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Ok so i am watching parks and rec and diane family name is lewis and i don't remember all the members of darcy's family that you mentioned in your run 'verse but now i'm just imagining diane as darcy's aunt which means ron will be part of the family which means tony meeting ron and all the avengers and bucky and i'm laughing in my kitchen like an idiot because it would be glorious. Anyway love your work, hope you have a great day and that i didn't sound too much like a crazy idiot. Bye!

I have been trying to reply to this since yesterday, since it is worthy of a good reply, but I keep getting interrupted. BY EVERYBODY IN THE UNIVERSE.

So, I’ll just reply with a piss poor reply (I’m sorry), so that everybody can enjoy this (got interrupted right now) mental image of Ron Swanson in Avengers Tower.

That is seriously a beautiful image. (interrupted). Thank you for sharing it. Seriously. I’ve been in the office for 22 minutes and I’m ready to lightly bludgeon. (INTERRUPTED)

 This thought will get me through the day.