Today is my birthday! I thought I would celebrate with you all by having a two-week sale at my Etsy shop! The sale will come in two parts. This is part one! Next part will be listed next week and will include more re-listed bracelets as well as some new designs. So, if there is something you are waiting for, it will probably be here next week, so stay tuned!

To take advantage of the sale—15% off all items more than $10—use code “HAPPY44″ in the section for promo codes when checking out from today until June 22, 2015.

New bracelets include:

The Emma Swan EF AU Collection:

Earrings Include:

Rings include:

Re-listed bracelets include:

There are also still other OUAT-inspired bracelets available as well as some other non-fandom styles. Take your pick! When the sale is over, I will take custom orders. Right now, I’ll be busy finishing up new designs and making several of your favorite old bracelets.

Thanks to everyone for your support and enthusiasm of my work. I would not be having as much fun without you all. I truly appreciate you.