuuri will take every opportunity to eat out her girlfriend, Victoria Nikiforova. Spicy!

вкусно by frangiblefealty, Explicit, 4.2k
“I’m surprised. Greedy little поросенок like you, I would expect more,” whispers Viktor, and kisses her. In which Yuuri gets caught doing what she’s been doing for years.