Where the signs should go
  • Aries: White sands, New Mexico. Where there will be nothing for you to do but breathe, for your environment will be vacant and lonely, you will face inner demons while the sand whips around you and the heat pulls you in to a space of rare and magnificent thinking.
  • Taurus: la villa del libro, bookstore in Spain, another landscape filled with quiet, it will be a chance for you to breathe in rare and unusual books, meet unusual and beautiful people and expand your voice and mind to a place you thought impossible.
  • Gemini: Rainbow, a small town in Victoria Australia, you could say there is not a whole lot special about it, but what you need is the feel of a small town and the quiet of beautiful gardens that touch your soul in a way that transforms you and leaves you with a mark, an adventure you will not soon forget.
  • Cancer: Paradise Cove, a hidden swimming hole in Florissant Colorado, you will find peace in the rushing water and the glory of friends surrounding you, it will be out of your comfort zone but if you feel ready strip your clothes and jump into the beautiful water and allow yourself to free of worries and take in air of chilly cold and enjoy it, enjoy what you have faced and let every thought pour out into the water.
  • Leo: Dough, a doughnut shop in New York City, noise and hustle will take over and taste and satisfaction may win your mind, but let it roll away to somewhere else, be in the busy center of it all but find how you can take all the sound and put it in a box allow yourself to absorb your surroundings, take in every little detail and allow every beauty in every ugly thing to truly come through.
  • Virgo: Swanton berry farm in Davenport, CA. How much better can picking fresh fruit be? Maybe the wonders of all the other foods and drinks they sell, maybe just nature itself! Dance along the dirt roads, pretend no one is watching, enjoy every bite of every fresh fruit you get to have, don't fight the enjoyment around you, allow it to be thee, indulge yourself.
  • Libra: Olympic national park, Washington. Where beautiful waterfalls and friendships come together, don't worry about anyone else allow this to be your moment to enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds you, dip your feet in water when possible and dance along to the water that drips kindly beside you.
  • Scorpio: The Bavarian forest Bavaria, Germany. Where else do you belong but somewhere as beautiful and unique as you, climb to the top of the magnificent tree top walk, find every part hidden inside you as you take one step further.
  • Sagittarius: Disney world, Florida. Yes typical I know, what you need is fun, what you are is fun, so go, and laugh and don't worry about those around you who bother you, rather focus on the joy and fun you are having, don't even think about those you dislike, don't judge, do your best to be free and flowing with nothing else but pure happiness.
  • Capricorn: Seattle public library, Washington. This library is endless, just as your mind is, let all inspiration come forth to you, breathe every ounce of ideas in and go crazy with the magnificent brain you have.
  • Aquarius: Shakespeare globe, Bankside London. Go to a show, watch the beauty, watch your beauty, feel the glee inside you and remember how important it is to keep that with you throughout life, even when things are hard take this as a lesson of beauty being there even when it is so hard to see, take this in keep that happiness as your secret power.
  • Pisces: Butchart gardens, Canada. You are a flower yourself, ethereal and kind, you deserve to be free like a flower, you often hold yourself to a level, hard on yourself about a lot, here forget all of that and take yourself to a place of calm and peace, those things do not exist in this garden, be entirely with the beauty, become the flower you are already meant to be.